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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:41 pm    Post subject: OUR HISTORY AS MYSTICAL SOULS Reply with quote


According to most all ancient manuscripts(and bibles) about our mysticism, in the library of the Delai Lama in Dharmasala, India, there was a time without us souls created, and only God. God created us thus beginning the time table for us, and we Pinocchio souls in His image, went out in the street to play and created worlds without using the perfect material of soul which only the Highest Power can use, and so our lower worlds of Causal, Astral, and Physical had positive and negative extremes. In order to have souls receive, ultimately, Rebirth in the Spirit or True Holy Baptism at His Feet in the Physical Universe to graduate and return Home, all by arrangement and design, we “great engineers” created the most beautifully erotic, physiologically-brilliant bodies to reverse almost all aging and all ailments with magnetic induction, and arranged a Grand Procession with opposite sex pairs down into this Physical World. This happened around 200,000 years ago and our first home in this Universe was the Lyra Constellation(Agharta, - Dickhof).
Our first colony was the Orion Constellation, and we engineers built an incredibly beautiful civilization and it was another Eden like our original home in Lyra, but with great engineering structures. And then one day mesmeric Reptilians from the nearby Canis Major(Sirius, Osirius) showed up and everything changed for the worse. These barbarous sociopathic other halves of the highest physical homo sapien creation were manipulative, raped the women, got into fights, created rumors to pit people against each other, polluted the environment, and there was nothing but chaos and these creatures took over and drove us away. We left thinking that should be the end of it and we have given them our beautiful civilization, if they would work it and keep it up(which they don’t). We searched over the Universe and found this Solar System with its two sister planets Mars and Terra(Earth) with virtual Edens of oceans and ecological cycles and food a plenty. This was about 175,000 years ago.
We built the same civilization as on the Constellation Orion but now only on a single planet, with super structures on Mars, which we witnessed in 1952 when we arrived again at the remains with no oceans and very little atmosphere, a barren planet with destroyed ecological cycles. But Mars was beautiful and had everything the Earth had in our day. We named the planet after one of our Commanders(Admirals), Mars. But the Reptilians followed us eventually to Mars, not leaving us alone, and around 125,000 years ago, the Reptilians drove us off Mars having created wars and strife, and destroyed the oceans and ecology, a sensitive balance easily corrupted.
We came to nearby Terra(Earth) and created great civilizations on Atlantis(named after Commander Atlas’s son, Atlan) and Lemuria, two primary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean areas. Again, the Reptilians followed us and created a great war between the two continents that Solon reported in Egyptian times. The oceans became polluted and the polar axis grew unstable, and fearing that the planet would barrel-roll with 400 MPH killer winds and 1,000 foot waves hitting the coasts destroying cities and taking the life of almost all on the planet in the midst of a world war, we went out into the Universe and brought back a smaller planet not Page 2
from this Solar System and placed it in a perfectly circular orbit around the Earth as a life-saving arc to save 95% of the people if the Earth barrel-rolled. We engineered the Moon on the hidden side so it would not rotate on its axis, and steel reinforced much of the inner Moon hollowed-out caverns thus protecting people from missiles from the war on Earth. In 1952 and in the late 1960s with the Apollo Program we noted that almost all the craters on the visible surface of the Moon were more shallow detonation craters and not metorite impact craters. We also determined that the rocks from the Moon were not from our System but 4 billion years older on the average(Wilson).
Throughout our many embodied lives here on these planets many of have continued to reincarnate back to help fight the negative powers attacking innocent people genocidally, and to eventually rise about the mesmerization and clouding of our eyesight by the Reptilian and their hybrid Khazars. It was in the Old Testament in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve that a Reptilian raped Eve and their hybrid son was Cain, “who was different from Abel,” in manner and scaly appearance. We have continued to come back here not just from being attached to the solar battle but also God walking amongst us, beseeching us to help His children crying out to Him for help because we don’t police and protect ourselves well from negative people as well as the negative creations of ours in Nature, our untold cryptozoologicals today.
When I was in the Army as an engineer I saw classified technical reports with the Army Corps of Engineers performing surveys of the Northwest states and accounting for the demographics out in rural areas of eastern Oregon, Washington, and northern California, “so many squirrels, beavers, deer, and…families of gargantuan hairy upright(with apposed thumb for throwing large rocks like a professional baseball player) apes eight feet tall and 400 pounds with the girth of a bear” or Bigfoot, Australopithecus robustus that survived any ice age, so well adapted is this ape that will eat anything. There is also an unaccounted for specie of Conger eel that we have a larvae from a whale’s stomach that is six feet in length, equating to an adult of 180 feet that Soviet, American and British submarines have tracked in the North Sea for one, and can come up on land and chase us. The point here is that, just as in old Scandinavia and Europe, there have been giant serpents, plesiosaurs in lakes, venomous Komodo dragons, and hairy monstrous men/apes in forests hunting and eating people, all our Universe creation(please don’t blame God for the threats). With the remainder of giant pterodactyls, three-foot bats with fourteen-foot wingspans, and eight-foot giant ants and anesthesizing four foot-wide tarantulas, not to mention the traditional zoological threats in nature we have to learn to protect ourselves in this threatening world of duality. Unfortunately the Reptilian hybrids here have also been genetic engineering back the dinosaurs to create chaos and a hell for people(and the real abominable Jurassic Park is not off the coast of Latin America).
We asked Him to take us Home from this cruel world in the 1960s and His response was, “Rescue my children who are calling out to Me for help.” We were dumbfounded hearing this. It demonstrated how ignorant we were of the world we live in. That day I vowed to be an investigator of life and its mysteries. He also said

Page 3
that if we could only hear how we are torturing Nature, we would be shocked(packing houses, spraying the forests, digging up the rain forests in Columbia and Venezuela, mining in the Bering Sea area, thank-you activist Robert Redford.). Before the planet barrel-rolled 11,000 years ago and probably long before the Reptilians first invaded Earth after our leaving Mars, we created subterranean tunnels between the continents some forty to fifty feet in diameter for craft to hide and secretly move about if invaded by ETs. It was these very tunnels that the Incas used to relocate from the barbarous Spanish and show up in Arizona “from beneath the earth.”
We have been all over this Universe and would get flashbacks and full remembrance if we would develop within with proper meditation. Those who are not at ease paying off karma from previous lives are not normally allowed to remember previous lives which 5,000(Tucker, UVA) plus have authenticated this soul transmigration and learning process(Johnson).
Throughout the past 11,000 years ETs who said they had been with us on the Earth when it barrel-rolled continued to visit and help us grow back in technology from being forced back into the caveman era on the surface after the Flood and all food crops destroyed. Some had stayed inside the Moon during this period and mined down here by treaty(Armstrong). The Reptilians continued to visit and manipulate civilizations as the Egyptians, and in Roman times with what Jesus referred to as the “Jackals.” Today they are guests of the WB Alliance militaries an invasion probable.
After dumping so much excess oil into the ocean with breached navy ships during WWI and WWII, there were ecological imbalances and excess polar ice continents causing a critical polar axis wobble down to thirty degrees latitude in 1954(plotted by physics instructors), and we made a treaty with the Pleiadians to put three of their craft in orbit around the Earth in two polar and one equatorial orbit to completely stabilize the polar axis overnight(Keyhoe, ET), the greatest forensic proof we have connections to advanced technology. The Pleiadians and their ascendant master church has been the most vocal(Genesis III, Elders, Contact News). The Highest Power has continued to come back here for our and ET’s Holy Baptism as “Life comes only from life as death comes only from death.”
You can verify all this within using muscle testing, electro-acupuncture test- ing, or metal dowsing rod testing of Universal Mind which we are all connected to.
P.O. Box 27437 Tempe, Arizona USA 85285
Tel: 480-968-3187/FAX: 480-968-6651/Cell: 480-703-3542
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