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Alien Greys (An Early Encounter)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:15 pm    Post subject: Alien Greys (An Early Encounter) Reply with quote

Some time ago my wife and I attended a metaphysical seminar. I don’t remember what the theme was, but when the main speaker began his dissertation, I saw a very strange look on his face as were the energies about him. He was like a ventriloquist’s dummy, mouthing his words. I decided to use my inner sight to find out what was happening.

As I focused on the speaker, I saw two alien grays about six and one-half feet tall standing on either side of him. Ah yes, I recall now. He was talking of UFOs and space brothers. As soon as I saw the two grays they gazed directly at me. They instantly knew I could see them. In a flash they were both standing about two feet in front of me. One of them spoke (telepathically), and said. No harm will come to you if you say nothing of our presence. , "No problem", I said. They then resumed their position beside the speaker. The remainder of the talk was without incident.

Later that same evening, my daughter, also a sensitive, called me. Being very upset, she told me entities were in her house and wouldn’t let her move around or allow her to leave. They were physically blocking her every move. She asked me to come as quickly as possible.

Upon my arrival about twenty minutes later I entered the house and immediately encountered five grays. They were milling around the kitchen. Immediately two of them came rushing toward me as if to run right over the top of me looking quite serious. At the same time I began moving toward them. They stopped and began backing up. Their expressions went from solemn to surprise in an instant. It looked like a comedy act, although I wasn't laughing or smiling at their antics.

Taking the initiative, I demanded to know what their intentions were. They knew I wasn’t afraid of them, but others were. It was pure intimidation to make sure I would tell no one of our previous encounter at the seminar, and again, they were serious about it. Still on the offensive, I demanded they leave and not harass again, my family or friends.

Do this, I said, and I will keep your secret for a reasonable time. Although they communicate telepathically, They went into a huddle, similar to a football team to make a decision. Finally they agreed, then vanished from the room and have never returned to hassle us again.

The tall greys are used to having people do whatever they wish, without question, and use force if necessary. This time however, they encountered something unexpected and had to adjust to the situation. They respect power and assume a position of mutual respect.

The next day I recalled the situation to see what had made me fearless enough to stand up to these powerful beings, totally unafraid, commanding the show. I knew that I called upon and accepted the power of the Absolute that is inherent within me, as it is within all of us, and of course my Source was protecting me. The greys had recognized that, and decided not to pursue the circumstance further. They knew I would keep my promise, and of course I did.

Rev Lenred
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's a quite surprising encounter.
But i wonder if they would mind if you told us a bit in here lol!
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome anecdote Lenred!

I too wonder if they mind you having shared this with us Very Happy hehe

This reminds me of an encounter I once had:

I was on another planet, a very inhabitated place. There was a spirit who appeared to be human and was attempting to teach me techniques for raising the energy through sexual intercourse...

Suddenly, another spirit came to us, this appeared to be a woman with very long hair but was ver shadowish and sexual in nature. The "master" grabbed her, and then touched the 1st chakra area like stimulting this area and she got very aroused.

In an instant, I was rapidly repulsed to some meters away by some kind of spherical energy that came from the sexual union of the two of them and perhaps that woman's ecstasy.

I can now tell that although the "master" looked very much prepared and wise, I very much doubt these were benevolent entities trying to teach me anything worthwile for my spiritual evolution.
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