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The soul and how we live

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:12 am    Post subject: The soul and how we live Reply with quote

I am an avid reader in all things mysical and spiritual. What has inspired me to write this article is a book I just finished reading. I bought it from a website and it is the best read I have had in years.

What many religions call the devil is really according to the book, our survival instinct at work.

The book is called Soul and survival and it claims that every human being has both a soul and a survival instinct.

The soul is referred to as our abilty to think. It is our consciousness and ability to think outside of ourselves.

Our survival instinct on the other hand is a natural instinctive rection to stress that suppresses consciousness when we are stressed. This means the more we are run down, the less we can communicate effectively because instinct cannot reason.

What kind of instinct we inherit is based on the memories that live inside us. There are seven different types of reaction all based on the memories that lie in our unconscious.

The thought of the book is this - and it makes perfect sense - human beings are designed to learn and remember, the more emotional or traumatic the event - the more we remember it. Also the more we repeat something the more it is committed to memory.

This is the fascinating bit. Civilisation can only flourish when basic roles are in place. Without these roles we remain nomadic wanderers spending most of the day in search of food. Seven different traditional roles are the bedrock of culture and have been for thousands of years. This means certain tasks for thousands of years have been constantly repeated, which in turn has engrafted this experience deep into our unconscious which comes out as instinctive reaction.

People who have the memories and instincts of the hunter for example, have very quick minds and acute senses which become even stronger when they are stressed, because these traits are what hunters relied on to survive.

The priest - which the author desribes is a collective term used to describe tribal shamans and healers - has cultivated the unconscious and instinctive use of intuition and imagination. This means anyone who inherits these instincts can be in contact with the spirit world more easily and naturally than most. It is not exclusive just more easy.

Finally because it is energy and genes, the book describes how you can tell what instincts a person has inherited by their facial structure. This is not face reading as such but it is linked because instinct governs the physical body.

Anyway I recommed you have a look and they have a free facial analysis part on the site that tells you what traditional role lies inside your unconscious instinct. Go to have a quick read of the book extracts to get an idea of what the author is saying then go to the section Facial Analysis. Its the most original and well thought out concept I have read for ages and I'm an avid reader.

What are your thoughts?

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