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Joined: 29 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:19 pm    Post subject: diabetics Reply with quote

This is for people suffering from diabetics and want to be cured
EVEN if you are taking insulin daily you can be cured

CAUTION:no mantras ,no chants ,no rituals required
I will update details soon or PM me
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Joined: 29 Jan 2009
Posts: 30

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:44 am    Post subject: Re: diabetics Reply with quote

Hai friends if you are suffering from diabetics follow the instructions

There may be some grammatical mistakes forgive me for that

Diabetics may come due many reasons and this for people with Type-2 diabetics

If your body provided with what it is required then it will automatically repair itself,because our body well sophisticated system which can cure itself provided with requirements needed by the body

The requirements of body to be healthy for life long are







7.Good thoughts


If you provide these things correctly as body required then you will be free from many of diseases and even diabetics also

The main cause of diabetics is irregular LIFE STYLE

These are just the instructions to be followed may be these may look very strange and hard to implement if you want explanation I will post them.



1.You should have strong determination for coming out from diabetics

2.Don't try all of these instructions in a day,slowly follow them which may be possible to you and after a week start following all the instructions

3.don't stop taking insulin(if you are taking insulin),tablets(if you are taking tablets)at a time you follow the instructions slowly after 5 days you check your sugar levels if your taking insulin and consult your doctor and reduce dosage according to instructions given by him.If you are taking tablets then follow instructions for 1 week and check your sugar levels and reduce dosage according to instructions given by your doctor

To be cured very quickly these are requirements needed by body daily



Food-you should eat 50-60% of natural food

Exercise-1-2 hours daily

excretion min of 2 times daily

Rest min of 7-8 hours daily

Good thoughts-which keep your mind cool



1.Wake up early in the morning and drink 1 litre of water not at a time dude it will cause you harm first day try to drink 500ml/250ml in small sips after completing 500ml walk for 10 minutes and attend to nature call .

Note:dont try to drink water of 1 liter at a time slowly from 250/500ml increase it to one liter in one week or two weeks and slowly increase to up to 1500ml in one month this is healthy way to drink water .

AND DONT DRINK WATER AT A TIME drink it in small sips

You should compulsory follow this in order to send out disease out of your body daily .

YOU Should send out the waste material in the form of motion, urine, sweat, Carbon dioxide through four excretory organs. Should have a free motion 2, 3 times a day.

2.The above process may take about 30 minutes after it you should do
PRANAYAMA for 10-15 min for good thoughts and to fill the body with required amount of oxygen and keep you tension free

----------------------YOU JUST DO ONLY TWO POSTURES NAMED------------------


2Ardha MAtsyendra asan

You ca get these videos in yoga sites or other

These both asanas shoul be done for 15 min each start from 1-2 min and increase up to 15 min

3.After pranayama and yogasanas follow instruction 1 again i.e, drinking of water not at a time IF YOU DRINK 1 liter of water in step 1 you time gap should be 1 hour if you drink 1500ml time gap should be 1hour 30 minutes
dont forget to motion once again

4.AFTER this you should wait for 1 hour min and you shoul take a glass of vegetable juice or wheat grass juice without mixing any sugar or salt its may be har to drink it but start from 100ml and increase to half glass

IF YOu drink wheat grass juice it may be the best than vegetable juice because one glass of wheat grass juice equals to 8 glass of vegetable juice in terms of proteins and minerals.

--------------DRINK WITHOUT MIXING ANY SUGAR OR SALT ----------------



AFTRE AN HOUR follow below instruction


-------------------------------YOU SHOULD TAKE SPROUTS AS YOUR FOOD IN THE MORNING COMPULSORILY DAILY ------------------------

BECAUSE OUR BODY GLANDS LIKE THYROID,PANCREAS and other require proteins in order to work properly ,THESE PROTEINS ARE MORE IN SPROUTS dont take less amount of sprouts the more you take them the more insulin will be produced because they require less insulin to digest and produce more insulin

And eat 1-2 fruits like Guava ,orange,Jambul,pine apple DONT EAT BANANA until you are cured you can eat 1-2 date palms

yu can eat peanuts(soaked in water night) in morning with sprouts if your not obese

dont afraid of eating peanuts because cholestrol is 0% if you eat them without they are soaked in water it may harm you and if pour peanutoiloil in your foods this may cause cholestrol but if you eat the peanuts which are soaked in water it may not cause harm

------------------------------------PROBABLY THIS MAY HARDEST THING TO DIGEST BUT TRY TO DIGEST IT.---------------------------


Those who suffer from gas trouble, lack of appetite,
constipation should not eat these sprouts for 10, 20 days. Once
they subside, you can go back to sprouts.

You should eat these 3, 4 varieties of sprouts, your stomach
full. You should munch them well. You feel weak, if you eat
only a little. Sugar won’t shoot up even if you eat more. If you
munch them well, gas won’t be formed. Till sugar complaint
subsides well, you should not eat dates at all with sprouts.
Once diabetes is brought under control without the need for
medicines, you can eat dates. Blood sugar should get tested

b. After eating sprouts, you should not eat immediately any
cooked food.

c. In case sprouts are not ready or are not available, you can
have any breakfast without oil and salt for an emergency.

6.After eating sprouts and fruits Dont forget to take your daily medicines like insulin or tablets if you are taking

7.Dont drink water for 2 hours if your taking tablets just take small amount of water

8.After two hours take 250 ml of water and after every 30 min try to take 250ml of water (total of 1000 0r 1500 ml)

9.You should eat bread out of wheat flour if you desire a
speedy recovery from diabetes.
You can eat 2 or 4 breads(polkas) for lunch with half to one kg of curry. Those who takeonly 1, 2 tablets per day can eat a little home made yogurt,along with bread. But those who have high sugar count, those
who depend on insulin, or those who are very fat, or those who
have triglyerides should not eat curd rice in lunch. They should
eat only bread and plenty of curries.Patients with acute sugar who are dependent totally oninsulin are advised to eat raw vegetables with bread instead ofcooked vegetables. They should grate them and add curry
leaves, coriander, green chili, raw onion pieces and squeeze a lime over them.

Diabetic patients should not eat fruits with food. Once you
are totally cured of diabetes, you can switch over to unpolished
(brown) rice or red wheat, gradually. They can also have plenty
of home made yogurt.
But acute patients of diabetes should not think of eating rice. Banana, mango, yogurt may be consumed after 3, 4 months when diabetes is completely cured. Thosewho have diabetes plus obesity shouldn’t give up bread

-----------------------------------YOU CAN BE CURED QUICKLY WHEN YOU TAKE DINNER BEFOR SUNSET-------------------------------------

10.Evening: Till you are cured of sugar complaint, you should
not drink fruit juice. You can eat fruits. But not fruits like
mango, apple, grapes, papaya, banana etc. You can eat 4, 5
other available fruits with pulp in the evening. Chew well
before swallow. You can eat as many fruits as possible. Once you are cured of diabetes, you can go for earlier forbidden

11.You can try clearing bowels in the evening before dinner, by
concentrating on intestines. Generally diabetic patients wake
up many times at night to urinate. In such cases they need not
drink the evening quota of water. Those who don’t have such
problem can take in a liter. It’s always better to have dinner
between 6 to 7 p.m. Till you are totally cured of sugar you
should eat only 2, 3 breads + salt less curries (1/2 kg to 1 kg).
You should avoid yogurt for dinner.

After you are totally cured of sugar complaint without the
need for medicines (say after 2 to 3 months) you can have for
dinner just all varieties of fruits instead of cooked food.

After you are totally cured of sugar complaint without the
need for medicines (say after 2 to 3 months) you can have for
dinner just all varieties of fruits instead of cooked food.

Q:Diabetic patients as such urinate more and becomeweak. Don’t you think they become all the more weak if they drink 5 liters of water and urinate more?

A:healthy man, if he drinks 5 liters of water per day,urinates on an average one and a half to two liters in summer,and 2-3 liters in other months. Generally sugar patients urinatemore up to 2 ½ liters even if they drink less water. That’sbecause their kidneys can absorb only a little quantity of nd out the excess of glucose along with more water. That’s why they urinate more. They doesnt feel weak because they urinate more, but because release of glucosethrough urine. There is another reason for their weakness. Ifthe water content is not sufficient for the requirements of thebody or for the functioning of the cells, they feel weak. The only way to reduce this weakness and to compensate the loss
of water through urine is to increase the intake of water. If they drink 5 liters of water per day in a systematic way in the morning, afternoon and evening, their body will be energetic and they won’t feel weak any more

QDiabetic patients are normally advised to eat something
or other every 2 hours a day, whereas you advise them to eat
only three times a day. Don’t you think they become weak or
their level sugar comes down?

A. No! They don’t become weak! The Natural food that we
suggest here is to help diabetics become strong and energetic.
They don’t feel weak. Generally diabetic patients are scared to
eat their stomach full fearing the sugar would shoot up. So
they eat less, every two hours. But the food we suggest need
not be so. They can eat their stomach full. The natural food
they take in the morning - sprouts and raw vegetable juice -
doesn’t require more insulin to digest them. So they reach
quickly and easily the cells and provide energy for more hours.
So that food will suffice till lunch without making them weak.
The unpolished rice or the homemade bread made from wheat
flour, the curries cooked without salt and oil taken for lunch
and dinner enable the smooth and slow flow of glucose into the
blood and provides the energy required for the needs of the
cells for longer hours. So they don’t feel weak

Q. What should diabetic patients do to get rid of the common
complaint -numbness or burning sensation in the feet?

A;The only way to get rid of this common complaint is to get
rid of sugar complaint. The only way to get rid of sugar
complaint is to lead Natural Life Style. While leading Natural
Life Style they can do ‘Bathing the Feet’ for immediate relief. It
brings down their pain. Numbness is caused when there is no
proper blood circulation.
Bathing the feet: Take two basins. Fill lukewarm water in one
basin and ordinary water in the other. Keep them side-by-side.
First keep your both feet in hot water for 5 minutes, then for
two minutes in cold water. Again for 5 minutes in hot and 2
minutes in cold. If you do it three times thus, one cycle of
‘Bathing Feet’ is complete. When the feet are in hot water the
blood in the feet goes up. When they are shifted to cold water,
it gushes downwards due to the coldness. By keeping feet
alternately in hot and cold water, it enables an easy flow of
blood upwards and downwards. They will not get any side
effects due to this. But this should be done on an empty
stomach. It can be done 1 or 2 times a day.
Those who have burning sensation may bathe feet before
going to bed in the night or whenever they have it. They may
not bear the heat of water. They may prefer cold water.

Don’t use boiling water. When the water gets cool, add some
lukewarm water again. Once the process is over, clean your
feet and in between the fingers with a dry cloth

How long should we eat this natural food?

It is up to you. As long as you don’t want to become a
diabetic again you will stick to Natural food. Were you not
prepared to take medicines to keep diabetes under control for
any length of time? So far were you not under impression that
once a diabetic always a diabetic? Now it is proved that with
Natural food you can keep diabetes at a distance, unless you
allow it by going back to your old food habits. Here food itself
is the medicine protecting you from diabetes. Now answer
yourself this question.

Should diabetic patients give up non-vegetarian food
totally? Or can they eat it once in a way?
A. Whatever is the complaint, whoever comes to this Natural
Life Style, should first and foremost give up non-vegetarian
food including eggs. They are not designed for us. This nonvegetarian
food is not good for human body.
It may be tasty for the tongue but it harms the mind, thoughts
and the saintly habits of man. That’s why we insist upon your
giving up of non –vegetarian food.
Courtesy and tributes to Dr.mantena satyanarayana raju

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS PLEASE GO THROUGH THE BOOK A-proven-care-for-diabetesby mantena satyanarayana raju which can be downloaded free by searcing net before


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Enkelt uttryckt är CBD kristallerna den koncentrerade portion av cannabidiol som används av flera läkemedelsföretag för att skapa en produkt som är resultatet av naturlig örtmedicin blandad med andra organiska element såsom olja eller mat etc.
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