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My theory on reality

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Joined: 03 Sep 2015
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:39 am    Post subject: My theory on reality Reply with quote

This is one of my best theory from what I know that i'm able to put together at this time.

As we go to sleep and dream we forget who we are and what we were doing. What if that's how this world works as well? Like a virtual reality game that you sleep to connect to? We are eternal beings "Our soul is eternal" and cannot truly die so we create these virtual worlds to simulate that and any kind of world we want. It has its own set of rules and foundation. If something were always the same it would get boring over time such as peace so we need excitement. The beings that created this game don't want people to leave so they black mail us with gilt, fear etc. and tell us we must play one more time "reincarnation" to be a better being but that’s a lie. That in itself is like eternal hell because you keep coming back here and can’t leave. They tell you that you can create the life you want and what settings it will have but that's to get you to play their reincarnation game. New beings that incarnate here think it’s fun at first but they try their best to manipulate you when you die. This is like the games last boss and once you beat it you win. You can in a sense skip this part but not many people can resist this only source of light they use to poll you to them like a mosquito to a light trap. We like light so much and they know that. So don't be afraid of the dark if you must wonder within it to find the true light. You won’t see light unless you’ve seen the dark.

Spirits, ghosts etc. can exist it’s that sense their not physical they are not in our reality, so of course there not in this virtual reality game with us. Spirits are nothing but real people on the outside, so how are we able to sometimes see them? Well our real body is somewhere outside this game either asleep until we die or it’s moving around. You could call this our higher self or higher mind. These spirit beings are not really in this reality there on the outside trying to get us to see them. They could be moving in fount of our real body or trying to peek in our game from whatever device were using to connect here or even just by using our eyes to see with light tricks. Like if you were to move your hand in fount of your eyes when there closed you can see it flicker. They can even come into our dreams because it’s just another virtual reality game that they can peek into and could become physical there tell we wake up. The games we create with our memories have different rules and you can change them however you want but something makes you wake up back here. When your save file is finished backing up or moving them around it makes you wake up.

Their world “The Outside World” is transparent to us and were transparent to them. They see our body’s transparently here but with our energy body as well. These both blind in together. These entities can feel what we feel or tell what emotions were feeling etc. because they can see our energy. Thoughts are also energy and they can peek into this and try to talk to you. Your thoughts are not always 100% your thoughts. Spirit guides on the other hand are here to guide you on whatever path you created. They will try to show you signs that you are on the right path, these are what most people call coincidences. There on the outside looking into your game and move stuff around you to get your attention. They can also use your thoughts to talk to you but you may not be aware of this because of all the traffic around your mind so they even show you signs in dreams. You can call them to appear in them if you ask for their help.

When you astral project or dream you’re always going to other places. So it can be really hard to remember because you were in a certain game that had a different memory type. It saves this information in your external memory if it wasn't compatible which each game which could be your higher self. There can be different types of memory as well but your file has this default setting. This is why it can be so hard to remember because of this default save file type and wasn't able to convert. You can change this games memory type but it’s not easy and many don't know where to begin. The akashic records record anything and each "game" has one, it’s like its own memory card. When you sleep you in a sense saves your file “Your memories” and when you wake back up it leaves where you left off. Dreams could be virtual reality games that you create with your memories or that they already existed that was created by someone else that you connect to and could even become there dream character without either one knowing unless your lucid.

Your soul is not in our body but on the outside. This silver cord people talk about is like light itself and splits itself into 7 main energy points called chakras. This cord is connected to your real body on the outside and sometimes when you’re out of body you can see this cord linked to your human body to the astral one but that’s like an illusion showing you that it’s connected to your higher self. Our chakras are like cables to our real bodies so their connected to each other by this silver cord. Our chakras are split up into 7 main chakra points. They are the same 7 colors as light. With red being the root chakra, orange is the sacral chakra, yellow is the solar plexus chakra, green is the heart chakra “It’s also in the middle of these 7 colors”, blue is the throat chakra, indigo is the third eye chakra and violet being the crown chakra. These all together make your aura. You could also have a core color; it’s like what your favorite color is in a sense. These chakras are based off on your emotions and how balanced you are with them. These colors can split up into hues, shades and tents like colors in this world do. They always change with your emotions so you don’t always have the same aura but you have this core that is separate from that change. The colors you see can also affect your emotions. You can study the phycology of color if you want to know more.

What if some of us came here to wake people up to tell them about this and forgot? Some people have a really high awareness level because this is their path. This is what some people call indigo’s, crystal children etc. because their awareness level is higher than most. These games can't block all your memories. As you start waking up like a lucid dream you slowly remember everything. Some can remember their past life or lives from birth so these people are well experienced to be lucid in this virtual game. They try to tell us but people chose not to believe them. If you cannot remember then you’re not truly lucid. I believe the outside world is billions of times larger than this multiverse and much more open and advanced because it forever exists. The heaven realm is not meant for us, it’s like a place that creates rules and maintains the outside words foundation so it’s a 3 level system. If anyone could do anything than it would be chaos so it has to have some kind of order. It’s not limited like this reality but there are some universal rules that must not be broken.
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Joined: 28 Oct 2010
Posts: 38
Location: the state infinite possiblities

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 3:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interesting theory! There is a "scientific" theory that sounds similar to yours.

If string theory is correct then there exists 11 dimensions. We are the 3rd dimension but our reality is actually a stack of 2 dimensional planes so we can move in depth between the 2 dimensional planes. If we are truly 3d dimensional beings then you should be able to see right through each other naturally. The 2nd dimension is just 1 dimensional points stacked on to each other allowing those beings to move up and down and left the right. The 4th dimension is 3 dimensional planes stacked in depth which is beyond our minds to comprehend.

So some people suggest that we are created by 4th dimensional beings. We cannot perceive these beings and cannot escape the 3rd dimension as we cannot perceive the 4th dimension. The question goes that if 4th dimensional beings created us, where are the 2nd dimensional beings we created? The answer lies right in front of you on your screen. A screen is a device that displays pixels which is a point (1 dimensional). By stacking them together we create the 2nd dimension and display our creative ideas for entertainment etc. Our Creators, the 4th Dimensional beings have created devices that display their creative ideas in 3 dimensions which is us and our reality. They are oblivious to the fact that we are aware and likewise are our creations on our display devices etc. We can go as far as to say that we are actually recordings of 4th dimensional beings on their 3 dimensional devices that their are watching just like we record ourselves on our 2 dimensional devices to watch.

Hope that cooks your noodle a little more, helps you dig deeper down the rabbit whole Smile
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Joined: 03 Sep 2015
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:00 pm    Post subject: Theory Reply with quote

Thanks for the reply but I have moved one from this theory. I believe we are just channeling these bodys from our spirit selfs. I tend to move on from one theory to another so that channeling theory may also change.
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Joined: 25 Jan 2017
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:43 pm    Post subject: Re: Theory Reply with quote

ReplicatedReality wrote:
Thanks for the reply but I have moved one from this theory. I believe we are just channeling these bodys from our spirit selfs. I tend to move on from one theory to another so that channeling theory may also change.

I kind of line up with your thinking here.
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