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Help needed...please

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Joined: 11 Jul 2010
Posts: 67

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:25 am    Post subject: Help needed...please Reply with quote

Dear All,

First of all, im sorry if this is the wrong place, I was wondering whether to post it here or in the black magic section. It is an old problem that is happening to my family and it seems we finally found the answer. in the year 1980, we were wealthy family and my father moved us to a temporary house in order to renovate our original house, The process took like 6 months. When we were back, everything was fine but after few years our financial situation started to get bad and bad and 6 years after that, we had almost no income. My little sister born that period used to claim to see "monsters" coming from the walls. My father health started to get bad and he died young with several problems including heart problems, kidney failure , Liver failure, blindness...etc. Since few years my mother started to have the exact same problems and she is now with heart problems and kidney failure. I'm searching always for the reason and since a week, my sister who can do meditation got an answer...after the meditation where she asked to know the reason, she had a dream where someone came and told her if you want to know the answer come with me, then a big screen appeared and she saw like a short movie of 2 of our neighbors who used to burry spells of black magic under the ground during the renovation period, then they continued to pour liquids with black magic after we moved into the house in the external area of the house. In those spells, she saw that every member of the family should die in the same way that happened to my father with no money at all and to face all life problems.

If this is the real answer, I have no experience in dealing with this. all what I found online is to use water and salt to dissolve the negative energy or put gemstones to absorb the negative energy. Also, I read about putting Cactus which is good in cleansing the confused and need to find a real solution that works to save my mother and family members. please send me an possible advice.

thank you
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Joined: 28 Oct 2010
Posts: 38
Location: the state infinite possiblities

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 9:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi. Nobody answered?

Well, I'm probably not the one to answer as I'm a chaos magickian. We tend to have a different view on the subject matter.

The subconscious has a powerful beyond reasoning observation ability. Your subconscious notices the subtle energies and acts upon it. Your sister's subconscious sees the intentions created by others and interprets it as monsters coming out of the wall.There's no black, bad magick, only bad intentions. What you'll have to do is to diffuse the negative intentions.

1. Find a symbol that represent power to you. You have to have a strong emotional attachment to this symbol. Preferably in a form of an object. Take your time to choose. E.G. a cross, an angel statue but your must have a strong emotional attachment. It can even be a special person which you have an object owned by them.

2. Give your power object a name and visually see it in your minds eye. See it clearly.

3. Create a hand signal, any signal but something you don't use everyday. Like crossing the middle finger over the index and converging at the front. This will symbolize your intent, your power, your will, your magickal power. Works the same like a wand.

4. Formulate and write down your intent. Something along the lines - It is my will/intent to remove any negative intentions that exist in, on , surrounding this premises and persons living here. When you ready you can move onto the ritual.

5. Place the object in the center of the room and move back a few steps.

6. Summon your inner magickal power, your will. Place your magickal hand signal against your chest, in your heart area. Rub it up and down and visualize a fire burning inside. The more you stroke the more it fills your entire body. See it growing and hum it to life, Yes make a humming sound. The fire dispels all fear, doubt and reasoning. You have to suspend all disbelieve and all beliefs. It is your inner power. Just keep stroking until your feel powerful, centered and strong, consumed by your power. No doubts, no fear, no self sabotaging. Breathe it into every part of your body and mind.

7. Once you feel centered, point to the object and summon it. Say I summon you or anything you feel like to summon. Yes, utter it don't just think it. See it coming forth from the object and fill the room.

8. Now command it with your intent. E.g. It is my will for you to remove....

9. Once done motion with your hands for it to go forth and do it's work. You can say go forth now or something like that.

10. Clap your hands or dance or tap your feet. Do something silly and remember this action is to remove any thoughts of the ritual and the workings out of your conscious mind. You should not think about it, let it go until you perform the ritual again. This action will help. Your conscious mind only directs intent whilst the subconscious creates the intent.

You can do this once off or everyday whichever you feel is needed. Remember don't look for changes let it manifest itself, you'll notice it when it happens. You can also have someone join in the ritual later, someone who would enjoy stuff like this.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
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Joined: 11 Jul 2010
Posts: 67

PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Sir,

thank you very much for your time and help. i will try it and let you know.

all the best,

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Joined: 19 Mar 2015
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's a moving story to read. Would you think that the intentions of those people who have apparently done these energy rituals would be jealousy?

One other thing that you maybe could do is put your urine and iron nails into a glass can and bury it near your property. This is said to protect from unwanted energies and hostile intentions. Still, I have no experience with it in practise.

I truly hope you find peace and this problem gets solved. Sorry if I couldn't be of much help. Oh, and if you can concentrate, you could create wards and shields around your home and yourself and command these wards to hastily send all negative energy patterns back to sender. A shield of mirror works well because mirrors reflect this universal energy that is used with all magick rituals, whether black, grey or white.
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Joined: 19 Mar 2015
Posts: 19

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Double post. But I just remembered you might want to understand the basics of black magick. A lot of it is suggestion and playing on your own fears and beliefs.

Most black magick is rendered powerless when you have no fear of it and know someone is only suggesting you trying to cause fear in you.
The most basic black magick application is psychologically putting another person down, maybe lying, making them confused and feeling bad.

So when you understand this, it is not very new. It most often does not work on you unless you fear and highly believe in it. That is a form of suggestion, and ironically, it is your own mind that is making most the damage then, not the adept or black magician. It is therefore in my humble opinion most important to see into your own mind and thoughts first of all.
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