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The Unique Power of Thoughts

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:33 am    Post subject: The Unique Power of Thoughts Reply with quote

The Unique Power of Thoughts

In spite of being invisible, the potential of thoughts is greater than any other power of the physical world. Every moment of human life is intensely interwoven with thoughts. The key of the ascent or devolution of one’s life lies in his thoughts. The frequency-range and cosmic expansion of the thought waves is said to be much higher than that of the electromagnetic waves. The field of knowledge pertaining to the nature and effects of thoughts is termed “Vaigiki” in the Science of Yoga. The scholars of this science affirm the presence of the divine and auspicious thought waves, as well as the evil and untoward thought waves and enormous combinations of these in the cosmic whole. Likewise the light and sound waves, the different kinds of thought waves also exist with different intensities, frequencies, and wavelengths. The cosmic ensemble of thought waves influences the conscious domain of Nature.

How the evil, the divine, or the intermediate level thought wave would influence one’s mind depends upon the nature of the latter’s ideosphere, his vital energy and the intensity of the currents of conscious force associated with the thought waves. Similar kinds of thought waves make dense clusters. Conjugation of the resonant clusters of thought waves with the eternal power of praña (the source of vital energy) generates the flow of thoughts. Because of the compounded flow, the velocity and charge (impact) of these currents of thought waves is amplified

People with greater strength of the inner self and elevated levels of praña can attract and influence many others by the aura of their vital energy and the enthralling force of their thoughts. This is how they can effectively lead and shape the mass movements. This influence could be positive and constructive or it could be untoward and damaging. History has witnessed how the righteous thoughts of great personalities have saved the human dignity and made the destiny of the masses by altruist movements. There also exist historical examples of dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, etc whose cruel and negative thinking had misguided many and blown the society in the dreadful fire of hatred, discrimination and wars.

The eminent scholars of humanity – the rishis describe that the body of a person emits an aura as per the intrinsic level of the triguñas6 in his personality. Kirilian Photography could record the variation in the colors and intensity of this aura with respect to the quality of one’s thoughts and emotional currents, to some extent. Studies of people’s auras reveal that likewise the fingerprints, the aura of a person is also unique. The aura of strong characters can influence the people having weaker mental and vital strength. The thought waves also constitute an aura, which has subliminal and visible (by Kirilian recording) domains.

The dense clusters of the cruel and untoward thoughts pertaining to lust, hatred, ego, jealous, revenge, etc, emit dirty black aura while those of fear and anxiety possess brown shadows. The color of the aura reflected by the thought waves of pure love and affection is recorded to be bright red, whereas that of sexually charged love and attraction is brownish red. The thought waves driven by self-esteem and ambition constitute bright orange, those of intellectual trenchancy coupled with inner piety emit yellow color in the aura. The thought waves emerging from spiritual illumination reflect brilliant light blue color in the aura.

The vision and analysis of the subliminal aura of thoughts or the ideosphere is possible only by the yogis who are endowed with extrasensory powers and whose acumen has a reach in the deeper depths of human mind.

As such, the strong reflections of one’s temperament are clearly expressed on his face. Each one of us can understand the expressions of anger, scorn, indifference, etc on the face of a person sitting across the table. Psychologists do a little finer reading of the variations in the face expressions and responses of the body in order to understand the patient’s feelings and flow of thoughts. But these correspond to reading the gross behavioral or visible expressions only. Vision of the body-aura of substantially high intensity becomes possible only by accurate Kirilian photography. The dim and subtle variations in the reflections of the
body-aura and the aura of thoughts cannot be recorded by such techniques. These could be recognized and grasped only by the extrasensory powers through a spiritually charged mind.

The great yogis possessing pierce vision of the ideosphere can read one’s thoughts, decipher his nature by looking at the aura around him. They can view the shadows of the aura around the human body without any instrument. The yogis who have attained higher realms of spirituality also possess the extrasensory potential to influence others’ thoughts, and vibrate and illuminate people’s ideospheres by the radiance of their immense willpower.

Distant transmission and reception of thoughts without any perceivable medium is termed telepathy in a broad sense. No barrier of time or space comes between this process of extrasensory communication between two minds. Successful transmission of specific currents of thoughts via telepathy requires deep concentration of refined mind. The practices of meditation involved in the spiritual endeavors of sadhanas enable arousing this kind of mental engrossment.

External devices and psychological measures may land good support in initial training and strengthening of mind but these alone are not sufficient for attaining deep mental concentration. The intensified focussing of pr³ña beyond the level of the body and intellect is found to help the mind reach deep meditation.

Telepathy seems to work rather easily between the persons who have strong sentimental attachment or compatible conductivity of mind. Controlled experiments on telepathy carried out by several groups of scientists in the 20th century have boosted research interests in these areas.

As early as in 1930s, the renowned Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky had advocated training in telepathy for safe and successful space missions. A successful experiment of this sort was conducted in the USA in 1956. In this, messages were transmitted through telepathy from the nuclear submarine named “Nautilus”.

The results had raised hopes of intensive use of telepathy in communication with remote centers – especially deep beneath the sea, where radio transmission is not quite feasible.

Dr. Douglas Dean of America had discovered new effects of telepathy in the early 1960s. He had presented these findings in a scientific congress in 1964.

Using a special instrument, Dean had observed that the transmission or
reception of thought waves also affects the blood-flow and cellular activities.

Dean had also reaffirmed the smooth flow of thought wave signals between people having sentimental intimacy.

With the ever new discoveries on the bioelectricity and sensory potentials of the human body, the biomedical scientists had begun to accept – way back in early 20th century that human body is an arcane electromagnetic instrument – that could be more informative than a radio, television, or a computer. The potentials of human mind are far more advanced. The subliminal layers of mind emit and attract thoughts and sentiments to and from anywhere in the cosmos. Deeper investigations in the potentials of human mind would let the scientists of today confirm that the subtle vibrations, the vital force, and the subliminal inputs of cosmic consciousness play important role in the extrasensory processes like

Whatever is known till date about the world of thoughts and the influence of ideosphere is negligible as compared to what yet remains hidden. Decipheration of the subliminal domain of thoughts and the inner self would open up a new source of immense power. Nuclear energy would also be insignificant against the elevated vital energy of a spiritually evolved mind.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think that this is a great post and reminds me of an essay I read recently in which the discussion of cause and effect VS. the power of thought was addressed.

Most important also is the discussion of that 'dark aura' that's spoken of that accumulates in instances of greed, jealosness etc etc

It seems its the power of good (love thought) that yields the greatest power of all.
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PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 6:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

what if you wanted to have a conversation someone but they weren't available any where near you but you had to talk to them .. how would you telepathically communicate with them?
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2011 8:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Being physically infront of someone doesn't mean that is the only way you can communicate through Telepathy. It works anywhere when thinking of that person. Usually when I think of someone they appear in my life somehow, even in the smallest forms of the Internet or Physical reality.

What I have noticed about thoughts is that they are usually connected to one given point of a mind-construct, and 99.9% of the time the thought is irrelevant. People seem to have this belief that without participation in the mind you will die, but that is just defining your life, and yourself as the mind.

Empathy also is a keen point in Telepathy.
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