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Enhance Your Psychic Ability (Metaphysics Paper)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:37 pm    Post subject: Enhance Your Psychic Ability (Metaphysics Paper) Reply with quote

Enhance Your Psychic Ability - How to Increase Your Chances by 75%
by [url=""]Dr. Theresa M. Kelly, MsD[/url]


“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. “-B.K.S. Iyengar,

During my years of Metaphysical Counseling I found many reasons why a client would not or could not stay with or benefit from a program to enhance their ability. Below I have listed the areas I use to check before taking on any new clients. These areas are crucial. Enhancement requires a certain atmosphere and if that atmosphere is not acquired you are not reaching your abilities full potential. You can increase your potential of enhancement by up to 75% by making sure you meet all of the criteria listed below.

Assumed Ability – Then Until Now

Initially I ask the client what ability they ‘believe’ themselves to have. The majority of the time the client believes them self to have the wrong ability or an ability similar, but lesser. If you do not identify the correct ability you will have no way to enhance it. If your exercises and techniques are just not working then you could have a misconception regarding what form of ability you may have. Occasionally a client will believe they have the potential for an ability because a family member has it or they dream about the ability frequently; I do not take on these clients.


Distinguishing motive is always my first priority. For a psychic or kinetic to be able to find the dedication required to devote their lives to enhancing their abilities they have to have a useful and powerful motive. Many psychics and kinetics begin with shallow and destructive motives or simply no motive at all. Before I continue in any direction with a client they have to have an honest, powerful and useful motive for enhancing their ability.

Example: Empath

Poor Motive: “I want to know what random people’s emotions are. I think it would be cool.”

Destructive Motive: “I want to be able to use Empathic Suggestion on other people to get my way.”

Useful Motive:
“I want to be able to help my younger brother who has emotional problems.”

Powerful Motive: “I want to be come a school counselor and be able to help students towards a quicker recovery from school and home related emotional stress. I want to be able to help the students that other counselors just can’t seem to reach.”

A motive has to be at least useful for the reason you need to be able to exercise it regularly the rest of your life or it can decrease in strength and fall dormant. Having a powerful motive will make sure that your ability never fall dormant and using your ability to make the world a better place, improve the life quality of others or to save lives will keep you dedicated to your ability indefinitely.

Childhood Through Adulthood

I asses the childhood through he adulthood of any client to look for alarms such as psychological illnesses, destructive logic, defiance disorders, criminal backgrounds etc. These components act as red flags for potential dangerous people with abilities. Aiding a person with abilities that is unstable or is living an unstable life can result in “enabling.” If you have an unlawful or violent background I do not suggest you enhance your ability until you have lived a life on the straight and narrow for at least a few years.


I then look at the stability of the life the kinetic or psychic has and has been living for the past five years. If they have moved allot, have had several different jobs, partners etc. then they are not optimal candidates for my services. Enhancing ones ability takes a great deal of time and dedication. If your life is hectic you will be focusing more on the lack of stability in your life then your ability.


If the psychic or kinetic are regular illegal drug users, highly medicated for a health condition, regular drinkers (more then two beers a week), eat unhealthy, do not get enough rest and sleep, do not work out regularly, have stressful lives, have stressful relationships, do not have a steady place to live, work etc. then a client will be declined services. Your body and mind has to be focused and optimally healthy to be able to enhance correctly.


I then check to make sure the client already has made time in their lives to enhance their ability. If they do not have a career or hobby in which they can regularly use their ability and time to work on other exercises at home then they must have ideas for hobbies already handy and plenty of time to work on their ability at home.

Psychological Disorders

Those with moderate to sever psychological or psychiatric conditions I do not accept. Those with mild mental illness I accept pending starting with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Some current mental illnesses can be the result of the ability which is why I will take on a client if this is my conclusion.

Physical Illness

Some chronic illnesses can be caused by your ability. If have concluded your ability is not tied into your ability and is moderate to severe I would not accept you as a client. Physical illnesses and ailments can hinder the enhancement of an ability in many ways including acting as distractions.

Assumed Ability Level

After talking with a client for a few hours about the ability I am able to assume the level of their ability. Those with moderate to high level abilities benefit far more from my services.

Measurement & Testing

I then implement, and in many cases newly develop, tools to measure their ability. I record the tests and test several times in a row and allow a break and test again. I test and measure daily to begin and then weekly. Because I keep track of the results now we will be able to notice changes and enhancement later.

Basic Understanding

I continue by explaining the scientific basics of how their ability works and how enhancement is possible. I also explain to them scientifically how the exercises work. The better understanding you have regarding what you are doing the easier the enhancement process will be. The book Quantum Psychics is an excellent read to learn how your ability works.

Reading Material

I then suggest reading material you can purchase or even get from your local library. Reading the science behind your ability will one day make you your own metaphysical counselor. The more you know the better and in the Quantum Psychics book you will find Areas of Interest in which lists the scientific areas associated with your ability in which you should educate your self in. Also on you will find courses for specific abilities in which will guide you through the learning process.

Exercises & Techniques

I then equip the psychic or kinetic with a list of exercises and techniques to do on their own. I instruct them how to perform the exercises step by step. You can find exercises for many abilities in the Quantum Psychics book.
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