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Music directly into your brian via modulated Laser beam

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:24 pm    Post subject: Music directly into your brian via modulated Laser beam Reply with quote

Hello: This is a project that had several problems. It centers around a Ramsey Electronics Laser communications kit. The idea of this kit is to be able to speak into a microphone have your voice PULSE MODULATED onto a red laser pointer and then a friend miles away can receive this beam and hear your voice.

The kit has a transmitter and a receiver module. I have not gotten the receiver to demodulate a transmitted voice signal via the laser. However I can see the laser beam change SUBTLY in brightness with changes in input sound.

This kit also has a provision for modulating music from a CD player. I had the Ramsey people build the kit for me. There were several minor curcuit changes I made. But I made some mistakes.

The laser they supplied was a CHEAP 9 volt one. I replaced it with a nice 50 milliwatt red laser that ran on 3 volts. My addition of a Pot somehow went in backwards.

Now I use a 12 volt plug to 5.00 volt Power charger for a cell phone instead of the nine volt battery and the pot.

Today I linked the red output laser to a Jogon Laser power meter I won on Ebay. It is very obivious that the PWM is working as seen from the analog meter. I still was not able to make the Ramsey receiver put out the audio that is on the laser beam.

That is not important as I never intended to use the kit for what it was designed to do. I lased some of Bernstein's Beethoven into my head just a little while ago. The effect was like having a few beers. A slight euphoric brain fog. A BIG LIFT IN SPIRITS lol.

The idea for this began to form when I read about a LL Laser Therapy procedure that uses laser on specific points of the head to relieve muscle pain at specific locations in the body. I felt well why not laser in to the brain something more interesting.

Any piece of GOOD music would have some sort of effect, I thought. There are several considerations here. I do not want a small SPOT beam down that will affect just a small area of my brain. That MIGHT be dangerous. I use a DEFOCUSED beam.

Then there is the consideration that this is not Am, FM, ACCUSTIC it is Pulse Width Modulated. I feel my brain will eventually find the Alogrithm to translate the PWM Beethoven into regular sonic accoustic waves. BUt that is REALLY NOT NEEDED.

The idea here is the PATTERN within the MUsic....this is what I want my brain to see. The pattern consists of musical notes and SPACES OF SILENCE. In other words "PULSES". The Theraputic (SPIRITUAL) healing effect is a function of the PULSES. Therefore the basic effect will still be there REGARDLESS of how one modulates the music.

With the foregoing, I now have at least a DOUBLE input into myself when I listen to music. One route my ears the other direct cortical.

AS I mentioned , a few minutes of this was almost OVERWHELMING and the effects were there for several hours . Care is needed, and some changes in the laser beam focus, aim point and intensity.

I might add, the reason I GIVE YOU THIS is related mainly to the effect that repeated TRIPS into the Zero Point Energy Conciousnees Field via Kundalini has on you..........a realization of LINKAGE and a desire to HELP others.


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