Mystical Wonders is on the look out for good psychic help.

We are a large community of metaphysical seekers.

We have a large membership that grows every day and for the past years have been
offering free readings to our members.

We are looking for a few Reliable & Accurate psychics to provide readings for our members.

Our membership consists of a wide range of people who are open-minded and spiritually seeking souls.

We provide free readings to all members of our forum (1 reading per member per month).

If you would like to be part of our team please read on.

Your readings should be deemed accurate to a high degree.

You must genuinely be interested in giving readings for free.

If not please do not bother to fill out this form.

Put all the details here about your psychic abilities. Outline everything about your abilities that you can think of such as if you do card readings, empath, clairvoyance, etc,etc.. We need as much details as possible to help us determine if you can help us out

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