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The Magic Of Words

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 3:14 am    Post subject: The Magic Of Words Reply with quote

The Magic Of Words

by Christian Fernandez

"Ema'tu velu'tevi roshdo
Luvi su'piresh na'kilath.
Miha'kith su'kuvari su'nama
eth illi u'uruvyo..."

(Beware the demons of lust
Their powers are the greatest.
I have obtained their names and their attributes,
And they are the following...)

--The Demonary


Sigils, or symbols, are graphic representations of ideas. Their advantage over using the actual word for an idea, I believe, is that they are more effective in conveying ideas to the subconscious , and are more compact. It is possible that symbols can be made from more complex, or more specific ideas. And two or more symbols can be combined in order to form another symbol to convey a different idea. A symbol for love for example, may be represented by a heart. A symbol for the idea 'love-struck' can be represented by a heart piecred with an arrow. And a symbol for a broken heart may be symbolized by - a broken heart.

Different traditions offer a great variety of systems in creating sigils. Perhaps the most widely used, especially those who have interest in the Qaballah, is the Kamea system. Runes can also be made into more complex symbols through the use of Bindrunes and Runescripts. One of the simplest method of creating sigils is by writing down your intent, removing the vowels and the repeating letters, and then comabining all the remaining letters to form a symbol. This is useful for those who do not follow a traditional magical system, and for those who lack time and interest to study the creeds and myths relating to a particular symbol system
Using the Whisperwood aphabet, a sigil is made by choosing the letters (or numbers) whose meaning and correspondence relate to the magician's intent, and then combining all the chosen letters to form a sigil. Because the Whisperwood alphabet is made up of simple geometric shapes and lines, it is quite easy to combine any of the letters together.
To create a 'money-maker' sigil, for example, I pick the letters Naresh to represent material possessions, Uruth for fortune, Gomor to represent Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth, and I pick the number 1 (Esha) to represent a new beginning in my finances:

N U G 1

The letters and number are then combined to construct a symbol of my intent to gain money, and may be used in the creation of talismans, or in any other form of magic which requires the use of a sigil.


In simple terms, spirits are personification of ideas or forces. Demons are personifications of what we consider evil, but more often relate to our unbridled, uncontrollable desires which may lead to changes in our behaviour (i.e lust, rage) . Angels are personification of what we consider good. They represent inspiration, hope, and any of the 'holy' virtues. Universal forces or natural phenomena are personified into spirits, which the ancients refer to with many names (Aphrodite, Isis, Venus, Lakshmi, and Kwan Yin are all personifications of the phenomenon we call 'Love'). The greatest spirit of all, of course, is that which we refer to as 'God', a personification of the supreme source of everything. Spirits residing in the lower realms of the existence are evoked, while spirits from the higher realms of existence are invoked. I believe that it is much easier to achieve contact with a spirit when one attains its name, knows its characteristics, and has an idea of the spirit's image.

The Whisperwood system in obtaining the name of a spirit is very simpistic. Letters and numbers are chosen relating to that spirit's nature, and then the suffix -el or -ah is added to the chosen letters to create a 'Hebrew-sounding' name (A technique borrowed from W. Barrett's The Magus). Vowels are then inserted as may be deemed necessary to create a euphonic (good-sounding) word.

Being not much different from the process described above, any sigil can therefore be used to 'create' a name of a spirit, and vice-versa. As the following example shows:

The letters and number chosen to signify my intent (to improve my financial condition) are:

N U G 1

The number 1 corresponds to the letters Alfiga and Theresh. Any of these may be used in place for the numeral. I prefer to use Theresh.


By adding the suffix -el and inserting a few vowels, I produce the name:

'NUGATHIEL', which is the name of the spirit responsible for creating positive changes in my finances.

Spirit names are also obtained from the names of the letters themselves. For example, SURIEL, from Surya, is the name of the Spirit of Pleasures. URUTHIEL, the spirit of fortune. RATIEL, the spirit of health and healing. PELONAH, the spirit of the moon or PELUNIEL, the demon of envy. Note however that the letter Alfiga and the number Esha has no equivalent spirit names as they refer to the God-concept. Kavos, Minggoreth and Eos also have no equivalent spirit names.

To create a sigil for the spirit, it is of course most appropriate to use the method of sigilization described above, but it is also quite permissible to use other methods - namely automatic writing during trance, through the use of kameas, and bindrunes. An image of the spirit may be formed using the system of Telesmatic images, or through mere contemplation, creativity and imagination.


Mantras can be said to be 'spoken sigils'. Like symbols, they represent an idea, the essence of that idea being contained in a single word. The most popular mantra, AUM, for example, represents the principle of creation (A), preservation (U) and destruction (M). The Gnostic IAO, I believe, may be used as a mantra as well, representing the cycle of birth (I), death (A), and resurrection (O); or the beginning, the end, and the present. The following is a simple method to generate mantras for a particular intention.

The intent (objective) is written down, preferably in present tense and in the first-person perspective. E.g.:

'I love her, she loves me'

Repeating letters are removed producing the set of letters:


Which are then arranged to produce a single, euphonic word. (Vowels can be added if necessary):


The mantra therefore is 'SHERVILOM', representing my intent to be loved by a woman whom I am quite fond of.

The Whisperwood method does not differ from the method just described. But the intent, of course, must be written in the Whisperwood language:

'Ayitosha alsi mi'ayath'. (I love her, she loves me)



Personally I find Whisperwood Mantras to sound better and easier to pronounce than their English equivalents.

Mantras may be chanted during meditation, used as a sigil, or used by any other means possible.


Unlike spirits, servitors assume only temporary existence, and are related more to our specific desires or obsessions rather than general ideas or universal forces. Servitors are created for a variety of specific purposes, e.g. to delay the arrival of a person, to remind someone of something, to protect oneself during travel, to obtain money, or to have sex for the coming week. There are several methods of creating servitors, and the procedure would be too lengthy to describe here. I shall only describe a method of naming the servitor, which I believe to be one of the most important parts of the entire procedure. For a thing, without a name, can be said not to exist at all.

Producing the name of the Servitor is much more similar to the method of creating Mantras, rather that of generating Spirit names: The intent is written down in present, first-person perspective, repeating letters are removed, and vowels are added to create a euphonic name. The following is an example of creating a name for a servitor whose purpose is to remind a friend who has borrowed money from me and who has seemingly forgotten his 'obligation':

'Mi'tova lu'othan ha'veath. (My friend pays his dues to me.)


The name of the servitor would be 'Mitovaluth'nahiah', or 'Mitovaluthihen'
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This forum of language is very, very interesting to know indeed. Is it a sigilised language which has been re-arranged in a anagram method Redant?
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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 11:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here is one poem which has been created with Sigil-type of Language.

Let us do honor to Azathoth
Without whose laughter this world should not be
Let us do honor to Yog-Sothoth
whose sign we ourselves should not be
Hail to the ancient dreams
Hail to the ancient dreams
I call now to the unsleeping one, the black herald, Nyarlathotep
Who assurath the Bond between the living and the dead
Hail, Shub-Niggurath, father of the World of Horrors
Hail, father of the hornless ones
Hail, father
Hail, father and lord of the angles, master of the World of Horrors
I pledge the Bond of the Daemons, through whose will this world hath come to be
We honor the Bond upon the World of Horrors
Hail to the hornless ones
Hail to Shub-Niggurath, father of the World of Horrors
Unto the beginning and the ending of dimensions
Unto the beginning and the ending of dimensions
The way is Yog-Sothoth and the key is Nyarlathotep
Hail, Yog-Sothoth, Hail, Nyarlathotep


N'kgnath ki'q Az-Athoth
R'jyarh wh'fagh zhasa phr-tga nyena phrag-n'glu
N'kgnath ki'q Y'gs-Othoth
R'jyarh fer-gryp'h-nza ke'ru phrag-n'glu
I'a ry'gzenghro
I'a ry'gzenghro
Kh'rensh n'fha'n-gnh khren-kan'g N'yra-l'yht-Otp
Hfy'n chu-si whr'g zyb'nos thu'nby jne'w nhi quz-a
I'a Sh'b-N'ygr'th aem'nh El-aka gryenn'h
I'a aem'nh kyl-d zhem'n
I'a aem'nh
I'a aem'nh urz'vuy-kin w'hren'j El-aka gryenn'h
K'fung'n zyb'nos z'j-m'h kyns el-gryn'hy
Ki'q zyb'nos k'El-aka gryenn'h
Ki-iq kyl-d zhem'n
Ki-iq Sh'b-N'ygr'th aem'nh El-aka gryenn'h
Zhar'v zy-d'syn
Zhar'v zy-d'syn
Nal Y'gs-Othoth krell N'yra-l'yht-Otp
I'a Y'gs-Othoth, I'a N'yra-l'yht-Otp
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Joined: 22 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2011 11:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The above poem that I posted has been something which one Choatic magus did one afternoon whilst he was bored, but this style of writing is very, very strange for the wording of it is unpronouncable but the magick of the poem has intensified greatly.
Chaos magickians have a different outlook in life from other traditionalist magus' but what I will say is each to their own. Cool
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Joined: 22 Nov 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Indira wrote:
The above poem that I posted has been something which one Choatic magus did one afternoon whilst he was bored, but this style of writing is very, very strange for the wording of it is unpronouncable but the magick of the poem has intensified greatly.
Chaos magickians have a different outlook in life from other traditionalist magus' but what I will say is each to their own. Cool

What's their outlook, may I ask?
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

intersting.. Do you know what means spell I have?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's one for ya:


(Gods name, and the you creation name)

Whatever you put behind I AM, so you are.

Very Happy
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