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Nature, Magic, and Confusion

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:54 pm    Post subject: Nature, Magic, and Confusion Reply with quote

Nature and magic. What is nature? Is nature everything, or limited to things not created by man? Is it important to make distinctions between nature and man-made (or other organism) creation? Everything in the universe is connected and everything relies upon the existence of another thing. Whether something is harmful or beneficial to another thing is another issue. The magic in the universe is immune to physical harm or benefit that exists in the physical realm. Magic is pure and infinite; physical things are not. What exactly is the link between the physical and the magical? Are they completely meshed? We are physical beings that work with magic, yet magic may not be something we can understand through physical means. Some propose that we indeed can through other senses (other than the basic five), although I think that we are always in touch with the magical realm even with only the physical senses. That is, the physical senses provide a channel to the magical. I feel that I am in tune with the magical realm, at some times more intensely than others. I feel that I rely on the physical realm in order to be in tune, as I am a physical creature. The most potent channel is one’s imagination, which you could analyze physically as a set of brain chemicals and neurons firing in the physical realm, and this system is sending information into the magical. The information in the magical realm needs to be manifested before we experience anything physical with it. So we have nature producing information and magic doing something mysterious with that information. But I am perplexed about how the magic works as an infinite source while the physical world has so many limitations. I’ve read that one can better their life using magic and manifestation. I think this true to an extent for me, but I tend not to focus my wishes too specifically most of the time. Perhaps I should try to, but I like the idea of life being improvised music – there is some structure, but everyone contributes and plays off of one another’s ideas. In the song of life, everyone is constantly influencing and influenced by others. The things we create or information we output are manifestations of our ideas. As stated, the imagination is an important channel, but for things to really get interesting we must put imagination to work in the physical world. The magic alone will not do that for us, yet we are totally dependent upon the magic.

Do I really believe what I believe?
I cannot say for sure that I believe everything that I’ve stated with 100% certainty. I suppose this brings up the matter of faith, because my ideas about magic are not completely evidence based. But I feel that it is important to investigate ideas that do not necessarily have a testable, tangible result. I think I am part of a society that constantly demands there be a tangible result in order for something to be valid. Even with religion, people of organized religions rely upon a messiah and below that other religious authorities or religious texts. I’ve never belonged to a religion, and I typically file all things spiritual under “no one really knows” in my head, but I am lately taking a more concentrated effort to confront those questions. There seems to be little room for free thought on spirituality that can be openly discussed with others. This may be the source of all of my confusion. Through this writing I strive to break free of that confusion.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mostly, nobody has a clue what's going on:P May I suggest where you may find some answers? Quantum Physics. After that you could study some Kaballah (I like Lon Mile DeQuette's Chicken Kaballah), and see what correlation you can make to Quantum Physics. After that, if you've not gone insane trying to make sense of things, feel free to come back here and muse about how much you didn't find out:P

Good luck!
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