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FREE Distance into REIKI Modalitys Attunements with Pdf´s &a

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:53 am    Post subject: FREE Distance into REIKI Modalitys Attunements with Pdf´s &a Reply with quote

Hi there from Germany!! Smile

About 10 years ago, i´ve found that following Forum, " - which offer FREE Reiki Distance attunement´s with Pdf.´s, for How to Exercises to be done with that Modality that you wish to attune yourself in with.

By doing that, you may get eventual ~ the more often you use it, them onto yourself, onto your Family members, your Pets and even onto your Plants or from others, to grow more healthier and Faster as they´d grow by themselves. Plants with Blossoms on them which blossom only once a year, may even blossom twice a year, which already happened by such a Plant from a neighbor standing in the Stairway in the winter with cold drafts. Day by day. Shocked Very Happy

Also, try that healing onto yourself, be creative, when you´ve accidentally cut yourself, see how fast that bleeding will stop! Or you just choked on yourself and the coughing just does not stop, very fast, with this Kundalini-Reiki Energy, you just call in the power and at least hold a palm on your neck and tell yourself, "relax! see the energy flowing in you! You will feel the heat of the palms of that energy stream into you, making you very relaxed as well. Or you sit down at work, take a break, take a kit kat Confused Smile ... no, just place your hands, Palms after you´ve started that Kundalini Energy and within seconds, you will feel the heat in your palms, just rest them onto your thighs. Let that energy stream into you, ~~~~~~~~~~~ and you will feel so nicely,.. getting warm and tired and eventually you may even fall asleep. But as soon as that energy´s stopped to flow into you, you will quickly wake up again.

If someone´s of You here´s interested in receiving from me an at least 10 Minutes long distance FREE of such a healing, then just ask me for it. Eventually write me a pn for a clock time. I live in Germany so please adjust my German time ~ synchronizing it with Your time, where ever You´re at! Your location, I do NOT need to know, that´s why i´m telling you to adjust, to synchronize YOUR Time Zone with my German Time zone. Then after you´ve send me a pn for Your FREE distance healing session of at least 10 Minutes or longer, then you just need to wait for my reply, so you will know that I´ve received your message and that I WILL send You at that given Time from You onto me clock time so please get ready for it as well.

So, Know your Date time and Clock time for your FREE Distance healing session for, for example;

Imara Reiki
GOLD Reiki

So, please let me always know, WHICH Modality you´d like me to send to you, so you may get yourself attuned to such an Reiki Energy in that above Forum if you´d like.

To get ready for the Distance session, about 5 Minutes before we start it, get yourself comfortable onto a comfortable chair but not an arm chair because you may fall asleep and then crash onto the floor, now that´ll be quite embarrassing for you, wouldn´t it? Smile

getting ready, eighter sitting comfortably or laying down relaxing. You may use your iPhone, place it on "rec" to record, if you´d like to, onto it when you feel or experience something special to you happening? You may even fall asleep and be snoring in it like a Sawmill! Smile by letting it run on "rec", as i´ve said, you may whisper to it, saying, ... now i can feel that my hands are becoming very HOT likewise my feet as well. ... i feel a cribbling sensation, i see colors, and so on so in the end, after you may have experienced so much, you´d just need to listen to it again and then write it down here in this thread, to let me, myself and other know, if and What you´ve experienced with that specific healing modality if at all.

And then you may decide, wether you´d like too get yourself as well get attuned into that healing modality or not!!?

THERE´S ALSO ANOTHER GREAT ADVANTAGE of being attuned Into KUNDALINI-REIKI and that is?? ..... should you go onto a trip into the woods or on a camping trip or going into a cellar to get something from down there and it´s quite dark or just DARK down there and you´re with a Flashlight,... but suddenly your Battery´s gone out,... getting a more Orange Light meaning that the Battery's too low,... then just take those Battery's out and activate your Kundalini-Reiki prior in using those Battery's.

By activating the K-Reiki, just place your hands, Palms together holding them lightly together then repeating the Words,... "Kundalini-Reiki" 3 to 4 Times or longer! The more often you say them the MORE Hot your palms will get and then take those Battery's ond place them into the one Palm and place that other Palm onto it! Now hold them nicely covered like that for at least3-4 Minutes BUT the more longer you hold them like that, and nicely covered, the more charged they will get!!

Did You know, how to tell wether an AA battery´s empty or full?? Watch it on YouTube and as he gets to the Glass @ 1:04, You then too see that it´s tell-able but also by it´s weight of the Battery's. Here the Title and then i ex-plane to you, how that´s possible and what K-Reiki does to it to re-charge it with energy! Theoretically you may use that same Battery a life time long!! "Battery Bounce Test - tell full from empty by dropping it!" ~~~~ .

Now, How´s THAT Possible??
Well then, those Battery´s are filled with a Jelly and when the Battery gets used off, the jelly gets evaporated and that Battery will get more and more lighter in Weight! Cool right?? BUT,.... What does Kundalini-Reiki does to it? Will it reload that jelly?? NO it won´t! ???? All that this K-Reiki does IS, it will Recharge that whole Battery, all of it´s Metal and Battery Parts as well as the rest of that jelly will get charged up with that Energy!

BUT, that energy has a disadvantage because when you charge up such a Battery or for an hearing Aid Battery´s, they will stay "charged up" for ONLY 3 Days! After that that energy will diminish and that Battery will become empty again but eighter way, YOU R A battery NOW and you may recharge that Battery at any times again and again. Smile

Well then, if interested in one of those healing Modality´s, to receive once such a FREE distance healing try out, just write it in here that you´d like to try it.

Take care from now and nicely greetings from Germany Smile
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