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Energy Machine Question

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 6:06 pm    Post subject: Energy Machine Question Reply with quote

*this was posted in the energy section as well, but this seems more an appropriate spot for it.

HI guys,

I am new here but excited as there appears to be a world of good info on this site. I have studied natural medicine and science for some time so I am not new but still trying to understand some of the deeper things.

I have a question about a particular energy machine I have been playing with. Its called the Lee Crock Energy Cleaner. The machine is very basic. It is 10 D batteries in a parrellel series so as to create 3 volts. The positives are bundled as are the negatives. One wire, with an alligator clip at either end is then connected to a wire mesh screen and then one end to the positive or negative end and swapped polarity every 15 minutes or so while you lay on the screen. With some no-how a timer and auto switch can also be added so switching is automated. Basically you feed the positive end into the mesh screen for 15 minutes and then the negative. There is no closed loop.

Can someone give me a scientific explanation as to HOW this machine supposedly effects healing and such. I am guessing that the single polarity feeds back on itself creating a standing wave, but am not 100% sure. Also, whatever wave it is creating, how does this bring about the healing? What is it actually doing to the bodies energy field and cells etc? And what happens if one just sits on the negative and not the positive, or vice versa?

I have spoke with a few people that have used this machine with amazing success but they cant tell me scientifically how it works. And I am a guy that wants to know why. I know energy can be misused to cause harm to the body and want to avoid that.

Thanks so much in advance to anyone that can help me with this.
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