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i dont know where to start.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2009
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:20 am    Post subject: i dont know where to start. Reply with quote

I'm new to all of this but i'm really interested in learning telekinesis or anything like it (pyro,cryo etc). i just dont know where to start so i would like to know if anyone had any suggestions
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Joined: 12 Nov 2007
Posts: 197

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:52 am    Post subject: exercises Reply with quote

wlffmn27 , Here are some exercises for you to try .

The first exercise is called BUSHIDO RICE . Take three bowls and in the middle put mix a cup of brown rice and white rice together . With your fingers sperate the grains by color where you end up with a bowl of brown rice and a bowl of white rice . Do this for 15 minutes , early morning or midday . This will build up your mental endurance and focus .

The second exercise is called MINDS EYE . You can choose from one of the themes or create your own theme . The first theme is called SUPERSTAR . This is where you visualize or imagine yourself with tk abilities and scenes play out where you affect objects with tk projection . An option to this is somehow someway you ended up in the body of a character who has tk ability , and you have to do what they do . This option is a way around the mental block that you cant do tk . The second theme is called THE ROSE . Imagine or visualize a rose in your hand . Focus in on its stem , thorns , petals , aroma , etc . With your tk ability pluck off a petal and guide it to the ground . Do this for each petal . When all the petals are on the ground , float them back onto the rose one by one . The third them is CHALKBOARD . Visualize or imagine yourself before a giant chalkboard . With your tk ability , have a piece of chalk write out affirmations about your tk ability . Write at the bottom of the chalkboard . also while the chalk is writing , your inner voice speaks the affirmations . Then write in the middle of the chalkboard in bigger bolder letters more tk affirmations and have your inner voice recite those as the chalk writes them out . And at the top of the chalkboard do the same with even bigger bolder letters . Do MINDS EYE for 15 minutes .

Also before you do any of these exercises, recall an activity or experience that you are good at and enjoy doing . Do this for a minute or two and connect this recall with a hand gesture , or repeating a phrase in your head , or visualizing a color . And before you do your tk projection , repeat this phrase , color , or gesture .

The next exercise is OBJECT CALIBRATION . Put your writing hand close to an object you want to move . Have your aura do a " sensor scan " on the object . Like you are connecting to the object , reading every part of its makeup . etc Do this for 15 minutes .

You can do these exercises mentioned above in any order , seperate or together , whatever works for you .

The next two exercises are done at bedtime . The first is called WHITE DRAGON . You know that feeling when someone is staring at the back of your neck . Take that psi energy and form it into a ball . Btw you do WHITE DRAGON lying down . So you have this psi ball enter your left toes , then your left foot , left ankle , upto your left hip , then up your spine into your left shoulder , down into your left fingers , back up your lwft arm , then it flows into your neck and head , and over into your right shoulder , down into your right fingers , back up your right arm , down your spine , into your right hip , right thigh , right foot , right toes .
Then you reverse the path and head back to your left toes . Repeat this cycle for 15 minutes . The other thing to do before bedtime is write out on a piece of paper affirmations about your tk .

The other major thing you can do is start a tk practice journal .
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