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Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen.....Brown's gas

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:05 am    Post subject: Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen.....Brown's gas Reply with quote

I place this HERE for a discussion. It certainly involves ENERGY. I have some ideas about this and want some FEEDBACK.

What we are talking about is commonly called HYDROGEN GENERATION. But this is not quite specific. The hydrogen generator used by people to enrich and suppliment their automobile engines consists of Hydrogen and Oxygen and not just Hydrogen.

Most generators do not seperate the two gases that constitute water after the electrolysis process.

All you need do is stick two wires into a bottle of SALTY water and apply a direct current to the wires. Oxygen comes off of the POSITIVE and Hydrogen comes off the NEGATIVE wire.

The container will have both gases in it at a stoichometric PERFECT relationship to REFORM water if a SPARK is supplied.

CAREFUL!!! steps MUST be implimented to prevent the HHO BROWN's gas mixture from accedentally exploding the glass generator with the potash and lye solutions inside.

If one ignites the HHO gas from a TORCH HEAD and experiments with MELTING things you will receive a suppirse. Although you may quickly pass your finger through the flame without burning....this BROWN's GAS torch will melt ANYTHING you touch with the flame!! It will even melt Tungstan.

One can use the torch to FIRE POLISH stones, one can weld steel to granite!!!! It is also stated that a Brown's gas torch when passed over radioactive minerals WILL DEACTIVATE the RADIOACTIVITY!

If this is true I can only expain it by theorizing that this UNIQUE MIXTURE OF GASES (Brown's gas) when combusting EFFECTS THE NUCLEUS OF THE ATOMs the flame is directed at!!!!!


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