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  Topic: Manifesting two lives in the one body

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Views: 2962

PostForum: Energy Work   Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:46 am   Subject: Manifesting two lives in the one body
Human beings are unique in the way we have two personalities residing in the one body. The first part of our nature is instinct, while the second is our soul. The soul is eternal and collects informa ...
  Topic: Homoeopathy for Naturopaths

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Views: 4105

PostForum: Alternative Health & Healing   Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:26 am   Subject: Homoeopathy for Naturopaths
One of the major problems for naturopaths trying to use homoeopathy, is the system seems far too complicated. Generally homoeopathic training is limited in naturopathic colleges and homoeopathy is us ...
  Topic: Personal energy and chronic disease

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Views: 4184

PostForum: Alternative Health & Healing   Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:04 am   Subject: Personal energy and chronic disease
I have been a practicing classical homeopath for nearly twenty years and have treated successfully all manner of chronic diseases. At the moment alternative medicine seems, or some aspects of homeopa ...
  Topic: Why similar events and people are drawn to us

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Views: 4074

PostForum: Manifestation   Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:12 am   Subject: Why similar events and people are drawn to us
According to one author similar events and circumstances keep occurring when we are stressed or exhausted. In the book 'Soul and Survival', the idea is that human beings are divided in two. One part ...
  Topic: The soul and how we live

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Views: 3313

PostForum: Psychic Powers & Mind Powers   Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 8:12 am   Subject: The soul and how we live
I am an avid reader in all things mysical and spiritual. What has inspired me to write this article is a book I just finished reading. I bought it from a website and it is th ...
  Topic: Pyrokinesis

Replies: 45
Views: 130801

PostForum: Psychic Powers & Mind Powers   Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:20 am   Subject: Pyrokinesis
I Found another great website about heat cold and the energies behind and how they interact us

  Topic: Allopathic Medicine vd Homeopathic Medicine

Replies: 7
Views: 16278

PostForum: Alternative Health & Healing   Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:26 am   Subject: Allopathic Medicine vd Homeopathic Medicine
Combining conventional medicine with homeopathics will not work because the principles are entirely different. At the same time this does not stop either working. Combining implies they are complime ...
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