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The Singularity

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:58 am    Post subject: The Singularity Reply with quote

In this I shall discuss the Singularity mentioned in Dark and Light and touch on the theological and spiritual meanings it carries and is connected to.

In the beginning, all was one, in the most real meaning of the word. One singular point, infinitesimally fine, and infinitely powerful. As we were created from it, so too we shall return. It is the Alpha and Omega of all creation, a force far beyond our limited existance can grasp, despite centuries of theological efforts. As all came from it, it is all and all is it. I speak of the Collective, The Creator, The God.

Light and Dark, Life and Death, equal and opposite forces compilling creation have and will exist for eternity. As the previous pieces of this trilogy have gone to assert, these are equally powerful and important as one cannot exist without the other. And while both have several magical systems, religions and paths, they are two halves to a whole far greater than the sum of the two parts. The difference is their bond through the singularity. The Dark pulling into as The Light pushes out it's energy to continue ad infintium. The use of the two in this way is the only way to truely reach The Singularity. It is this ability that seperates the would-be's from the big shots. What made the Messiahs of the world was their power over Life and Death and as a result, rumor has it, the ability to receive revelation from The Creator itself, tapping into it's perfect power. In revelation it is suggested the new savior will wield this power, refered to the "word"( "word" being prophetic terminilogy for the receiving and chanelling of,) of God as a weapon. Each of the Messiahs held similar life stories: A nobody leaving for an extended time and returning as a somebody. Budhha was born a prince and died a beggar, Mohammed was born a beggar and died a prince, and Jesus remained obscure still for years after his death. But these are not the only examples, simply the most popular, and many faiths believe still more will arise, but I digress.

Point is all souls, being born from the Singularity, are apart of it, as it is to them. It was in their teachings that we are all equally close to it, thus the true path to it can only be found in ourselves. This message has been obscured to some degree due to the establishment of their organizations and even forgotten by many despite this being a very vital message. No matter which leaders and practices one believes or what place one worships, nothing trumps this connection.

In summation, these two halves often seen as in constant war are in reality not only the keys of, but are the very fabric of peace, order and The Truth. Within Life and Death lie powers of cosmic proportion, and between and through them is the origin, destination and force of all that is, and as it began so shall it end. But nothing really ends.

"The Light that shines upon me, shines too upon my neighbor.
In this way, me and my neighbor are connected.
In this way, me and my enemy are connected.
In this way. there is no difference between me and my neighbor.
In this way, there is no difference between me and my enemy.
We are none of us alone."
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very well put.
There is little to add to that.
Jesus and Buddha were the fourth aspects of a Master on Venus.
Krishna was from Saturn the highest spiritual of the planets, Venus the second.

Orthodox religion has kept us in the dark however pious in their ignorance.
Millions still believe only in the Bible, and ignore anything else.
Enslavement to the written word, by men, is difficult to overcome.
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