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Scientific Investigations on Supernormal Faculties

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:50 am    Post subject: Scientific Investigations on Supernormal Faculties Reply with quote

Scientific Investigations on Supernormal Faculties

Human being is said to be the most evolved manifestation of the supreme
consciousness in Nature.

The structure, function and physical potentials of his body are indeed marvelous as compared to those of any other creature.

His wonderful brain and intellect have made him distinct from the other members of the animal kingdom.

Most remarkable is the majestic treasure of sentimental and spiritual powers hidden in his inner self that reflect his origin in the divine realms of eternal consciousness.

The triumph of man over Nature and the culmination of scientific and
technological progress in every walk of worldly life evince the superior
expression of consciousness in human beings.

His excellent contributions in literature and art also illustrate the amazing creativity of his mental domains.

The annals of the history of the Vedik Age endorse the divine origin of human self.

The super conscious faculties of the inner mind were indeed expressed in most enlightened form in the rishis – the great yogis and sages of that era. Their mental, intellectual and physical potentials too were evolved like that of a super being.

The later ages witnessed different folds of time with gradually changing attitude and inclinations…

Materialistic progress of life coupled with extrovert interests and negligence of the rather deeper and difficult branch of knowledge – pertaining to the subliminal powers of consciousness, had led to the successive suppression of supernormal faculties of people in want of the ascetic disciplines and spiritual endeavors.

This had resulted in propagation of the science of spirituality as ‘esoteric’ on the one hand, and as ‘illusions’ on the other.

With these changing trends, one class of people especially from the so-called ‘religious’ or ritualistic front generally encouraged arbitrary or opportunistic interpretation of the ancient scriptures and began exploiting the blind faith of people in the name of yoga and spirituality.

The other class – largely consisting of the ‘scientific minded’, ‘educated’ and the ‘civilized ones’, discarded the ancient knowledge and practices of yoga and spirituality as unscientific and baseless. For them, what was approved by intellectual trenchancy based on modern scientific
theories and experiments, was the only definition of truth.

However, with culmination of scientific progress in the materialistic existence of the world, its reach into the subtler layers of subatomic particles, and realization of the limitless expansion of the cosmos, has changed the dimensions of research as well.

Rise in psychosomatic and social problems have triggered the necessity of rethinking on the role of mental and inner world of life. These together with the difficulties observed in decipheration of the complex functions of the brain and the unconscious mind have attracted the attention of many researchers towards the power of consciousness and hidden potentials of mind. This has sprouted research on the scientific basis of the extrasensory faculties of mind in rather systematic way.

Although several reports on live examples of the expressions of supernatural potentials came into light since the 19th century and most of these were also verified by authentic personalities. The studies by psychologists and parapsychologists were largely confined to speculative generalizations of the observed or reported incidents.

A more scientific approach has been adopted in some recent experiments conducted in collaboration with physicists and life scientists. Series of such experiments were conducted by eminent scientific research groups under the leadership of Dr. Herald Purgove and Dr. Russell Targ of the USA. The idea of their research was to carry out planned experiments and testing in well-equipped laboratories under different conditions on persons who have expressed or experienced possession of extrasensory powers.

Their research came into light with experiments on renowned writer and Nobel Laureate, Mr. Richard Bach. One day while Bach was taking a stroll on a beach he heard someone repeatedly calling him by the name “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. The voice was quite clear. Richard Bach did not know anyone by this name, neither did any one ever called him by this strange name. He thought it to be a case of mistaken identity. He looked around. There was nobody in that solitude! Then who called him? He somehow felt as though the call has hypnotized him. He returned back and started writing in that subconscious state. He continued writing and completed a novel of over 400 pages that night! Amazing! He had not written even a short story or a poem before that.

Bach claimed that he had written the above novel under some parapsychological influence or arousal of some extrasensory power… The book was published with this assertion and acknowledgement in the preface. It was indeed an excellent contribution to English Literature. Because of his unique experience, the ‘author’ Richard Bach was interviewed by a popular American Magazine called “Psychic”. Dr. Targ was curious to investigate on Bach’s supernormal experience after reading about the truly rare incident associated with the birth of his novel. He and Dr. Purgove had examined several cases of extrasensory perceptions earlier and had also conducted some new experiments in their lab in this regard. Their first experiment was carried out on 29th May 1973 on a celebrity artist Ingo Swan.

It was heard about Ingo that he could see across miles with closed eyes… The scientist duo invited him for experiments on his clairvoyance. He was locked inside a laboratory. Only a chair, a table, an audio-video recorder, a pen and some plain papers were left inside with him. Ingo’s eyes were covered by black strip of thick cloth. He did not know where he was and had no idea of what the scientists had planned in the experiment. The tape recorder in the lab was switched on as soon as this fellow entered there. There was no one around. The windows too were locked and curtained. The tape began shooting him with unprecedented queries (from the prior record). The first question was – “Mr. So and so, who is Dr. Targ’s friend, is at a point at such an such altitude on such and
such axis. What is he doing there at this time? We do not know in which country he is and how is he. You please see him and find out in which part of the world he is right now. Which city, or town, or, ….?

Ingo focused his mind and began describing whatever he was able to see… His answers were being recorded by the audio tape recorder. He also made the line diagrams (map) of what he was seeing with closed eyes… His actions were being clicked by the video camera. When the said friend of Targ returned after several weeks, he was presented the audio-visual recordings of Ingo’s replies. Great! The friend approved that the information given by Ingo was indeed corrected. Even the minute details of the direction and distances drawn by him the map were also a perfect match to those in the navigation map available in this friend’s head office.

This was just the beginning… They conducted some more experiments on Mr. Ingo under different situations... The results were always positive. The same was true for several other experiments on different subjects. These startling findings had convinced Dr. Purgove and Targ and many other researchers about the scientific validity of supernatural faculties. Their results were published in scientific journals and also in some leading magazines. This duo received dozens of calls from different parts of the globe. Many people volunteered to demonstrate their extrasensory potentials and to be the subjects for their scientific experiments. It was difficult for them to entertain all such demands.

Selection was made based on the greater level of authenticity of these candidates. Also, due care was taken to have a good representation of different age groups, modes of living and intellectual levels, etc in the selected sample.

Patrick H. Prince, who had been the deputy mayor of the city of Barbank and was also a former police officer, was among the selected ones. He had presented evidential proofs of using his clairvoyance to trace the criminals when he was in the police department. Dr. Targ and Purgove had conducted as many as nine experiments on this particular candidate. The queries were made mostly over phone by different groups of scientists; each group had also recorded the answers (information) given by Patrick and had made independent analysis. He had correctly recognized nine different randomly selected spots at the distances ranging from 2 to 9 kilometers. Interestingly, the results and conclusions of all the teams of scientists agreed with those of Drs. Targ and Purgove and certified the extrasensory vision of Patrick.

Some other teams of researchers have also contributed in this field of scientific research on supernatural talents. Dr. Paul Guelldin of France is highly recognized among these. He has visited different parts of the world and experimented on ESP of vision, smell, taste, speech and touch far beyond the normal capacities of the corresponding sense organs or even in the absence of the latter. His results scientifically established that human brain is endowed with a sixth sense. The supernatural powers of consciousness expresses itself through these subliminal centers of parapsychic experiences. If activated, this hidden power of mind alone could bestow all the knowledge that perhaps would not be possible even by most efficient use of the five sense organs and intellectual faculties collectively. Arousal of exceptional talents is a natural consequence of
this sublime stimulation.

The American Association for Advancement of Science had recognized
Parapsychology as a discipline of science. This is a vast field of knowledge, incorporating neuroscience, psychology and different faculties of emotional and parapsychological intelligence (PSI). Clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition are the major focus of research on PSI and its relation with supernatural consciousness.

The studies on PSI and ESP – or supernormal powers of human self have opened up the channels for deeper and wider scientific research on other disciplines of spirituality too. Let us hope this would rediscover the ancient science of spirituality in is original form and help revival of the divine era of spiritual enlightenment of mankind.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This thread makes me have contradictory thoughts. This is what I have always wanted, a scientific prove of paranormal faculties, not because I don't belive that, but to shout the mouth to those who laugh at this. My self, everytime I talk aobut this themes with my everyday fellas, coworkers, and acquaintances, they see me as a freak, as an innocent who believes in fary tales, as one of the brothers Grimm (in the movie), who bought “magic beans”. But I knew that there were so many proves in the world that all this couldn't be a coincidence or just “wishful thinking”, but I didn't find backup in the scientific world.

D_ redant, you live in England, then you know well Richard Dawkings, a scientific who I personally admire and respect, he and “The four horsemen” Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennet, they who have encourage the movement of atheism. And I think they have do well in pointing the danger of religion, which I think has made more harm than good, but that's antoher discussion.

But Dawkins has a tv series called “enemies of reason”. In that one, he presents people who do some of the things discussed in this forum, and present them as lairs or dumbs, I don't know which one is worse. He present all the beliefs in esoteric and paranormal activity as “mambo jambo”. I felt bad for that. He even challenged some people to prove their faculties, and when the prove was done those people fail, which he presented as a prove that all of this is a lie.

I'm really expecting the day science proves completely that we are not crazy and that knowledge will help humanity to develop in a better way.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Talbain get a copyof "The Field" by Lynn Mc Taggart, Cool
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Joined: 03 Feb 2009
Posts: 86

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I want to read that book, but I must say that Lynn Mc Taggart is considered in the scientific community as a "pseudo scientist" because she doesn't have a degree in science.

The problem is not if I believe in what she says, I've heard its very accurate. But ths scientific community seems to be very close minded.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The good thing is we personally do not need to seek scientific mainstream approval of psychic powers. That will come in its own timing fully.

We just continue growing ourselves every day as usual.

To the general mass populace I do not appear to be deeply engrossed in these fields and I have learnt that you cannot try to tell 'normal' folk about these stuff because they have already been so conditioned by media,etc.....but to my kin like members of this forum and many other people offline this is 'normal' for us all.

You just need to allign yourself with people who are on the same wavelength as you...Forget the rest of people generally.

You are at a different learning point/experience than them.

But try to make your family and loved ones know that psychic powers are real.

I've saved many lives personally due to getting psychic insight about upcoming dangers..Then I give a warning or do some manifestation or magick to avert the dangers...

It helps when your close ones heed your messages.

In the UK itself there are alot of people into these fields. There are schools of all thoughts and shapes and sizes. You can even go to a Psychic College and develop a whole range of abilities with the help of teachers,etc..

In the US it's very open too.

Many other countries have opened up since the past few years as well.

So it's not the end of the world. Things are opening up.

Yes you will find people trying to portray negative outlooks of psychic powers..That's due to their own ignorance and lack of real practical knowledge and experience firsthand or secondhand. Don't let them worry you.

Science will finally reach up at the level we are all at.. Very Happy

In the mean time i'll just continue growing daily to the benefit of myself
and others around me.
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Joined: 04 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

True that d_redant.
Talbain she isn't a scientist she is a writer or journalist writing on other people's findings. these findings are the interesting bit Wink
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Joined: 04 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This appeared on the web tonight. It's worth a read, very interesting8)

The Day I Discovered My Home Was Haunted
November 4, 2009, 12:00 am Kylie Miller Yahoo!7

When strange events started to occur in Kylie Miller's flat, she doubted her sanity, and consulted a psychologist and a priest. But help came from an unexpected source.

During the four years I'd lived alone in my ground floor apartment in bayside Melbourne, I'd always felt safe. The building was secure behind a high fence and locked gates, and I had deadlocks on the doors and windows. Not only did I feel protected and comfortable there, but I also had an affection for my little nook away from the world. I loved reading the papers at the dining table as the sun streamed in through the windows; pottering in the garden; and soaking away the stresses of the day in my deep, cast-iron bath. But towards the end of 2008, without any warning, frightening things started happening in my home. The lights would come on without explanation, light globes would explode in showers of glass, ceiling fans would be spinning when I'd returned from a day out, and my two favourite rings vanished from my bedside table. I began to feel uneasy when undressing, and on two extreme occasions that summer, I felt so uncomfortable that I slept in my clothes.

This was completely out of character for me, and during fleeting moments, I questioned my sanity. Where did this paranoia come from? Was I really being watched? I felt strangely reassured when a friend dropped by in the midst of it all and suddenly – for no reason – she burst into tears. I confided in her what had been taking place in my flat. The energy, she agreed, was overpoweringly negative.

The final straw came one week in early December when I was woken on three separate nights by the horrifying feeling of someone leaping on the bed, pummelling me, and yelling in my ear. Although the event was slightly different on each occasion, the common thread was of a male presence on top of me, preventing me from moving.

The first time it happened, I felt as though I was being tossed around and  my left leg was raised into the air. I dismissed it as a strangely real nightmare. The next night the same thing happened, but this time I heard an unmistakable roar, as if someone was screaming right in my ear. My bedroom light – attached to a ceiling fan and operated by remote control – came on three times. Aghast,
I leapt out of bed, switched off the power at the wall and shouted with fury to be left in peace. It didn't happen again that night, but I didn't get much sleep.

The next day, my sister begged me to go and stay with her, but in the harsh light of day, my nocturnal terrors seemed too ridiculous to consider. There must be an explanation, I thought.

As a journalist, I deal in facts. Ambitious and driven, in 1994, aged 24, I was named NSW Young Journalist of the Year, and I've since held senior editorial positions at major metropolitan newspapers in Australia and Asia. I've made it my life's work to sort fact from fiction, and I have a streak of cynicism some might consider unhealthy. I'm also agnostic.

After a few weeks of night terrors and the unsettling feeling of being watched, I asked a psychologist if she could offer an explanation. She assured me I wasn't going mad and pointed to the study of parapsychology. Later, when an electrician suggested I remove the batteries from the remote control (he couldn't explain the exploding light bulbs or spinning fan), I called a priest. "Good triumphs over evil," he told me. He didn't mention exorcism, and I felt too silly to ask.

Tentatively, I confided in a few close friends – fellow journalists who knew my rising paranoia was out of place. I don't
take drugs and I'm a light social drinker. I saw sceptical minds open to the possibilities. "I wouldn't believe it if
I heard it from anyone but you," one said. Then someone mentioned Maria Last.

A professional psychic and medium, Maria is a 30-something Irish woman whose marriage to an Australian man brought her to Melbourne seven years ago. "Hello, I know this sounds insane, but there's something strange going on
in my flat," I told Maria over the phone.

In her soft lilt, she asked me a series of questions: Had I experienced electrical faults? Had anything gone missing?
Did I hear or feel things that didn't seem real? Any unexplained draughts or aromas? Had I had trouble sleeping, strong dreams, recurring headaches, or a sense of not being alone? For the first time in weeks, I felt someone understood. "OK, well, it sounds like you're right, but you really must know that there is no need to worry," she assured me.

For as long as she can remember, Maria has seen dead people. And the day she came to my apartment, she saw several. "The deceased mostly look like people ... sometimes they're like watermarks, sometimes black and white, sometimes colour photos, sometimes just like a coloured movie," she explained. As a baby, she remembers the ethereal form of a "crystalline, bluey-white" woman watching lovingly over her cot. A few years later, while travelling with her family to visit a dying relative, she announced they were too late after seeing his spirit float past. They arrived to discover he'd just died.

By the time Maria visited me on a warm summer's day, I was at my wit's end. It had been two months since I'd felt comfortable at home. My sleep had been repeatedly disturbed. I was on edge, anxious and reluctant to go to bed.

In the two days since our phone conversation, I'd followed Maria's advice, applying the standard "energy clearing" techniques, including burning sage "smudge" sticks and placing black obsidian crystals beside my bed. "Try these," she'd instructed me, "and call back if it doesn't work." Then, for the third time in a week, I'd experienced the horror of a night-time "visitor" and decided to ask Maria to come to my flat.

Petite and conservatively dressed, she looked more like her mainly professional, female clientele than the velvet-clad cliché associated with New Age beliefs. She explained that she avoids using the word "spiritual" for the stereotype it conjures up. She again assured me everything would be OK, before asking where in the flat I felt least at ease. Was there anywhere that was inexplicably cold? Particular rooms where I'd experienced the most electrical disturbance? Without hesitation, I directed
her to the master bedroom, where the ceiling fan had spun and the lights flashed at night; and my home office, which
was uncomfortably chilly that day despite the direct, late-afternoon sun.

Stepping into the office, Maria stopped dead. "Well, we've found our culprit," she announced, before turning towards the antique iron day bed beside my desk. "Hello, what are you doing here?" she enquired of the seemingly empty room. "You know you can't stay."

Maria said he was a young man named Jim who had been crippled by a medical problem that left him with limited use of his legs. He told Maria he'd taken a shine to me during an open-house party I'd held a few summers previously, and had been with me ever since. Over the next half-hour, Jim told Maria details about my life she could never have known: the way I read aloud as I'm writing, and my frustration about a health complaint that had curbed my ability to run. He said his admiration for my strength in overcoming the ailment was one of the things that drew him to me, Maria claimed. Jim smoked, she said, and it was possible I'd smelt it. Bizarrely, I'd often griped about a waft of tobacco from the upstairs apartment. Later, I'd discovered my neighbours don't smoke.

I listened to Maria's banter and she passed on Jim's replies. Once or twice they didn't resonate and doubt crept in – but not for long. I'd moved in during July, for example, but Maria was resolute – Jim insisted my house-warming had taken place in summer. It wasn't until later that I remembered I'd waited until my birthday in November to hold a combined celebration. Overwhelmed by the accuracy, I found it hard not to believe.

After about 30 minutes of chat, Maria convinced Jim that life would be better if he went "into the light", the entrance to a higher plane. He was joined by a favourite uncle of his who appeared to escort him. Helping a spirit to "cross over" is similar to the way it's shown in the Channel Seven show Ghost Whisperer, she said, but with significantly less drama, fewer heaving bosoms, and no banging doors and billowing curtains.

But there was more to come. Maria doubted that Jim's jovial energy was responsible for the creepy presence I'd felt, particularly since he'd been with me for so long. Using a crystal pendulum suspended on a chain, she entered the master bedroom and walked around slowly. We watched as the pendulum swung clockwise then, as Maria neared the corner of the room, whip violently the other way. Suddenly, she started speaking again – this time without lightness or charm. This guy, she said, is a creep; a stalker in life and no different in death. Maria's language was rude and aggressive. He told her he'd followed me home after seeing me out a couple of months earlier, and bragged about groping me in bed.

After a few minutes of conversation, in which details emerged about him watching me in bed and in the bathroom, I decided I didn't want to hear anymore. I didn't ask questions. I just wanted him gone. I hovered at the back of the room, feeling violated and anxious.

Looking back, I have no idea how long it took, although it felt like forever. Maria explained that she forced the man into the light with the help of bouncer-like spirit "helpers". Minutes later, she again circled the room with the pendulum and we watched as it first hung still, then slowly turned clockwise, indicating the negative energy had passed. The atmosphere might feel tense for a couple of days, she said, but he was gone and he couldn't come back. I burst into tears.

Emotional and spent, I sat on the sofa nursing a Scotch as Maria talked about "visitors" who'd gathered around us – my recently deceased grandfather; his long-dead former wife; and a much-loved mentor who'd died of lung cancer and identified himself by flicking a cigarette lighter. The evening grew lighter as he offered amusing advice on subjects known only to me – typically paternal remarks about my taste in men and a bossy appraisal of a career change that he believed would waste my talent. I got so absorbed in the "conversation", I found myself raising my voice as I told him he had no idea. Just like the old days.

Perhaps I'm a cynic, but my job brings with it a questioning mind and a desire to know the truth. The events of that night changed my understanding of "reality" and sent me on a quest to learn more. After reading books on spirituality, I enrolled in a program run by Maria designed to teach people to harness their "sixth sense" and connect with the spirit world. During the first
session, she taught me to disconnect from the moods of others, seek advice in my dreams by asking questions I want answered before I go to sleep, and how to recognise signs of spirit presence. For me, they include subtle sensations such as tingling, shivers, touch and sounds.

I was surprised to discover I could relate to what she taught, and opened my mind to a world beyond my comprehension. There was no going back. Unexpectedly, I started to feel a connection with the long-deceased grandmother I had never wished to know, a stranger named Pat who had left my mother as a toddler after a brief marriage to my grandfather during World War II.

Several times during my life I had set out to learn more about Pat, but had been discouraged by the pain her abandonment caused my mother. When I met Maria, I'd just learnt Pat was dead and had seen her photograph for the first time, having finally traced a living sister.

Maria told me my grandmother is with me frequently, finding atonement for the lack of maternal instinct in her life by guiding and supporting me in mine. Do I believe it? It seems absurd, but there's no denying the presence I feel; I can detect her love, amusement and interest in what I'm doing. Sometimes I feel her pride. She has a mischievous streak – not at all grandmotherly – and I catch myself talking to her when I sense her pleasure in behaviours my mother might not approve of. It turns out we're quite alike, and not just in appearance.

The most tangible physical sign associated with Pat is a shiver in my right leg accompanied by a sensation best described as a "knowing"; a feeling of absolute certainty planted in my head at random moments. Occasionally, I hear a voice, internal and barely discernible – and sometimes the warmth of an embrace.

So, what have I learnt? There's no question I still feel doubt, and there are times when it all seems too crazy to be real. Am I looking for reinforcement for things I want to believe? I don't think that's the case, although I wonder if I'll ever be sure. In talking about the experience, I've encountered others who have had similar journeys. I see frequent references to it in the media. Sometimes it feels like belonging to a society for those in the know. Whatever the answer, to me it doesn't matter. My life has changed for the better. I'm happier, gratified and feel more in touch with my spirit.
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