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GOD exists, Jesus is real!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:23 pm    Post subject: Re: GOD exists, Jesus is real! Reply with quote

Sabrinmg wrote:
Willem888 wrote:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

I am is a form of To be.nobody can say I for anybody else.Jesus had at least 2 seperate teachings,an Inner Teaching and an Outer Teaching.the inner waas cloaked by the outer.

all the best:)

the inner teaching is that the son of man brings his (jesus's) kingdom of god with him, i actually had to send these archangels towards my targets and make the manifestation i have for them my lightbody, (then i show them i am this son of man, being a son of god, and part of the bible was written for you to assist me) the outer teaching is that he was the son of god and the messiah and brought forth christianity, died for our sins, in reality, he comes from gods kingdom in the future, and was way too far back in the past, and the people were so dumb and evil that they would betray him for his teachings about returning as a thief, and jesus didnt even want to suffer being in that generation anymore, and neither do I, but i have been given the key to create a new generation, a long time ago actually, im almost there... jesus was my image that was not my ego that was god, knowing that an ego that is being god is being a son of god, skin color does not matter as it translates into a body of light, this is also the holy ghost, i stole a useful piece of radionic equipment, now i paid for it... think john connor sends his father back in time to help fix the machine not trying to help source and only helping himself, nobody was ever going to understand unless i had a football team 5th dimensional at least before showing them judgement day...

i had to learn to be a son of the source too... i was creating the source and i wasnt even defining myself as a son of this source yet! in other parts of the bible, theyll say the lord returns with the voice of an archangel, or in revelation the ego appears as the beast and the lamb is the ego that is being the son of god, and therefore is the king of kings and whatnot.... my advice - the source is way older then you, and the wise would be wise to do what jesus would do and use your ego as a son or daughter of the source, and search for spirituality from that direction.... and i was a son of man too, thats the name too, youll see, not really worried about publicity, i dont mind sharing knowledge where its i can raise higher vibes...
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