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Herbal Bath & First Aid

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:00 am    Post subject: Herbal Bath & First Aid Reply with quote

Herbal Bath & First Aid

By Witchwoman

Agrimony is an herb that can be turned into a bath or poultice by making a decoction. Boil four of the dried leaves of the agrimony in one quart of water and then either enjoy the feeling of aches fading away in a bath, or wrap the decoction in pads of cloth around your feet and legs. This is a fine medication when taken externally. It's soothing and you should feel better quickly.

Knobgrass is another very good remedy for aches and pains. You should apply the leaves directly to your legs and feet, and if you have a bruise or another contusion, the herbs helps them to heal. So it's a fine poultice too.

Allspice (the fresh, whole nugget) is excellent for alleviating aches and pains. It is said to have properties that make it anesthetic in a bath. Take some of the allspice--a few nuggets--and grind into a fine mash. Add to bathwater and see if your body doesn't relax right away.

Other herbs that may be used in baths are especially helpful to any aches you may feel as a result of being tired. You may want the effect of the bath to be astringent so that you can pop out of the bath ready for a lively evening of dancing. If you feel the need for this type of bath, or have in mind someone you want to stimulate as well, try adding strawberry root, mixed with some of its leaves, and feel how springy you are right away.

Sage is another plant that will stir your tired blood to action. Add a handful of fresh sage leaves to your bathwater for the desired effect.

If you want the opposite effect to take place, and wish to spend the evening sleeping in your bed, then have a bath with marjoram leaves in it. Stretch out in the tub with a candle and book of love poems and just relax. Passion flower will have the same effect as the marjoram, so you can change the perfume of your herbal baths occasionally.

Herbal First Aid
Compiled by Witchwoman
From "The Complete Medicinal Herbal" - by Penelope Ody

In a domestic emergency, we are more inclined to reach for nonprescription antiseptics and painkillers than herbal remedies. Yet herbs can provide effective alternatives to many over-the-counter pharmacy offerings and might be available when the standard first aid kit is not - in an emergency in the countryside, for example. For home use, commercial herbal preparations can supplement fresh herbs.

Remedies to buy - Herbal remedies can be bought ready made in a variety of different forms, including creams, essential oils, and capsules. Shown here are the most useful herbal remedies to keep at home in a first aid kit.

Marigold cream - Often sold as Calendula, this is antiseptic and anti fungal. It is useful for all sorts of cuts and scrapes.

Comfrey Ointment - This speeds healing of wounds by encouraging cell growth; use only on clean cuts because the rapidly healing skin may trap dirt.

Chickweed cream - A valuable first aid remedy for drawing stubborn splinters, boils, and insect stings, or for burns and scalds.

Rescue Remedy - The Back Flower Remedies have a potent effect on the emotions. Rescue remedy, also available as a cream, is good for shocks and nervous upsets.

Lavender Oil - Add 2 -3 drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage into the nape of the neck and temples at the first hint of a headache or migraine.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Massage med CBD kristaller kan göras genom att badda in det i huden eller på det drabbade området, vilket bidrar i stor del till att bli av med smärtan eller det medicinska tillståndet så snabbt som möjligt. Förutom smärtsymtom används CBD kristaller även för invärtes hälsoproblem såsom minnesförlust etc. där badning gör underverk.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 8:58 am    Post subject: We have ensured that the fruits Reply with quote

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