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The Sacred Water Program for Health, Wealth & Success

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:16 pm    Post subject: The Sacred Water Program for Health, Wealth & Success Reply with quote

Water holds a special place in the practices and beliefs of most of the spiritual traditions of the world. Christians baptize, Muslims perform water ablutions, Hindus bathe in the sacred Ganges river, Yoruba perform river water rituals, and magicians and Wiccans take ritual baths.

Of all the four universal elements, water has the most intimate relationship with human beings. Perhaps that is because, like Planet Earth herself, humans are 70% water.

The research conducted by Masaru Emoto has proven that water possesses an energy, a type of chi, which Emoto calls "hado." The state of water's energy vibration is reflected in its molecular structure. That structure can produce crystals that reveal the energetic condition of water.

Water is not only the basis of life, but may itself be alive. Emoto has shown that water responds to the human mind and, even more remarkable, to human words. Words alter, for better or worse, the crystalline structure of water molecules.

At its healthiest water forms beautiful six-sided crystalline structures. This may be the natural basis of the six-pointed Star of David used in the Hebraic and Magical traditions. But when water is polluted or damaged, it
cannot form crystals but instead forms grotesque shapes which seem to reflect and transmit illness and discomfort

The amazing thing is that water somehow knows how to read. Writing words on the outside of a water container, but facing the water so it can "see" them affects the manner in which water arranges its molecular structures. Negative words like "You fool!" or "You make me sick" serve to deform water's molecular structure. But words like "Love," "Let's do it," "Love and gratitude" cause water to express its lovelier and healthier crystalline structures. It takes about four hours for water in a container to form crystals in line with the words on the container. It also optimum hexagonal shape. (A symbol that does not originate in takes four hours for the sunlight to purify water that had previously been polluted. Four hours is 1/6 of an earth day of 24 hours and may relate to the six pointed star and water's the many-layered wisdom of nature is only man-made and does not evoke the higher powers available to woman and man.)

Since water can be programmed it also functions as a recording medium. In other words, the "good news" of love and gratitude and health can be programmed into water and then "proselytized" to the rest of the body's 70% water so that bodily water also alters its energy vibration and structure from harmful to healing. "This is my blood, drink it" could reflect this principle in action as the master guru Jesus caused wine to vibrate in accord with the pattern of his bodily water.

By drinking it, his disciples would have their blood water re-patterned
to vibrate in sympathy with his. In his book Taoist Cosmic Healing Mantak Chia fused Emoto's findings with Taoist Sacred Water techniques. Master Chia instructs as follows:

1. Prepare the hands and arms to receive Universal Chi.
Fold the ring and middle finger of the left hand into the center
of the palm. Set a glass that is one-fourth full of water on the
folded-down fingers, supporting it with your other fingers. Hold
the glass in front of your body.

2. Prepare the sword hand to receive Universal Chi. Form
the right hand into a "sword" by folding the pinkie, ring finger,
and thumb into the palm. Straighten and hold the index and middle
fingers together and extend them upward.

3. Fill your arm with the power of the heavenly pool. Sense
that your sword fingers and right arm are long and big as you
raise them toward Heaven. Sense that the middle of the arm is
hollow and the bottom sealed at the shoulder. Focus your mind's
attention on merging with the primordial Chi of the universe,
so that the energy of your thoughts will be multiplied.

As you make your request to the universe, asking perhaps to
heal a specific ailment or just to energize the water you are
making with healing properties, feel that you are touching a
heavenly pool of Sacred Water energy. Feel that the pool is pouring
down like a waterfall to fill your right arm. Compress as much
Sacred Water energy into it as you can.

4. Make a cross on the top of the.cup. Place your sword
fingers on the top of the cup. Ask for yin Rower: "Yin
power and good fortune, come from the east. Yin has the power
to dissolve all negative energy, all sickness and bad fortune."
With your sword fingers, draw a cross on the top of the cup,
saying, "By my request [repeat your request here]."

5. Charge the water to transform it into Sacred Water.
Point the sword fingers into the glass of water. Smile and
circle the sword fingers around the inner rim of the glass.
Say, "Please carry out the order now." Repeat three times
to charge the water with yin power. As you do this, project a
good thought into the water.

6. Remove sickness from the cup and let it go to be transformed
by the earth. Next say, "All sick cells, please listen: Clear,
clean, and bright, this Sacred Water will take all the sickness
away." Then use the thumb and index finger to pick up sick
energy from the cup, without touching the water. Discard the
sick energy down into the earth, where it will be transformed
and recycled. Repeat three times. See the cells in the cup
become clean, bright, and smiling.

7. Fill the Sacred Water with compassion. Hold the cup
with both hands near your heart, and project goodness into the
water, saying, "This Sacred Water will give me [or you] health,
wealth, and longevity." Project love, joy, thankfulness,
gratefulness, appreciation, and the energy of compassion into
the cup.

8. Drink the Sacred Water. When imbibed, the Sacred
Water will carry the message of healthy transformation to all the
cells of the body. Use both hands to pass the Sacred Water to
the student you are working with, or drink it yourself and/or
in unison with your group. Feel the water go into all the
cells of your body. Feel it removing the sick cells and
purifying your body. You can also sprinkle the Sacred Water
onto any area that requires healing.

Similar rituals can be used to program water to bring about successful events in one's life. Jose Silva, creator and author of The Silva Mind Control Method, has also provided techniques for programming water for health and success. Even small gestures like thanking water can be miraculous and health-promoting.
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