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Fen Zero

Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 362

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 3:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good info! Thanks for it. Wait a second, are you palecricket from

?? I gathered info from your site (really helpful), and tried to contact you. Sorry I hadn`t posted your site. Embarassed
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Joined: 18 Jun 2005
Posts: 16

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 9:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah that would be me. Actually i've been forced to abandon that site since my account got locked up, and since it'll probably happen again (it's already happened twice) i'm not going to bother putting stuff up anymore. Instead i'm just going to write on the topic offline. Got 103 pages down so far and that's just on the science part Wink

And don't worry about not posting the site. It's all good.
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Fen Zero

Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 362

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

103 pages!? Shocked pretty big! well I just designed a ki attack that may help in pyrokinesis development:

-The Phoenix-
I made this attack myself. Use it only for developing your pyrokinesis, and don`t burn people or animals! Remember everything you do will be returned to you three times!

1.-Do a big ki ball with a single hand. Compress it until it is a ki ball about 1 inch in circumference and gets really dense.
2.-Make it shine really white. This means it is hotter than normal fire.
3.-Make it a fireball, but still with the ki ball`s shape and color.
4.-Try programming it to do this step for a better effect. When you have it, extend your hand at the object you will attack and visualize the ball leaving your hand. As it attacks you`ll see a “ghost” of a phoenix, the ball is its heart.
5.- When it gets to your opponent (again, no animals or people) make it explode and burn it entirely.

This is a beverage that I devised myself. It WILL calm your thirst, give you some muscles, help you grow taller, make you more intelligent and harness you with the Fire Energy.
1.-Get a cup or glass.
2.-Make some lemonade on it. Fill the cup with water and pour some lemon juice on it (2 and a half lemons will do). Two or three spoonfulls of sugar.
3.-After stirring, get three ice cubes and throw them inside.
4.-Put some salt around the cup/glass and some powder chilli/salsa on the ice.
5.-Enjoy it!
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Joined: 06 Aug 2005
Posts: 61
Location: U.S

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 4:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Im new at the whole ki techniques If some one could help me by telling me about the tan tien and some practicing techniques my email is Razz
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Joined: 09 Aug 2005
Posts: 3
Location: Akron, New York

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 8:48 pm    Post subject: training needed Reply with quote

My name is Matt, my entire life I have been obsessed with fire. Even as a child i would experiment with fire how far it could go how fast with what substance. A few weeks ago i was playing with a lighter reading some material online about psychosis and I jumped to a section on Pyrokinesis. Now I've heard about it but only as a mythological thing, never to happen in real life. And at this point I had done some exercises for raising the energy in my body and learning to maintain a higher level of energy. I was wondering what it would be like to be one with fire and how to control it with me will. At this point i forgot the lighter in my hand it was lit...along with my thumb that was on the lighter...i dropped the lighter it went out, I went through almost half of the lighter and it was at least a quarter filled last time i looked at it. But my thumb still had fire on it, I quickly put it out...or tried to by the time i went to smother it, it went out. Now here's what got me...MY THUMB WAS ON FIRE!!!! Why couldnt i feel it on fire and where was the blisters from the heat? My only explanation was it was Pyrokinesis, but im not sure. I tried to do it again but I can't do it. Can anyone that knows about this stuff talk to me and help me out.
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Fen Zero

Joined: 12 Apr 2005
Posts: 362

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, PyroLibra, this is really interesting...Deffinately pyrokinesis, or just your fingers were "sleeping".... I`ve also loved fire my whole life..It also started with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers....I loved red and had the cosutme of the red guy, i guess his name was ken or something like that. I associated red with fire and ,well, started loving red and fire...Later on, came Dragon Ball Z, which kinda introduced me to all this Ki stuff, though I didn`t really discovered it until some months or a couple years ago..can`t really remember....Please post more experiences and helpful stuff!
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Joined: 09 Aug 2005
Posts: 3
Location: Akron, New York

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Fen Zero you seem to know a lot about Ki Techniques. Could you send me some information on how to properly execute them? any links or anything would be helpful thanks.
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Joined: 10 Mar 2008
Posts: 0

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey i am also a lover of the fire element, and started trining about a month or so ago. But i have a question, yesterday i was trying to make a chi ball (practicing), and when i felt it i looked down at my hands and saw dat between my index and middle fingers there was a silk-like thread almost like web conected to them. Anyone have an explanation that u could give me, cuz i dont kno wat was happening.
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Joined: 12 Jun 2008
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:51 pm    Post subject: Did it Work Reply with quote

Fen zero i see some nice techniques comming off you,
But just 1 question:

How much of those do you master yourself?

(just trying to find the border of how people can go with pyrokinesis at this time)
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Joined: 25 Feb 2008
Posts: 26

PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:34 am    Post subject: Are you able to perform the things you mentioned Fen Zero? Reply with quote

Do you have the ability to perform those techniques Fen Zero? i am practicing with the candle. I am very much interested in this stuff. Saw kamehameha in Dragon ball Z and happy to know it is achievable. Your posts are very informative. Thank you
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Joined: 28 Sep 2008
Posts: 1
Location: Texas, United States

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pyrolibra, I can assure you that what you did was DEFINITELY pyrokinesis.

The same situation has happened to me and others like us.
If we are unaware that a fire is touching us, then we will most likely not feel it at all. This is because what we were taught from childhood was "fire burns, fire = ouch!" But, it's not true for pyrokinetics. So, if we don't know we're being burned, then our programmed minds won't tell us that it hurts.

I can use a sort of "burning touch," but I can't trigger it willingly. I'm still trying to learn how, but I do believe I've gotten close.
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Joined: 27 Sep 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I Found another great website about heat cold and the energies behind and how they interact us

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Joined: 05 Dec 2008
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey there, just joined this forum and have been looking for information on pyrokinesis.

I recently developed an obsession for pyrokinesis. I've always been infatuated with fire in all its myriad forms, and I'm amazed that the idea of pyrokinesis never struck me...

Anyways, I am convinced that I am capable of potent pyrokinesis, but lack the proper training. Here's what makes me think so, and if any of this is misguided or purely naive, let me know.

--I am very heat-resistant. In cold weather, I always wear less layers than the rest of my immediate family, and in hot weather the heat doesn't faze me at all, while the rest of my family is panting and drinking gallons of water.

--Also on the topic of heat resistance, I take my showers with water of approximately 110 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

--While staring at candles, with no breeze going and nobody breathing on them (too absorbed in the menu), I have caused the flame to jump, lower, and get bigger; no coincidence because I've done it multiple times. I might have subconsciously been using the "dancing flame" technique I've read about.

I haven't gotten any burns from fire itself, even from being in very close proximity to a blue flame on a Bunsen burner (blue flames are the hottest, upwards of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit); the only burns I've received are from metal objects heated over a flame and not from the flame itself.

I'm not sure whether this constitutes affinity for pyrokinesis, but I came looking for answers and how to get started. Any comments would be great.

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Joined: 14 Feb 2008
Posts: 82

PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll definitely give pyro a try (though I feel I'm more of a cryo myself).

In response to some of the questions about Ki techniques, they are simply techniques for manipulating Ki (or "qi", for those who first heard of it outside anime Razz ). Ki is your vital force; that is, it is your life-energy.
Your tan tien the location where your ki is stored. It is here that the three sources of ki (one given at birth determines your lifespan, one comes from food and water, the third comes from the air) mix together. It is generally located at your center of gravity (for men, two inches behind your navel, for women, a few inches lower, though the exact location will vary).

Here's the most basic ki technique I know, based on locating your tan tien and feeling ki. . . It's for those with no experience, but it couldn't hurt for anybody to try it at least once, regardless of how experienced they are:

1) Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. I prefer the "Full Lotus", "Half Lotus", "Standing Half Lotus", or "Tree Pose"; however, you should find a position comfortable to you. Avoid any slumping posture, though. Sit or stand as upright as possible. When in doubt, push the crown of your head straight up to the sky.

2) Exhale deeply. Expel as much air as you can comfortably. Wait a moment, then. . .

3) Inhale deeply. Breathe all the way down into your lungs, letting the air fill your belly. Feel it as it expands. . . The lowest point it can go is the upper limit of your tan tien. Keep breathing for the remainder of the excercise in this manner. If this deep breating is uncomfortable, it is most likely because you feel stress in your day-to-day life. Relax and you should get it.

4) Here's the hardest part. Feel the tan tien. Feel it the same way you'd feel your hand or foot or any other part of your body by shifting your awareness to it and, most importantly, any changes that may occur. While you do this, keep breathing.

5) After a while (the exact time will vary) you will be able to feel something from this part in your body. This will be different for each person. . . For me, it's a vibration much like flowing water. Whatever your sensation is, that's ki. Remember this sensation, because you will use it for visualization techniques, and later, ki techniques such as psi balls.
End of excercise

Now that you know firsthand what ki is, let's try another basic excercise:

1) Repeat the above excercise until you feel your ki.

2) Now, move your ki towards your spine (because you have 2 large meridians, or energy pathways, along your spine) by visualizing the sensation of ki moving. Starting the movement can be difficult for some; if you have trouble, go slowly. You will get it with practice.

3) Once the ki is at your spine, draw it up towards your shoulders using the same technique. Since it is now in a meridian and traveling "downstream" (in the natural direction of ki flow), it should be easier to move. Feel it as it travels to "map" your meridians. It should spread a bit as it flows into smaller energy pathways if you allow it to spread without interference, but feel free to forcibly draw your ki to any part of your body as you did in step (2): For example, for psi balls, you should guide the energy to your hands, whereas for vision abilities, you will want to move it to your eyes or "third eye".

That should be enough to get you started. First, know what you're working with. Then, start working in small increments until you become skilled.
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Joined: 15 Jun 2009
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:25 pm    Post subject: . Reply with quote

Twisted Evil
so tell me how many of you have tried it and can insure that if i try it that it will work?
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