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Crystal Therapy (wands)

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PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 10:39 pm    Post subject: Crystal Therapy (wands) Reply with quote

I have made several wands for the use in crystal therapy. I wish to share them with you, especially to those that do crystal therapy.
I am not posting to explain how to use them as such. That is up to the therapist.
However I will explain there components so you will better understand how to use them.

I do not sell wands.
This is a DIY thread, because it is in the intention and making of a wand (for self use) which enables it for maximum efficiency.
Also this thread is to help you realize the potential for using real wands.

First of all, I will give the basic principles required for making these wands.
    1. Crystal and gemstone (and other natural materials) for wand terminations.
    2. Copper tubing for waveguide and cavity resonance for flow of energy between termination and hand chakra.
    3. Insulation from copper tubing.

There are other (additive) arrangements too, which you will notice in the following images.

Please feel free to comment. I will describe certain principles, but do not be surprised if I do not spell out therapeutic approaches.
This is best understood from a crystal therapist, or their mentors (teachers).

Below is a list of wands which, for me, works more efficiently from A to E. There are other hybrid designs too.
Later you will see a powerful wand which is a hybrid of C and D.
Most of the wands you will see here are of the E category.


The first wand is a small simple wand (E) used for gastrointestinal issues.
The terminations are pyrite and bloodstone.

to be continued.[/img]
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