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Joined: 18 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:32 pm    Post subject: thank you Reply with quote

merry meet! just wish to thank you for the information. I found much of it interesting and also found the herbs and magical uses exactly what i needed.
blessed be as you bless others, so mote it be.
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Joined: 21 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:55 pm    Post subject: free spells Reply with quote

get rid of evil devil jinn with the help of quran visit this link
black magic remove with quran visit this link
black magic spell reversal with quran visit this link
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 4:45 am    Post subject: Re: thank you Reply with quote

goddessofmoonlight wrote:
merry meet! just wish to thank you for the information. I found much of it interesting and also found the herbs and magical uses exactly what i needed.
blessed be as you bless others, so mote it be.

I am so Happy that this helped you I was starting to wonder if I was just ranting on here but thank you for taking interest in this thread
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Remove Negativity Spell

The waning Moon is best for a spell like this. When you wake up and realize it's time to kiss your troubles and negativity goodbye, you're basically banishing them. The fading light of the dark Moon will reinforce your desire to shake off these negative influences.


•A white candle
•A small black votive candle
•A glass jar big enough to fit over the black candle
•3 tablespoons of sea salt
•Rose oil
•Sage for burning
•A piece of white cloth
•1 or 2 feet of black rattail cord
•Some rosemary
•A nail
•A metal bowl and a fireproof trivet

Gather all your ingredients. Cast a circle if you want to. Set the sage to burn. With the nail, inscribe the white candle with words like, “Peace and Harmony,” “Love and Light,” or “Faith and Trust,” whatever applies to your situation. Anoint the candle wick to base with the rose oil and light it up.

Inscribe everything you don't want in your life on the black candle. Try to summarize whatever this is in a word or two-after all, it's just a votive! Anoint the black candle base to wick with the rose oil. Set the black candle in front of the white candle and sprinkle the sea salt in a circle around it, keeping the white candle outside of the circle, to symbolically seal off the negative energy.

Light the black candle and understand that in doing so you are allowing yourself to shed light on the problem without getting sucked in by it. As you sit there gazing at both candles, tie a knot along the length of the piece of black cord for every issue that you have. Lay the cord around the black candle and say these words out loud:

"All of my troubles and negative influences
are held in this rope.
They no longer bind me and my heart's filled with hope
That the candlelight's glow will dissolve every fear.
Nothing but Harmony can find its way here."

Now pick up the cord and untie every knot. As you do this, see all the crossed conditions coming unraveled. Focus on having everything be just as you wish for at least seventeen seconds.

Lay the cord around the black candle again, and sprinkle the rosemary over the cord. Put the jar over the black candle. When the flame goes out, cover the jar with piece of white cloth.

Pick up the white candle and place it in front of you. Gaze at the flame for as long as you want to. When you feel complete, snuff out the white candle and set it on your altar. Wrap the jar, the salt, the rosemary, and the black candle in the white cloth, tie it with the black cord, and bury it outside where no animal or human will dig it up. Burn the white candle on your altar for an hour or so each day until it's gone. Then bury what's left of the candle in the East, where the Sun rises.
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good Luck Herb Jar

To attract good fortune into your life or to change a streak of bad luck to good, fill a jar with any combination of the following magickal herbs:

Buckthorn Bark
Huckleberry Leaves
Irish Moss
Job's Tears
High John the Conqueror
Lucky Hand root
Mojo Wish Bean
Nutmeg Peony Root
Queen of the Meadow
Rose Hips
Sacred Bark
Star Anise
Tonka Bean

Seal the jar tightly and keep it in your kitchen on a shelf or on a windowsill. Place your hands upon the jar each morning after you wake up and say:

To God and Goddess do I pray
Guide me through another day
Let good fortune com my way
Good luck hither, now I say.

After citing the magickal incantation, gentle shake the jar a few times and then kiss it before putting it back.

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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. The Moon phase... The proper Moon phase is one of the keys to success in Spell casting. There are many Spells that I do on the night of the Full Moon for maximum effect and potency just as farmers may plant there seedlings during the Full Moon. The Moon effects everything and can effect our moods and actions. Ever notice that people seem to be more wound up and crazy during the Full Moon? I see it all the time.
There are four phases of the Moon... New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and the Waning Moon. Each of these phases has a 7 day period for doing your Magical workings. If you add these phases up, you come up with the 28 day lunar month. The time period for each phase is... 3 days before to 3 days after. This gives you plenty of time to plan and do you Spell casting. Not everyone can plan on doing Magic on one certain day, so this opens the window of opportunity for those of you who have a busy schedule.
Here is what the different phases are normally used for in Magic.
New Moon - This phase is very similar to the Waning Moon and used to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon - This phase is for doing Spells that might increase your gain such as money, power or other material things.

Full Moon - This the phase where I do my most important spells. For my beliefs are that my Magic is much more powerful during this phase. Most people like my friends only consider the Full Moon the actual day that it is the fullest and marked on the calendar. They do not know that the Moon has the same influence for a seven day period. Once again I personally prefer to work on the night of the Full Moon, at its fullest.

Waning Moon - This phase is normally for Spells that do away with things or make things go away. Such as making an enemy go away or a bad spirit or slander along with many other things.
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

2. The proper materials and supplies... These are so very important, for one must have all the proper things needed for a spell. You may possibly need herbs, colored candles, Voodoo Dolls, oils and of coarse the proper spell. The herbs, colored candles and oils are specific ones that are associated with that type of spell. In other words they have a vibration that is related to the what you are trying to accomplish. For instance if you are doing a love spell you would not want to use green candles... you would want to use red candles and if you were doing a money spell you would not want to use red candles... you would use green. For Candles you can go to my Candle Magic page to see what color corresponds to what need. For oils and herbs there are many other sites out there and books that will tell you what what corresponds to what. For Voodoo Dolls you can make you own out of wax or cloth material. It doesn't have to look like the victim because you are going to visualize it as being the victim. There may be a need for a Dagger to trace magical symbols in the air. Daggers can be purchased online quite easily. If you cannot find the supplies you need in your town the I suggest you look online at Avatar Search.

3. The mental condition of the Practitioner... This is also very important. You must be in the right state of mind. If you are trying to do a love spell, you must have the emotion of love for that person to project out into the universe in order for it to manifest. In other words you cannot be angry or depressed when doing the love spell. The same goes for Black Magic Hexes and so forth... you must be worked up into rage or a very hate filled mood to project hate at the Victim. You cannot expect a Hex to work on someone if you are in a Jolly mood when performing the spell. Your mind must be in sync with the type of Spell you are doing. Plus you must believe in your work and not have doubts. How can you expect a spell to work if you don't believe in them but you want to try them just to see if they do work. You will get nothing from that.

4. The will of the Universe... Many of you ask ... well how long will it take to work? That is up to the Universe as to when it will manifest. It could be a couple days or it could take weeks or a couple months. There have been many times I have done spells an had no quick results and then POOF! Two months later it happens! I had almost forget about it. So be patient and have faith in your workings. Positive thinking = positive outcome.

5. The experience of the Practitioner... The person casting the spells should have some experience or at least some good study and practice. Many of you out there, especially the younger ones expect that you can do a spell for the first time with no knowledge of how they work or why and have studied the Occult none whatsoever. I strongly advise you to study all aspects of the Occult and practice, practice, practice. Dabblers will get no where except hurt. Remember the more you practice Magic and do certain Rituals the more you will build up your powers and therefore be more potent in your spells.

6. The Magical Energy built up by the Practitioner... This is one way to add potency to your Spells and Hexes. I am a Sorcerer and not a Witch so I will tell you what I do. I use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram and the Middle Pillar Ritual. They serve to protect me and they build up my Aura and my Psychic and Magical powers. This covers all my grounds when doing Spells and makes me glow with power! I know there are many different Rituals out there according to what you believe in so find the ones that suite your beliefs and get to work on them everyday of your life and you will see a difference in the quality of your life and the potency of youR Magical doings.

7. Your belief in the magic you are working... You must believe in your magical workings. If you don't, how can you expect them to work. You must have faith, be patient and you must believe! So many of you want to try some spells first to see if they work and then you'll decide to believe. That's not the way to do it! If you do not believe in the Occult and Magic... then I suggest you stay away from it. Word to the wise... Magic is not a game or something to just Dabble in or play with. Magic is a way of life.

8. The proper Spell... Let's face it... you must have a good spell. Some of the spells out there are pure crap and some are really good. Some spells may work better for you than others, so experiment and keep a journal of your workings so that you will know which ones work best for you and which ones don't. Also just because a spell doesn't work for you doesn't mean that it is no good... you may have not been the right state of mind or maybe you didn't have the proper materials. All the above things on this page come into play. So like I said... keep a journal and find the Spells that work for you!
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An effective candle spell for wealth and prosperity utilizes two black candles since black draws in all color and energy in the universe. Etch your name and the words "money", "wealth", "riches" and any other words of power along the sides of the candles. Then light the candles and grasp them firmly in your hands until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers, a sign that your aura is mingling with the candles’ auras and that your intentions are firmly grounded in the candles.

Project for what you want, saying,
"These candles bring me wealth and riches."

"In no way will this spell cause me to suffer any adverse effects!"

When finished extinguish the flame with a spoon, candle snuffer, or your fingers (not your breath, which will change the spell).

Begin this spell on Sunday, Thursday, or Friday as these days honor the sun, Jupiter, and Venus respectively.

Re-light the candles every night until the are completely burned down. Daily repetition will increase the spell’s effectiveness and your own prosperity consciousness.
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
Posts: 165

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Use This Voodoo Spell Carefully To Reverse A Curse

If you think someone has put a hex or a curse on you there are several spells you can cast to break it. But remember the Law Of Threes again. It's better to cast an uncrossing spell or a hex breaker spell but you should be very careful when casting a hex, or curse, reversal spell. A reversal spell sounds the negative energy from you back to the person who put the curse on you. And if that person detects that you've sent the curse back to them, it can be returned to you again with far worse results. If you feel that someone has put a hex or a curse on you, here is a free voodoo spell to help break it.

Reverse A Curse - You will need one white candle, some black pepper, a piece of thin string, Sandalwood oil, a piece of paper and pen, a wok or cauldron. If you feel you've been stricken by a curse, whether it's an evil curse or not, you can try this spell to break it.

Meditate for some moments on the curse that you want to reverse all the while concentrating on the curse and nothing else. Now, take the piece of paper and write down the curse that you wish to reverse. Roll the paper into a scroll and tie it with the thin string being careful to make five complete rounds round the roll of paper and then tie a perfect knot to finish.

Now, ignite a little fire in the wok and use it to light the candle and place it next to the window. Hold the paper scroll and pass it through the flame of the candle three times while concentrating on the curse you wish to reverse. And whisper the following lines three times: "As I say this blessed verse, unwanted curse, you shall reverse".

Take care that you are only concentrating on those lines as you cast this free voodoo spell. Once you recite these lines three times drop the paper roll into the wok and add three drops of Sandalwood oil and sprinkle some black pepper. Now wait until the flames die out and if the paper has burned down fully, the curse has been reversed.

Now I dont know the best days to cast a reversal spell if anyone knows can you please share it thank you

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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Roads of Fortune Spell - For Money and Luck
Here is a great little spell to help open up opportunities for you in life; money and luck.

You'll need:
Your photo
1 white candle
1 Yellow glass-encased candle
1 green jumbo candle
1 orange jumbo candle
1 Bottle of Road Opener (Abre Camino) Oil
1 packet of Road Opener (Abre Camino) Herb Bath
1 bottle of Fast Luck Oil
1 bottle of Money Draw Oil
1 bottle of Attraction Oil
a piece of pyrite
a whole nutmeg
a lodestone
a green flannel bag

Start by gluing your photo to the front of the glass-encased candle. Then poke 3 holes down into the wax of the glass-encased candle using a skewer. Into the holes add a few drops of Road Opener Oil. Set this candle in the middle of your work area. Now on the white candle carve what else you wish to attract then dress with attraction oil On the green candle carve "Money" and dress it with Money Draw Oil stroking the oil toward you. Finally on the orange candle carve "Good Luck" and dress it with Fast Luck Oil drawing the oil toward you. Set these three candles in holders in a triangle pattern enclosing the yellow candle with the orange as the top point of the triangle, and the White and green candles as the bottom two points. Using salt, create a line from the point candles to the central candle. You should, in effect, have three roads of salt radiating out from the central candle toward each of the three blessing candles. Dress the lodestone with Attraction Oil and set it by the white candle. Dress the nutmeg with Fast Luck Oil and place it near the orange candle. Dress the pyrite chunk with Money Draw Oil and place it near the green candle.

Using Road Opener (Abre Camino) Baths
One of the easiest ways to clear out your path in life is to give yourself a set of 7 Road Opener Herb Baths. These should be started on a Monday, the herbal infusion is poured over the head to wash away any obstacles, and then the captured bath water is tossed into the crossroads over your left shoulder (just as in an uncrossing bath). These baths will serve to open up your opportunities in life and make things a lot smoother for you. Keep in mind, Road Opener Herb Baths will not remove jinxes or evil magic that has been thrown at you, so it's important to check to see if the cause of your obstacles in life is due to external magic, or just plain old bumps in the road.

Now, go take one Road Opener Herb Bath as described above. Once you have dried off and disposed of the used bath water properly, then return to your working surface and light up the central candle. State "OPEN THE ROAD! OPEN THE ROAD! OPEN THE ROAD!" knocking on the table each time you say it. Then light the orange candle and state "My roads in life are filled with good luck, good fortune and fortuitous outcomes. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!" Next light the white candle and state "My roads in life are filled with health, love, acceptance, friendship, camaraderie and support. This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!" Finally light the green candle and state "My roads in life are filled with prosperity, money, good paying jobs, fortunate financial transactions and large profits! This I pray in the name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!"

Then begin chanting "Luck, Money, Health - OPEN THE ROAD!" over and over while you gaze into the flames that are lit. As you chant faster and faster, stamp your feet and once you feel you've raised enough energy stop and exclaim "By your holy power, Jesus Christ, AMEN!" Allow the candles to burn all the way down. When the central candle has burned out, you can then collect the pyrite, the nutmeg and the lodestone and place them in a red flannel bag. You can add a pinch of the salt from the "roads" that radiated out from the central candle too. Tie off the bag, dress it with a bit of Road Opener Oil and carry it with you for general good luck in everything you do.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2010 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Herbs of the Darker Arts
Some more "darker" aspects of herbs

Absinthe: Aids in conjuring the dead to communicate if burnt with sandalwood as an incense.

African Ginger: Used by occultists to sprinkle in the 4 corners of a room. It is said to be pleasing to all spirits one wishes to conjure.

Ague weed: Causes ones enemies to become extremely confused.

Aloes: Traditionally used to invoke demons. It is said to Soak aloes in a bottle of black cat oil for 9 days, on the 10th night anoint the forehead with the oils and the altar. The demon should appear to do ones bidding.

Anise Seed: used to increase the power in all psychic workings.

Asafoetida: Used in black magick for casting hexes on a person. Sometimes referred to as the devil's incense asafoetida is burned to force someone to leave you alone.

Balmony: A plant in the figwort family that is ground and used for hexing.

Betel Nut: A powerful ingredient in black magick arts. When chewed with lime it is said to increase ones power both spiritual and mental.

Bladderwrack: When placed near an enemies bathroom it is said to cause that enemy to be stricken with irritation of the urinary tract.

Blood Root: If you are looking for a substitue for human blood use this blood root to make diabolic wine. This recipe will be given when completed CLICK HERE. (soon) It also thrown on a witches doorstep throws the witches spells back to the sorcerer.

Blueberry: Causes an enemy strife when thrown on his doorstep.

Boneset: To burn as an incense and chant to use during curses.

Cinquefoil: Burn over a candle wax image of an enemy to cause him discomfort.

Coconuts: hollow out the coconut and fill with snakeroot. Place it in a flaming pit and as it roasts your enemies health will decline.

Cruel Man of the Woods: If a piece of this is hidden on your enemies self, it will cause them great pain if they have previously harmed you.

Henbane: In Greek mythology the dead of Hell were known to be crowned with henbane as they walked helplessly beside the river Styx. All parts of this root is poisonous and boiling or drying does not rid it of its toxicity, so it should never be used by the amateur magician.

Knot Weed: To get rid of ones enemy, stuffed into a black cloth or voodoo doll and sew up, then bury the doll. It is also used with balmony herb in curses.

Lemon Verbena: Causes great trouble between lovers. When scattered at the doorway of the couple great discord will ensue and the two will become bitter enemies

Mustard Seed: the seed of strife and discord. Leave it at ones doorstep, particularly black mustard seed This seed sprinkled around the trunk of a fruit tree on the first evening of the full moon will cause the tree to bear no fruit.

Patchouli: sickens enemies when used in chants and spells.

Poke Root: A conjure ball can be made in the name of Satan from the leaves and root, it is then placed into a bag, glass jar or container and then left where the enemy will find it. This is done so that he will panic and be caused anxiety making him more prone to accident and injury befalling him.

Poppy Seed: Causes couples to argue.

Rue: Although it is great protection for the owner in turn rue placed near another person puts a great hex on them. Since it is not a powerful black magic herb it is used to simply frustrate or agitate the person rather than causing serious harm or injury.

Slippery Elm: Used to separate a married couple when buried near their home.

Tormentilla: To cause distress, harm and discord to a foe, sprinkle this on a picture of her or him and place in a box.

Twitch's Grass: Causes quarrels among friends. Place under each leg of a table they will sit at, by the end of the evening they will surely be fighting.

Vetivert: Silences ones who will speak ill of you.

Vervain: Spells used to contact and speak with Lucifer are the most effective when using this herb. Also used for conjuring evil spirits and demons.

Willow: willow is under the devils protection and when held in ones left hand may be used in pacts, or rites requiring supernatural powers.

Wormwood: Used in making pacts with the devil.
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Niobe Second

Joined: 31 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry been gone so long Its just that my computer was in a coma and has recently come back so I'm back for more sharingand sorry again
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Purification Spell To Break a Curse:

On the night after the full moon and just before bed, light 13 candles, preferably white. Fill the tub up with hot water (as hot as you can stand to sit in). Add 1 cup sea salt, 1 tablespoon sage, 1 tablespoon lavender and 1 tablespoon chamomile. Turn off the water and let the bath steep in the herbs. Kneel or sit in front of the tub, in the nude, and repeat this incantation:

What was done was done
Be it now undone
By the light of the full moon's wane
Cleanse my soul of taint and stain
Let now my hurtful spell reverse
And lift from me this vicious curse
As I enter now this sacred space
Return my spirit to it's grace

Enter the bath and let the water cleanse away the effects of the curse. Use your hands to gather up the water and pour it 3 times of your head. Each time you do, repeat:

Accept my apologies for what was done
Disperse my spell with the morning's sun

Remain in the bath until the water cools. Drain the tub and rinse off. Snuff the candles and go to sleep. By dawn the curse will be broken and you will once again find that feeling of "blessedness" that you lost.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Bottle Spell for Protection
Used to neutralize the power of those who intend to do you physical harm, or hurt your reputation, or in any way pose a threat to your security.

You will need:
4 tbsp Frankincense or Myrrh
4 tbsp Black powdered Iron
4 tbsp Sea Salt
4 tbsp Orris-root Powder (or oak moss)
1 white candle
1 bottle with a cork or lid
Mortar and pestle
Parchment Paper
Black Ink or black ballpoint pen
Black thread
Mix the sea salt, orris-root powder, and the iron in a bowl. Then cut a piece of parchment to fit inside your bottle and write on it with black ink:

I neutralize the power of (name of adversary) to do me any harm.
I ask that this be correct and for the good of all.
So mote it be!

Roll up the parchment, tie it with a black thread to bind it, and place it in the bottle. Fill the bottle with the dry ingredients. Then take the white candle and while turning the bottle counterclockwise, drip the wax over the cork to seal it. Last, secretly bury the bottle in a place where it will not be disturbed and no animals or people will dig it up. This spell is like a genie in a bottle. It should never be unleashed or the power of the spell is lost.
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Niobe Second

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a simple spell to do and is most effective in removing a curse. Most important it sends the curse back to its original source seven times worse.

You will need to know the name and birthdate of the person who placed the curse on you. You will need two candles eight inches long, one black, one white.

If you cant find eight inch candles just get longer candles and cut them to size. You will also need a heavy duty safety pin and a bag of charcoal.

If the person your sending the curse back to is male you will need the Knight of swords tarot card, and if it is a female you will need the Queen of swords tarot card.

Carry out the spell only on a full moon between the hours of twelve midnight and one in the morning. You will need to find two spots.

The first spot must be a piece of land where nothing grows. Dig a hole twelve inches deep and wide.

Fill the hole with the charcoal. Now find a piece of land where there is green grass near a tree or bush.

The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts

Using a knife make seven circles around the white candle one inch apart. Place the white candle in the green grass.

Using a different knife make seven circles in the black candle. Now on the bottom seven segments of the candle using the safety pin engrave the name and birthdate of the accused.

Also engrave the word "drevida". Light the white candle, then light the black candle.

Repeat these words until both candles have burnt down to end of first section. "creo del macres ete prestwer".

Extinguish both candles. Engrave name and birthdate of accused on tarot card and bury with candle in charcoal.

Bury white candle in ground next to tree. The curse will be removed within seven days.

It is important you tell no one whenever you cast a spell. You must also follow instructions exactly.
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