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Intro to the Merkabah and the Science of our Universe

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:17 am    Post subject: Intro to the Merkabah and the Science of our Universe Reply with quote

The Merkabah

All rotating bodies in our universe produce magnetic waves which are known to modern science. One example I can think of is earths Sun which produces radiation and thus magnetic waves that not only intersect earth atmosphere at 90 Degree intervals but also in rotation by 360 degrees. This rotation is at a given momentum which then controls the rate of electromagnetic induction exerted upon earth’s structures.

As I study this it is simple to understand that since the Earth is spherical in form (rotating 360 Degrees) and at its core is molten Iron (rotating) which has a high permeability thus a magnetization of earth is maintained leaving the degree of magnetization as a direct product of these spiraling and largely spontaneous
magnetic fields.

As the Suns radiation comes spiraling down at various angles much like that of a multi dimensional tetrahedron Magnetic lines are flux are intersected and an energy exchange is produced (faradays law of induction) thus producing a charge.

By definition Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) must consist of an electric and magnetic field which oscillates in phase perpendicular to each other and to the direction of projected path (propagation). Thus EM Radiation carries both energy and momentum along its path. The basic structure of matter maintains charged particles some of which form a tetrahedron shape such as covalent bonds and molecules. When EMR is exerted on matter it causes charged particles to oscillate and thus gain energy. EMR absorbed by matter from infrared and non-infrared sources will deposit energy as heat. Thus EMR can heat matter when it is absorbed and becomes important in matters of heat transference within various types of molecules which form matter.

More on the subject of the Merkabah Tetrahedron to come as interesting enough to me after studying chemistry in college molecules of H2O posses the same geometric structures in ice crystals this also can be found in earth crystals. Crystals I believe may hold a key to harnessing an undiscovered form of measurable energy Quantum Physics - electrodynamics which would prove the universe is multidimensional (wavefunction). We currently exist simply in a single dimension which occupies our conciseness.

The stable arrangement of hydrogen-bonded water molecules in ice gives rise to the same hexagonal symmetry that reveals itself in every snowflake.

Atomic Coordination of this Symmetry also is found in Crystals (HCP Lattice)

Hyperdimensional Hexagon
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