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Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or energies in devices to produce natural phenomenon or effects.

It is a system of alternative medicine developed by Dr. Albert Abrams, who believed that diseased body tissue affected the nervous system and gave forth, 'dull emanations'.

Abrams believed electronic phenomena were involved with this, and he invented a variable resistance intrument called a 'black box' to measure the ohm resistance of different diseases on an electronic circuit.

He found for example, that cancer produced a 50 ohm resistance, while syphilis had a 55 ohm resistance. Abrams later modified his technique so he could take readings from a drop of blood.

In 1924, a committee established by the Royal Society of Medicine investigated Abrams techniques and were favorably impressed.

Today Radionics and its cousin Radiesthesia (medical dowsing) are recognized in Europe as legitimate medical procedures.

Radionics has as its basis the following: There is an energy pervading the universe (orgon) that has unusual properties and may be used for the betterment of mankind. Under certain conditions, this energy has been found to affect man or his enviroment and can be controlled under conditions imposed by the characteristics of that energy.

As in all sciences, development of that science is made through observation of properties or characteristics of that which is studied. Experimentation follows observations in order to control or induce the phenomenon itself in a controlled manner.

Several software programs digitally deal with this energy providing interesting tools for radionic researchers and therapists. They combine animated shapes, radionic rates and picture enhancement.

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  VoiceSync is a research initiative that uses vibrational resources to improve our subtle perception and global consciousness.    

New 3D digital radionic software!!

The purpose of this new application -containing the best radionics research- is augmenting your intention (wish) and radionically transfer it to a subject using a transfer function (action). It is therefore an intention amplifier converting words and images to radionic vibration that travel though subtle worlds improving manifestation.

Internal radionic high frequency waves, 3D scenario, Sound, Color, and Action development are combined to create a powerful radionic experience, an event that expands through to whole Universe.

The 3D radionic scenario is used acting as an intention expander as you look at it, sound and color coded at the radionic rate that represents the wish is also played to improve expansion and transfer.

You can use it to heal, improve and in general send a wish to a subject.

Defining the 3D scenario is easy and intuitive:

Digital Radionics

Chakra action playing

Digital Radionics Chakra Action

Crop circles

Digital Radionics Crop Circles

Flower of Life
Digital Radionics Flower Of life

Beautiful Harmograps

Digital Radionics Harmograps

As you can see this is a very innovative piece of Software that you can use
stand alone or in combination with other Radionics Devices and/or Orgone Energy Generators.

Creativity & Experimentation is the Key to Unlocking Powerful Forces!

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1) Digital Radionics and MultiRadionics
2) Bach Flower Radionics
3) Radionic cards
4) Radionic rate tester
5) Radionic rate calculator
6) Radionic tones

All programs Radionics

Here is more information on the extra radionic softwares you will receive when you order.

Digital Radionics and MultiRadionics

Digital Radionics

This application enables radionic rate generation from a set of words containing a wish or any binary file; associated tone in octave 0 and color is calculated from main rate. Animated logarithmic spirals are used as energy expansion resource to spread out the radionic information contained in the rate.

Usage is simple:

  1. Load the photo of the subject you want to work with radionics. 
  2. Write the wish or open any kind of file (text, image, sound, etc.) you want to associate to the subject and click the 'go' button (left arrow), radionic rate is calculated and also octave 0 tone and color is displayed. When the wish is typed 'text' label appears on the tool bar, in case a file is open 'file' label is displayed. 
  3. Load optional shape (some fractal examples are supplied) to improve radionic performance though wave shape. 
  4. To start radionic application play the tone for several minutes. 

 The multiradionics version is included in the same package, this version lets you work simultaneously with up to four different radionic sessions. Operations is equivalent to single session version but file feature is disabled and sound is generated only for first session (row). Working on a radionic multisession increases overall performance.

Multi Radionics

Bach Flower Radionics

This applications displays a list of the 38 Bach Flower remedies and calculates for each one of them its radionic code, pitch and pulse frequency. This audible sound can be heard at selectable volume. Main flower indications is also provided.

Sound generation uses exclusive VoiceSync SoW (Sound of Water) technology, calculated pulse is the parameter for the AM and FM component.

Radionics Bach Flowers

Radionic Cards

Widely used in radionic therapy, this radionic card is a free style implementation of the well known Malcolm cards but including musical scale generated color ellipses and additional graphic resources, generated cards can be copied and pasted to any graphical application,

this enables building radionic multimedia document that can be used by therapist,

at start program displays a random pattern that can be edited, copied/pasted and integrated in a document,

program includes controls for circle, angle and color selection, dragging inside the picture generates random patters, contour display can be enabled for more precise pattern visualization.

Rate is calculated according to geometric shape, clicking on it to copy to clipboard and use it in other applications as digital radionics.

Radionics Cards

Radionic rate calculator

Radionic rate calculation can be achieved with proprietary algorithm using this program

Radionics Rates

Radionic rate tester

This tool enables radionic rate definition using mouse drag, each digit is individually selectable and created rate can be copied to clipboard for use in other programs as Digital Radionics text field.

Radionics Rate Tester

Radionic tones

Contains several hundred radionic rates -scaled to octave 0- representing most common elements and diseases, according to radionic practices you can hear the tones or prepare homeopathic remedies.

It generates a binaural tone left channel is the table frequency and right one plus an offset scaled to octave -8 of the base tone.

Radionics Tones

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1) The NEW Digital Radionic Software
2) Digital Radionics and MultiRadionics
3) Bach Flower Radionics
4) Radionic cards
5) Radionic rate tester
6) Radionic rate calculator
7) Radionic tones

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