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November Reading

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:09 pm    Post subject: November Reading Reply with quote

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your detailed reply last month. I have taken your advice on board and have taken a step back from my ex wife whilst letting her know that I am here to support her as a friend and will be there for her no matter what decisions she makes in life. I was hoping you could read the cards for me and let me know when I am likely to find my soul mate. I am very lonely and have never felt the need for someone as much as I do now.



RachelMcLeod wrote:

Sorry if this is a bit late. I have been tied up with class work and teaching classes.

Your situation is unique but not so foreign to many individuals. The important aspect of the situations seems to be the decisions your ex-wife must make for herself and the baby she may bring into the world. No one can force her choices for her. She must decide as it is her body, her pregnancy, and her life that will be invested and affected by this situation. That being said, you can offer your support and if she needs it, she will know that you can be there to offer it. But respect her personal boundaries and spaces. Stay on the high moral ground and simply let her know that your door is open and your assistance is available.

At her stage of life right now, relationships and emotional commitments will be complicated and challenging. She has to find herself and has much work to do that she must do for herself by herself. No one can show her who she is or what she is made of but herself. Maybe you think you can hold up the mirror for her to gaze into, but that mirror can also be turned upon you as well. The best option would be to let her bring herself to her own mirrors as you deal with your own. We each have our own skelletons in our closets and our own baggage and regrets or memories. The past has to be resolved and faced if there is to be a healthy present or future. Know that the past does not have to dictate the future. The past can give guidance and help but it does not have to control your destiny.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:21 pm    Post subject: Reply from Rachel Reply with quote

Hello again,

For your reading update I will go to my Rider-Waite deck.

1. 5 of Pentacles
2. King of Cups
3. 4 of Swords
4. The Moon
5. The High Priestess
6. The Emperess
7. 5 of Pentacles
8. 9 of Pentacles
9. Wheel of Fortune
10. 10 of Cups

The cards indicate a need for you to find a place of sanctuary, healing, rest, and reflection and the company of nurturing personalities and supportive companions. Solitude is not going to be as helpful to you this season as being with a few closed knit friends. You don't need to be in crowds either, just among a few closed knit nurturers and healers who you can empathize with. The cards acknowledge that these are tough times ahead full of stress and sinking emotions if the holidays are spent alone in isolation. You will need to be strong and creative and think of ways of getting yourself out and among people-- misery likes company, for example and if several lonely folks banded together, it becomes a party.

The cards indicate a presence coming into the picture that is maternal and motherly and protective. I see indications of a caring personality coming into your life in the next few months. I do not know when exactly or from what direction but the role they play will be that of a caregiver or assist. It might be that this person lends and ear or plays the role of matchmaker. It is sketchy at this time. It will depend on how visible you make yourself and how receptive you are to the input of others.

Ultimately I see a change in luck for the better and more focus and energy being directed towards relationships of a more therapeutic nature. If you are considering some counselling or therapy, you may be making a good decision and heading in the right track for long-term health and stability.
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