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Joined: 29 Feb 2012
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:23 am    Post subject: RADIONIC SOFTWARE/DIGITAL SIGILIZATION TECHNIQUES Reply with quote

Greetings everyone!!

I posted on this subject previously, but I had made some errors in the transcriptions- I'd like to apologize for those errors and perhaps make my thoughts on the research I've been conducting slightly more clear.

I've recently started enhancing the sigils that I employ within my broadcasts so that their vibratory frequencies are more coherent- that is the basic reading would still suffice but I have noticed that with the enhancements: manifestations take barely any time at all with 4 out of 6 experiments.
I should make mention that these experiments ranged from Weather Augmentation, (Uncle Chucky would like this one : an Anti-Karma Thoughtform), a Defensive/Protection Thoughtform, to name but a few.
I'll briefly mention the technique as I'd just like to see what people think initially I'm open to improvements , ideas, suggestions, opinions, anything!

1. Download / select desired witness sample , (in this method we'd be working with a digital sample, ;-P picture)
2. Make or Use a table that consists of 3 simple circles with the numbers 1-9, include 0 at the end. *, **
3. Using an Aurameter, ( the topic should be listed in this forum somewhere) , a dowsing tool, or whichever method suits you acquire the three number rate for the sample.
4. Using photo editing software, (windows: paint) using text entry add the three number rate to the digital photographic witness.
5. This is a new step that I recently discovered gives the effect of crosshairs to your witness sample: it actually locks onto the witness rate, (the number you inserted above), and intensifies your intention: write what you want the sigil or sample to do superimposing it overtop of the picture. ***
6. Save the file and move onto the next in the set.
7. Once all the samples are prepared shut down the machine and restart it( this ensures that the rate that you have entered is locked into the memory of your computer) . I found this out by running a massive broadcast with nothing else running on the computer, I ran the program "C Cleaner" afterward and discovered that my computer had stored 100's of MBs of RAM which after I investigated were the witness rates I had created and stored!
8. Set up your software as you regular would and broadcast- you should now have the specific intent of your broadcast firmly embedded after taking the rate with your software as you will have the initial rate that you dowsed, the intention written, the "hidden" memory of your computer locked onto the rate, and finally the overall rate generated by the program itself.

-*I include the number "0" or placeholder if you'd like as my own additon of a small piece of TAO to my workings, the All/and Nothing Principle as it were.
-** I will include a photo of the dowsing chart I employ I think you'll find it unique.
-***The General Theory behind this practice is that it mimicks the process of autosuggestion by using the method that the conscious perceives the photo- your subconscious can focus on the rate and the intention- effectively locking the two together.

I would love to know what other people think or if you have any questions?

I know this is not the best picture in the world so please bear with me!! lolz
the dowsing mechanism that I frequently employ is in fact a radionic machine all on it's own with my own personalized method of creating a circuit. It works very well with an
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Radionics activity has some formation that was about the digital techniques among some of the parts that was at this. I need to read the all affective details that was at aussiessay review this was post by the other user they have the all suspected polices among the all on this that was good to read.
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