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Metglas core bRAIN WAVE coil

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Joined: 13 Jun 2010
Posts: 200

PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:56 am    Post subject: Metglas core bRAIN WAVE coil Reply with quote

Hello: I want to run this by you guys.

Several years ago I was going to get into ELF reception and research. A coil was made from a sample of Metglas and several thousand feet of #28 Leitz wire. This coil has 52 ohms resistance and around 2.6 Henries of inductance. I never got around to making up a ELF receiver with a 60 Nz notch.

Recently I have used a Ten Tech device to feed square wave BRAIN frequencies into this coil. I am going to use different frequencies from a computer based synethsiser to get better precision.

The coil when energized produces a magnetic field that can be detected with an ELF meter. If I understand correctly the magnetic flux or NEAR FIELD is scalar. It bubbles off producing the EM FAR FIELD. My ELF meter does not register until I place it about a foot away from the coil.

Since neurons are variably polerized scalar waves might be directly recevied by them. Tye EM waves would also be received by the neurons, but the scalar waves I think would be more efficent in transferring information.

If I energize the coil with say Delta waves and place the coil within a fracton of an inch of my forehead maybe I will be affected by them and my brain will entrain at the frequency of the coil?

Dialing in a frequency and energizing the coil with it the nEAR FIRLD area should IMPRINT that frequency on an object (say a quartz crystal)?

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Joined: 13 Jun 2010
Posts: 200

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

xxxx wrote:
Are you the reincarnation of Tesla? Smile He was one for experimenting with coils. I don't envy you for winding such coils, my god it can be tedious if you wind by hand.

I am sooooo sorry it took me a year to get to your post. Thanks , yes it tkes lots of time to wind the dern thing the way I did. I was lucky that the ohmic impedance of the thing came out to 52 ohms.

Have you heard of Dr Flanagan's Neurophone? This feeds frequencies direct into the brain, perhaps worth looking into?
Yes I heard of it, bur that is all. I can place the coil end next to my forehead and whatever I input to the coil will enter my brain. I have used a ten tech device and dialed in delta and theta human brain wave frequencies with ramps and a timer. Nothing dramatic so far.

I found an article on a site D-redant recommend me, they used a modified plasma globe as an RF transmitter, full scope testing on the body of the person near the RF field proved that the frequency being output by the computer card was being transmitted entirely to the body.

I recently took one of those 1980s tesla Plasma Globes and attached a Ten Tech STICKY back electrode to the glass. Then I attached a scalar wound zipcord mobieus wire to it. All most all the plasma streamers went into the attached sticky electrode. Playing a little I was able to light an AC plug in neon power indicator. BUT ONLY WHEN "I" was part of the circuit coming from the plasma globe.

I toyed with the above arrangement for awhile and noticed a DEFINITE "CHANGE" IN MY SUBJECTIVE mENTAL/EMOTIONAL STATE. It was a sort of mild sedative BRAIN FOG. lol.

Some one recently emailed me that Tesla use to BATHE himself in the Fields in one of his Generating experiments. ha ha.

There will probably be a limited range with this device, but it is something I would like to construct.

What type of ELF meter are you using? I have had to build my own, albeit with limited readouts, so I would be interested in getting hold of a good one.

I have a FLUX Gate magnatometer that was originally designed and sold for detecting ALIEN SPACECRAFT propulstion systems and alert you that they are here. lol.

I have UNANSWERED questions about my coil. If I am right next to the end of the coil I should be in the NEAR FIELD area. That would mean that I would be exposed to Scalar waves instaed of Electromagnetic waves at the wavelength of the Ten Tec pulse input. (or possibly at TWICE the frequency of the input?) I Wonder about that???? And what it does to my brain. lol

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