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Ghost Busters

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:36 am    Post subject: Ghost Busters Reply with quote

Hello: Someone mentioned to me when I had explained to him the rational behind the Scalar wave Howitzer weapon used by the Soviets that in the movie Ghost Busters Egan had warned the others DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS of their Ghost Buster nonlicensed nuclear accelerators that each wore on their backs

I recently got my Blu Ray up and running and bought a Blue Ray of Ghost Busters. In the movie the result that would occur if the beams were crossed was explained ALMOST the same way Tom Bearden explained about Scalar wave interferometry weapons....TOTAL DEPOLARIZATION

I WONDER, did someone KNOW back then 1980, about the Scalar wave interferometry weapon that ONLY the KGB knew about.......and put it in this movie????

A Scalar wave Howitzer consists of two identical radio transmitters. The output form the transmitters is beamed to a particular location on the earth. At this TARGET location the beams are allowed to CROSS . When they do there is a DESTRUCTIVE INTERFERANCE with the waves 180 degrees out of phase with each other. This causes a NONLINEAR ADDITION that results in an influx of ENERGY from the Zero point energy field AT THE CROSSOVER POINT.

As you may know each cubic centimeter of EMPTY SPACE (and FULL SPACE) contains an ENORMOUS amout of QUANTUM energy. The "influx" of energy mentioned above is from this.

Recently someone mentioned to me that in the Wheever (spelling)BATF event , a Scalar Wave weapon was used on the dog??? That is news to me.

A Scalar Wave Weapon used on a biological entity would cause INSTANT and COMPLETE "DEPOLARIZATION" of all processes occuring in the organism. What this means is that ALL chemical reactions in ALL cells would be STOPPED....even in the bacteria and viruses inside the organism.

We as human beings are a constant polarized chemical symphony of CHANGE. At the cell membrane there is Sodium on the outside and Potassium on the inside. In the neurons there are complex chemical POLARIZATIONS which are OUR THOUGHTS and FEELINGS.

When the Scalar wave weapon hits us THE SYMPHONY is SILENCED!!!

As Tom Bearden says; the man hit with this weapon falls to the ground DEAD and deader than any other means. The body will probably not decay for months.

It is INTERESTING to me that "they" allowed someone to mention what they did in Ghost Busters.

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