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Is my family cursed? Need urgent help!

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Joined: 23 Jun 2011
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:11 am    Post subject: Is my family cursed? Need urgent help! Reply with quote

Hello everyone,

I signed up to this board in order to post in the forum. I've been unsuccessfully searching the internet for a solution and am in desperate need of help. I'll try to summarize me and my family's situation, as there is a lot to discuss and the problem has been slowly escalating over the years.

I'm a pretty rational person and although I do believe there's stuff out there we can't explain (my family has experienced hauntings at our old house), I don't believe in curses, up until now. I need help figuring out if my family has been hexed/cursed and if we are how to undo it or come up with some sort of protection spell or something. This is my last resort since we are unable to move due to what's going on with the economy and our job situations.

Ok here we go:

We have been living in this area (condos) for about 10 years and everything was fine with the neighbors right across from us. They are from Pakistan and have one son that is now about 13-14 yrs old. The majority of the neighbors here have had some sort of major issue with him and the harassment got so bad with them that they had to move out. The kid's parents seem to always believe his lies and are impossible to deal with. The mother even got into a fight with her best friend over the fact that the friend, who's a member of our condo association, calmly told the son to stop slamming his basketball on the condo walls. Now they don't even talk or get together like they used to. The father gets completely psychotic (probably because the son exaggerates how things really happen) and one night started yelling and screaming at my father and wanted to force his way into our condo to hit me and my mom. After a series of incidents with our family, enough was enough and we decided to get the police involved. Unfortunately without physical proof they couldn't do much.

Anyway, to make a long story short this is how we think they cursed us: on that night where we had the bad confrontation with the father, I was so exhausted from the entire ordeal that I went to bed earlier than usual. My bedroom window faces the main walkway of our condos, and since they're directly in front of us their main bedroom and living room faces my room and our living room. They noticed everything was dark but little did they know my mom was in the kitchen peeling some fruit with the patio door slightly open. My mom told us that a few minutes after she heard me going to bed she heard someone slowly walking across our patio. She thought it was a neighbor walking their dog because that person was holding something in their arm. Well, when she turned on the patio light the man quickly turned his head away to face the wooded hill opposite of us and walked hurridly around our condo to the front. My mom freaked out so she then went to our living room to look out the window. She saw that the father was getting into his condo in a hurry with the mother and son motioning with their hands to get in quickly. They closed their door and turned off all their lights.

We were severely spooked and even checked that night and the next day all around our patio to see if they dropped something, but we couldn't find anything. Ever since then a series of bad things have been happening to everyone in our family. It could be a coincidence but at this point I don't even know what to believe. Example: the doctors discovered my mom had 2 tumors, my dad's diabetes worsened all of a sudden in a matter of weeks to the point that he nows needs insulin shots, my brother's car has been having a ton of issues and he totaled it, my dad's car started having major issues as well, I started getting really bad lower back and groin pain and the doctor's ran an ultrasound to see if I have any cysts, my cat's IBS condition has worsened and has been vomiting, etc...etc...

There's a reason why I mentioned they were from Pakistan. Being a minority I'm sensitive to this type of stuff but I know their culture has something to do with their behavior towards their son. Also, we know the mother was raised in Africa so we're worried about any dark and dangerous magick she might have learned there. More background: I swear that her and her son have some weird power over people. Even my boyfriend noticed the crazy eyes the son was eyeing him with one time he picked me up. He wasn't aware of all the issues we had been having so he wasn't biased at all. A neighbor who still talks to them told us the mother got jealous of her talking amicably with a guest of hers to the point that she gave one mean look at the guest and he retreated quietly and quickly, leaving the neighbor there without saying goodbye. There's pages and pages of incidents that we have had to endure with these people but the reason for me coming here was to get help.

Thanks for reading all this. I really did try to condense it! Most sites say to pray and stuff but I'm not the religious type so that won't help. My mom does pray and is definitely a lot more religious that I am, but what else can we do?? I did skim the protection post but is this all I need to do for what's happening to us??
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Joined: 14 Jun 2011
Posts: 15

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I doubt they cursed you. It sounds more like there are just some bad things going on, and you've found a scapegoat in some neighbors that you dislike. People tend to focus on the bad things.

In all honesty, there are people who have had way worse times where everything just seems to go wrong, and it wasn't the result of a curse. Don't blame some people you dislike for your family's various medical problems.

From what you've described, they don't seem to have any special power over people, either. They're probably just regular people with a slightly troublesome son (dribbling a basketball up against the wall? Pssh. That's barely misbehaving!).

If they're immigrants, then yes, they're going to have cultural differences, but they're also going to have trouble where you are because of them. You and others think they're strange because of them. That doesn't mean they're witches, and indeed, if they're Pakistani immigrants, they're probably mainstream Muslims.
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Joined: 23 Jun 2011
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:50 am    Post subject: reply to curse Reply with quote

Well it's not that we dislike them. We used to be good neighbors until the son started acting out the older he gets. It's not just typical "boys will be boys" behavior. And it's not just the basketball, it's other serious things as well. The fact that the association member felt strongly enough to tell him to stop tells you something. Another group of neighbors almost called the police and physically walked him into our complex for something he did on their side.

The reason I posted this here was to obtain various opinions. Instead I'm being accused of disliking someone due to their immigrant/minority status. Being a minority myself I'm very well aware of the discriminatory issues surrounding us. Knowing nothing of different cultures' magick practices I thought I would learn something to protect our family, seeing as how our condo association and police haven't been able to do anything. All I know about this issue is that in the Mexican culture there is a thing called "Santeria". I was hoping someone could enlighten me about any African type practices.

Like I said in my original post, I can't write a long novel on here so I tried to condense our issue. Next time I'll attach the text file saved on my computer of every incident that has occurred for the past 3+ years. My dad works with the mother and from what he tells us it's unbelievable what she gets away with...

Anyway, we do not focus on the bad things. On the contrary we have been trying to stay positive this whole time but sometimes things happen that make you wonder....and that's why I decided to seek help in forums like these.

I'll try going to another forum with more helpful members.

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Joined: 23 Jun 2011
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:08 am    Post subject: Precise questions Reply with quote

Ok more precise questions:

If curses exist can they cause medical issues?

If curses exist, how does someone hex/curse you? By dropping magick powders on your surroundings?? etc...I have no idea what's involved with black magick and witchcraft and all that so please enlighten me.

Would someone need something physical of yours to hex/curse you??

Any help is appreciated. BTW I only posted the relevant info in my original post. I'm not going to go into detail about all the various incidents our family and other neighbors have had with this family. All I'm going to say is that we're the ones they severely dislike.

In all the forums I visited (but not posted) people would ask for help with curses and give no info or background story. That's why I felt I needed to give a condensed account of what's been happening.

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Site Admin

Joined: 03 Jan 2005
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Location: London, UK.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Go to another forum where you can find 'helpful' members..

With that attitude you won't get any help here. Especially from skilled Magickans like me..

One one hand you do not believe in magick..and on the other hand you do... It's interesting to watch you try to associate your negative happenings to Black Magick/Satanism,Pakistani Muslims,etc... It looks like you're playing a game here...

You do not have to be religious to Pray..That's all the help I will give you.. You do not deserve any more...Any more would just continue to fuel all the negative energies you're feeding with your fear,etc..

Just focus on positive from now on..and pray...

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Joined: 22 Apr 2011
Posts: 69

PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have read this thread and I think that there is scapegoating involved against these neighbours, just because they are Immigrants. In fact, I have suffered this type of behaviour from neighbours in my younger years when I and my family were the only members of a certain minority.
I have moved on from it, and all I will say is that these people are just mainstream Muslims. Leave them be!
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