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Trial and success with Bune[Goetia]

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Anima Ianuam

Joined: 17 Jun 2014
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:34 pm    Post subject: Trial and success with Bune[Goetia] Reply with quote

Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'd like to share a success story that will tell you a little more about me and hopefully help someone.
I was never a big fan of evocations and had tried to work with goetic daemons just once about eight years ago with no success.
Making a long story short, I'd been only meditating and reciting mantras for the last 18 months, leaving any other spiritual practice aside. About 4 months ago some drastic changes happened in my life and I consider it a learning process, but I got into some critical financial problems that proved harder to overcome than I thought. I had heard good things about Bune a lot of times before and I had just read Jason Miller's The Sorcerer's Secrets, so I decided to try something my own way.
Jason presents a very simple and effective Petition Rite on his book, that's not an Evocation where you'll see the spirit or have a conversation with him, but you'll certainly feel his presence. I adapted his rite to what I already knew about evocations and to my working style.

My first attempt was successful to some degree, but I probably wasn't specific about what I wanted, resulting in an unsatisfactory end(It was my mistake and I believe it would be totally successful if I did it right). I drew Bune's seal in a piece of paper and wrote my wish after it. I asked him to find buyers for two audio equipments I had been trying to sell for months and to help me with a new business endeavor I'd started. The next day there was a guy who wanted to buy one of them, but we just couldn't find a schedule in which both of us could meet to finish the deal. Some little improvements on my sales were also seen and I gained some money in an unexpected way.
My second evocation attempt was really better. I drew the seal on paper again, listened to some binaural beats, meditated a little on it and performed Jason's ritual on my mental plane, where I feel more comfortable. I specified that I needed to sell the items and receive the money; I also specified the exact sum of money that I needed to receive with these sales, my business' improvement and in any alternative ways. I also specified a deadline.

The next day I could finally meet the buyer and finish that deal and my sales improved in the following days. I had some great ideas that will cost me nothing and are already working for the success of my new business out of nothing. Two friends of mine asked me if I wanted them to indicate me to work where they work and I'll be taking one of these offers, as it will not take much of my time. I also found some great books and online resources as well as information on books I already had that are helping me to develop as a magician and entrepreneur. I still didn't have the money I needed and didn't sell one of the audio equips because I denied an offer, but I had a gut feeling that I'd have the money before the end of the deadline. Passed two more days I got the sum of money I asked in a very unlikely way and did find a buyer for the item I was trying to sell. In other words, Bune delivered more than I asked and made it clear that it was him.

Some side notes:
1 - Speaking out loud when I'm on a meditative state usually takes away my focus of the actual meaning of the words, that's why I prefer to write or perform the whole thing on a mental sphere. Almost everyone I know would prefer to perform the rite in its standard form. Anyway, I believe that any rite requires something physical so I kept a drawing of the seal with me.
2 - On both the practices, there were physical sensations that confirmed the rite was working.
3 - I'm not describing the rite itself because it's in Jason Miller's book and I believe he created it. The rite itself includes any protection you'll need in a very simplified and effective way, but it certainly requires a strong will. If you're really interested you can PM me and I'll talk more about the method, or you can buy his book.
4 - I believe that doing things comfortably works wonders. People would always tell me I was doing everything wrong but stuff almost always ends up working when I follow my intuition. Just know yourself and what you're doing. Take the necessary steps to feel safe and comfortable and you'll be successful in your deeds.

I hope it helps (and sorry for writing this much).
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