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Spirituality, Guns and Attitudes

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:41 am    Post subject: Spirituality, Guns and Attitudes Reply with quote

A time for change.

Years ago my wife Gigi and I drove to the California Redwoods as we often did on weekends for a conference with our Source. They had called a meeting, for discussions and dissemination of information pertinent to our growth.

Upon our arrival at the designated area, I saw that Source had already gathered around the large conference table which they always manifested. Seven of our teachers were involved in this meeting. They waved and beckoned us to join them. After greetings and salutations, we all seated ourselves in our assigned positions, as there is hierarchy within all structures of the universe.

Much information was given, however, the main topic involved myself and my teacher, Isaiah, which is the correct spelling. At this particular time in my life, I continued to vacillate between my old self and emerging new self. I was a staunch defender of gun rights and ownership, as I am today but, with an entirely different attitude. My affinity for guns is a carry over from other lifetimes. A typical day would find me at the local firing range, or practicing for competition fast draw and shooting at beer cans.

Isaiah got right to the point. "My friend, he began. I know you love the excitement of shooting and the competition. I also know you still embrace an attitude unbecoming the healer and protector that you are. Guns are not the way to peace and tranquility in the coming New Age. Although you live in a time of much aggression and dominance by others, we would prefer you not be in a mode of hostility. However, it is your choice. Freedom does indeed have it's price, and you know, being love and projecting love, is the way to begin, even though many may reject it.

Some leaders are evil, according to your social interpretation and cross the line with their desires and attitudes. These shall be dealt with accordingly. As it has been predicted, many in positions of power will cause great numbers of humanity to transition during these times. Also know that much is race karma and will be resolved by agreement of all concerned.

Doing harm to anyone, including those you perceive as evil, in a premeditated manner, would be the same as the aggression you desire to remove. Remember, everyone is a spirit being in a physical vehicle, on the earth to complete their mission, or the purpose of the soul.

All are extruded from the Absolute and shall return to that from which they came. In that respect, you are all brothers, struggling to remember who you are, why you are, and who you wish to become. Remember also, that it is unwise to intervene in the path of another without consulting their Source as to what is appropriate.

Each of you affects the other. Even the vibrations of a pin which falls to earth affects us in the spirit physical. It is not your destiny my friend, to be caught up in these events. However, placing your life in jeopardy for any reason, makes it difficult for us to do our job. I would ask you to stay out of the way and trust us to help and protect.

Put into practice what you know of Cosmic energy manifestation. Believe in your protective energy shields, for they are as strong and impenetrable as you believe them to be. Make use of your thought forms. The Angelic realm will send psycosomes also to help you. Violence can easily be overcome with their powerful programming.

Your abilities are greater than you can imagine applying the keys, (trust, belief, desire and attitude). Know that you are in the right place for the awareness and understanding you have at this time. Experiences will place you on another step of spiritual evolution. Hear what I have imparted to you, then make your decision. I am Isaiah, and love you much. I am here for you, always".

It was four years after Isiah's message before I was able to put away old programming regarding future events. As enlightenment penetrates our consciousness, we begin to understand the oneness of humanity and our relationship to one another. We are all part of this effort to complete the journey of the soul.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:59 am    Post subject: I believe in free will Reply with quote

I spent several years believing much as you stated above. Then it dawned on me, that me and my loved ones had just as much right to what we had earned and purchased and to live as those that would take our property or our lives, and the best way to protect ourselves and our property was to be armed and to know how to protect ourselves. Spiritually I now consider it better to be protected than otherwise. I am not playing God if I change another reality, removing them from this physical existence.
In my current way of thinking, if they wish me harm, then it my just be their karma to experience coming up against someone that is willing to kill, to protect themselves and their loved ones.
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