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Powerful ego purification technique

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:28 am    Post subject: Powerful ego purification technique Reply with quote

In many ways our minds are very similar to computers. In a computer you have hardware and software. The software is all our thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs, as well as our basic innate intelligence. As we go through life, we have experiences and accumulate data, so our resident memory gets more and more full and our processing capabilities get more taxed. Emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like programs and files that are left open running in the background, so they are using much more of your available memory and processing capability. These open programs and files also take a toll on our basic ability to function effectively in life and learn new useful skills. They create mental confusion and conflict because they are often sending contradictory messages that interfere with your conscious intentions and with each other. Several emotionally charged programs are working like a viruses – just waiting for a pre-defined time or certain sequence of action to start. And, the whole system leads to breakdown of suffering.
The architecture of painful problem “program” is similar to a tree:
- The soil, where the tree of painful problem is blossoming, is symbolized the ignorance, mistrust to the Universe, fear of death.
- The roots are dualities (like good vs. bad, god vs. evil), comparison and, thus, envy.
- The stern is the pain (or, just an irritation).
- The branches and leafs are grieves, grudges, malice, frustrations, blame. judgments and convictions.
The “Clap” technique is cutting off the branches of the tree of pain, it can bring immediate relief, but it does not solve the problem. To solve the problem, it is better to use “Execute It” processor to manage uprooting of the tree of pain.
Thus, how to delete the painful problem from your life
“Execute It” processor is used for the manual and automatic processing of any problem, status, concept, or emotion. It is very straightforward – we focus our attention on the problem (or any mental or emotionally charged waste we would like to eliminate), and we give the order to our Sub Consciousness Mind (SCM) through the “Execute It” command, and the SCM begins to process the material using a pre-written algorithm.
The instruction could be read aloud or silently one time, including the phrases “Instruction for the SCM” and “End of instructions.” After that, the SCM will accept it as a guide for its actions. There is no need to reread or refresh it. The SCM will accept everything and remember it forever.
Please be aware that you need to learn “Merge’, “Clap”, “Hoppo” techniques before the use of “Execute It” processor. You can find the solutions on (
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