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Meet Yi!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:40 am    Post subject: Meet Yi! Reply with quote

Meet Yi.
A tale in 5 parts

Yi never could stand emotions. The city had it’s people crying on the streets in public places, he sat by drinking his tea or sipping on his pipe looking dumbfounded. They cried, he felt, because they were confused. They cried, he felt, because they were not faithful.

The tea burnt his lips. His pipe did not have a filter, so as he sipped and he drank and he winced and his eyes too were wet from utter irritation.

A warrior is not afraid to be alone. A warrior accepts his fate as mystery accepts us as counterpart. A keen sense of adaptation. Barefoot on the pavement Yi moved along the people of the crowd walking on a road that lead out of the metroplex.

Blessed Yi stepped to the house of the sourceress avoiding his reflection in the mirror by her door. “Come in!”, she yelled . She was dressed up in the body of a young man complete with chest hair and boxer shorts that did not cover the happy trail and a bit too big for the private parts. The belly button she wore shined a dull light in the daylight and still shown stronger in the night. Almost like a nightlight.

“What can I help you with Yi?”. “Ive come that you can tell me how to get them to stop their crying”, he said, this place is so loud.

“Well Yi she said dirty coins make change no matter how shiny the nickels look”. “Besides its only a program Yi and some of them there get touchy when you try to change their programming”. “Maybe the question could be, and this is only a suggestion, how do you stop yourself from crying”.

Yi’s stomach shuddered. “You feel that Yi”, said the sorceress, you take away their comfort which they have grown up with and they might want to fight for it.

“Why are your eyes red, I’ve been burning my tongue”, he said. “Oh!”, she replied, “now you know how words feel”. “Watch this”, she said. She climbed the walls of the ceiling and hung up side down till her shell turned the familiar female shape and she slept like a bat with her feet to the sky.

Yi bid the sorceress fair well and stepped on the road again leading farther away from the metropolis.

He came upon a path of yelling playing babies as they ran through the high grasses and some of them leaped like frogs and some of them ran as fast as cheetahs and some of them laughed while running through trees. They turned themselves into the vapors so as not to disturb the trees, then back into solids.

“We are the munchkin patrol”, the voice came from a little person as jovial as Yi has ever heard and he turned to stare down into the hair of a girl child who wiped her mouth of leaves and picked petals from her ears. Yi kneeled on the ground to be eye level with her. “What does the munchkin patrol do”, he asked. “We garden”, she said. “What is it that you garden”, he asked. “We plant seeds!”, she said excited.

“We water the seeds, we harvest the fruits, and keep the peace”. “Where is your harvest?”, asked Yi. “You’re reaping it”, she said. “What seeds do you plant?”, he asked. “You’re speaking them”, she said. “Where is the water?”, he said. She spit in the air and said, “ there!”, before her saliva touched the ground to flash in the hue of blue.

“What do you want Yi?”, she asked. “I want to stop them from crying”, he said. “You wouldn’t lie to a munchkin now would you Yi? I don’t think you know how to care about their crying maybe a good fruit for you”, she said, as she held out a purple apple, “is to see the treasure in your own silence. Then you will be a BIG HELP!” she yelled. She clapped her hands and jumped up and down. “Importance can be tricky Folly! Folly! Yi! Let them play never stop them from playing…”

Suddenly the munchkin patrol turned to Yi and he could see they had surrounded him in a circle and they ran towards him with all the speed their little legs could muster and spit on the ground and just as Yi fell to the earth to cover himself they dissipated and the smells of ocean water went with them.

Yi took out his pipe as he sat on the grass relieved and sipped from his pipe. Placing it behind his ears when he was done he stood and walked further south from the region.

“Sir can I just talk to you for a minute. Just your ears for a moment.” “What is it?”, asked Yi. “Brothah its my eyes. Sometimes I see just fine, then there are times when I feel that I’m just waking up after just having been awake or so I thought. I just need to ask you something.” “What’s that?”, asked Yi.

“Are you real?” Yi laughed, ‘last I checked I was’.

“Well, said the elder man, it’s this here river that you’re walking on, and I fish here all the time, I know where your standing there are no rocks for you to step on.” Yi looked down at his toes and started walking toward the boat but he hesitated and fell in the water. “Sir!”, yelled the fisherman. “Grab hold of this!” He threw an oar over the side of the boat for Yi. You can walk on water but you cant swim! The elder man laughed till his sides ached. “I can too swim! said Yi, with defiance and if you want me to listen to you don’t tell me something I cant do!”

“Touchy, touchy”, said the elder fisherman. “Let me tell you something Yi, I like you. Some folks indeed do get touchy when you try to destroy their programming, and some are still trying to break the codes and get touchy if you remind them that they ever had a program. Well now that I know that you’re real you can keep the boat”, said the man as he stepped out and walked away. I didn’t want to give a phantom a boat, might creep some folks out.

“Hey there holy man!” “Check out this book baby!” “Come over here I want you to check out this book.”

On a couch on the river beach sat alone a grandmother of a woman. “Let me turn this light on for you so you know the way”, she said. “Come on over here son, I have this book I want you to see about, its vivid a candy for the eyes.” She patted the seat cushions for the man whose clothing was damp and breath was sporadic from the constant paddling.

Under the shady grove on the couch on the river beach there sat this short grandmother with wet bright eyes and fireflys swarming nearby her head spinning in the shape of a sphere. Yi sat next to her, content. She started, “did you know that turtles are these amazing little creatures and so are the 8 legged spiders?” “You see, once you realize that’s where you stand on one large turtle and spiders are just a spinning this shiny web, you will balance the terror with the awe of residing on a living being.” “You’re a living being”, she said. Her voice began to speak quicker. “When they cry Yi, so might you be, so break the mirror son and let the turtle hold you and never run from the spider because in truth, in love, why run from fate!” “This book here says; you are a spiritual being having a human experience. In order to live you must be aware. Trade your awareness for the experiences but in the mean time make it a GRAND experience. Never be afraid to be afraid but never be afraid not to be afraid.”

“Besides what foolishness to put concrete on a turtle.

The fireflys at that moment swarmed the grandmothers face and eventually enveloped her body till she was a turtle who hopped down from the couch cushions and went towards the water. But before she went away the fireflies lighting a trail for her she turned to wink at Yi. As she walked a golden trail of liquids fell from her shell Yi walked towards the nectar and wiped it up. He placed it on his tongue and knew it was only a matter of time.

She began to stir.

Yi knew now what he could do. He knew it all along. He went to his boat and paddled for days back to the metroplex.

In the city the people were marching against tyrrany the police like robots tried to steal their passion of freedom away like a slave master and some folks just wouldn’t step out of line. Yi saw himself in their fear and became their leader. His folly made him strong and he began brick by brick to take away their city halls. He built playgrounds for the munchkins he uprooted the gardens and planted the plants all throughout the city he took away their banks and made them trade. Some people didn’t like their programming being disrupted especially those who went cold turkey from their addictions of choice.

All the while Yi’s body was stirring. His brain began to vibrate. He had to lift them higher so that he could take them with him, a unit.

His tactics became intense. Some people stopped crying all together. Some wore no clothing. Some spoke their native tongue. They let go of their beliefs and began to reflect infinity. The munchkins grounded them heavens and watered these edens daily. To keep them resonating higher the smell of ocean water took over as children became initiates as munchkins.

Once day the munchkins walked Yi down the uprooted streets, it had been a while since the concrete had been taken away, melted back into sands.

A crowd of people had been standing in the alley for a while a fight had ensued between the police force and the people. Yi ran to the center of the commotion and spoke softly to the unrest, “be still!”, he said. But they were breaking, the resonance was too high they were losing their forms too soon and coming undone under the pressure. The munchkins sat idly by some standing on their heads, some standing side ways, some climbing the alley walls. Waiting.

Yi grabbed the fractions of people and with the intentions of taking them too, allowed himself to stir and from the bowels of his body she rose. Sweet energy to meet her king at the tops of the zinith. Kundalini! The fractions became a whole and the whole became a zero the munchkins pulled back the curtain, the spiders and the turtle stepped in, and all went along for the ride back TO THE SILENCE. A UNIT!!!
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