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SE-5 1000 practitioners your not alone out there!

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Scare C

Joined: 15 Oct 2017
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:15 pm    Post subject: SE-5 1000 practitioners your not alone out there! Reply with quote

There is so much about the average radionic devices, I wanted to discuss the one I own and to be up and front with you it is expensive $4700.00 but cheaper then the RAD#5 Welz CHI generator. The SE-5 1000 is not a radionic machine! It is a probability analyzer! This is not a play with words. It is what it is! When I first got mine it sure seem like a radionics device with a stick pad. But it's not required! One can usually put an item on top of this pad for balancing. It is hooked up by usb cable. Then the SE-5 allows you into it's computer storage of 17,000 tunings. The tunings were fine and all, but I needed to really know if I created my own "worded" program that I wanted to see on my own! This was a huge step for myself since I had owned for many years a Hieronymus Medical Analyzer that Bill Jensen built for me out of his appreciation of my radionic work on his back.

Here is what I did, I worded to be able to see Area 51 without hassle without prejudice it was something like this:

> Visiting Area 51 Hanger
> No MIB's
> No interferences
> No Security
> No Military or civilian personnel
> Have all access to all levels of security
> No future harassing from MIB's CIA, NSA etc.
> Retain a strong memory of the events
> No fear

After I programmed the SE-5 I asked it how many minutes must I run this and the computer said, 700 minutes, over 10 hours. So I set it for unlimited 24/7 run time. Well two to three nights come and gone and my machine was still running full time. On the fourth night, not expecting anything big to happen I lied down to settle in for the night. I found myself wide awake on a tar Mac with a huge Aircraft Hanger in front of me. I said out loud, I am here, I am actually Area 51! I walked around and I absolutely seen no one, not one soul. Not MIB's, Military Police, Air Force or civilian personnel.

It was a dream come true! So why not take advantage of the situation, I walked into this huge hanger but there was nothing in it, quite emptied. I didn't hear no signs of Jets overhead etc. But what I did notice was an elevator across from where I am standing. That was strange! So, I walked to the elevator and pressed the button and the door opened. I stepped inside and pressed LL level the doors shut and down I began my decent. It seemed like a few seconds and the elevator came to a stop. I looked around before stepping out of the elevator and it looked like everything was dropped and everyone left what they were doing at the moment.

I stepped out to look around and seen covered crafts, they were big and I walked over to the work bench which seemed it was being used not more than a few minutes upon my arrival. I seen technical equipment I couldn't begin to explain to you what it was or what it was used for. I scanned the bench as I walked to one of those covered objects. Near the end of the work bench I seen what looked like a aluminum block of sorts about 15x15 inches. It had a cut out inside the mold, a 3 finger cut out. It look amphibious! Definitely not human.

I dropped the aluminum type block, which by the way felt like only 1/2 pound at the most, maybe not even that. I went over to the tarp and lifted it up and seen a saucer shape vehicle. I looked for US markings but there were none. I looked around and seen this underground part of the hangar was still under construction, there were tubings and electrical wiring and insulation hanging about from the ceilings. It seemed the area underneath was bigger the area of the hangar on top of me. I headed toward the elevator and then I must of blacked out. The next morning I woke up with a very vivid account what I saw and where I've been.

To me this was my biggest thing I did with the SE-5 1000. Don Paris who builds them told me, I am the first to make such a testimony using his device. Mostly he sells his devices overseas not in America. So there will be no testimonies here in the U.S. Don Paris live-in Bali. But you can talk to him on. Skype. I wanted people to know that you really do get what you pay for these days.I don't believe in purchasing junk, never will. I know my tastes are high I blame my parents for that over the years.

But I do my research! My SE-5 1000 and me being able to go into it's CPU and do my programming is awesome. It's not like having just a radionic program and then running it as one. Your programming directly into the SE-5 itself. The electronic readings are "0%"- 100%"! But you can set your scale measurements from tens to hundreds, thousands, ten thousands! The only time I have to use the 10,000 measurement is when I am measuring a quartz crystal and I want the exact % of strength, weakness, and storage capabilities.

I did the nectarine experiments and purchased two each at the same time and at the same store...I made up a preservation "Worded" only program like the one above and placed it on to its own saucer and the other Nectarine was placed without a 30 minute run program in it's saucer plate and they both stayed in the office on opposite sides of each other! After 15 days the Nectarine on the left with no preservation program sent to it from the SE-5, was decaying rapidly and had black fruit bugs all over it! The Nectarine on the right was still bright looking and still firm to the touch!

After the 20th day, the Nectarine on the left had to be thrown out, it was totally rotted and the one on the other side of the desk was just beginning to become soft. My wife especially, considered this experiment a resounding success! From the skeptic Queen herself! Later on I did a "Psychology" long distant thing on one of my friends. I had to pick from the subtitles in the software program what I wanted to run and it too was made up like the above Area 51 example. It was a week and my friend called me up and asked if I was running the program on him and I told him no, not at the moment. He said, what are you going to run on me? I told him I can't tell you, just trust me ok!

Into the third week, I decided to run the program (Psychological) on my friend that evening. The machine called for 500 minutes total run time! I put the scale at 1000th measuring at the time. Sometimes if you use 100% all the time, you really won't get a true % if the values are extremely out there and the only way you will know for sure is to try the 1000th and above to see if you get a stick in those areas, if not , then go back to the 100th scale. Sometimes I can use the 10,000th scale and have to do the full tuning the second or third time in other words some spiritual %'s can go to 30,000% or more before you get a stick reaction.

I don't use the stick pad to sense where the true measurement is, I used the side of the machine on the right side since I am right handed. Works very well for me. Around the end of the third week or the end of my friends first week of transmitting those "Words" he called and left a frantic message on my phone. I called him back and he said, my God what is it you are running on me! I asked him can you feel it? Feel it he stated! People are all over me coming for advice, sharing their personal information with me, asking about what it is I do when I am off work! (Break: My friend is an introvert like myself and he didn't know how to handle such personal matters before).

Anyways, he told me what are you running on me, I told him just wait a few more weeks it will get better! He told me I sure hope so, I don't know if I can stand this much longer. Then we hung up and I let the SE-5 run full force on him. The second week came and went as with the third week since running this program on him. Finally around the middle of the fourth week he called me up and said we got to talk. I said, shoot! The things that were happening to me are as follows:

> More Love
> More Understanding
> Stronger Emotional foundation
> Confidence in MySelf
> Confidence in Others
> Seeing Clearly who others really were
> Greater Empathy Etc.

He actually wrote down after thinking for the past four weeks what he was experiencing. I told him hold on, then I brought out a piece of paper and read off the "word" tunings I was running on him! Some of the words were different that what he said but both meant the same thing! It was a miracle that something like this could change and introvert like my friend within four weeks. Oh, I almost forgot he got a marriage proposal also! Before this experiment, he would never talk with anyone or confide because the things he and I believe in so much, you can't discuss with the average co-worker without him thinking your a loon!

Around the fifth week and by the way I had other experiments I really needed to do but my machine was tied up 24/7! I called my friend and he said, could you please discontinuing that run for me I can't take much more of this. I said, done and I stopped the SE-5 and within four weeks things became normal once again for himself. He told afterwards that is one scary device! Think what you could do to your enemies! I never thought about that! Nah! I don't like hurting people unless they hurt my wife!

The thing is, once I get the key information the persons name and no birthdate is needed and the amount of time between tunings and the overall time with all the tunings running. The more tunings you do in just one setting the longer it will take to run and if you are only running, let's say four tunings, and you get a huge amount of running time, you need to look further into that categorical area your trying to tune, something else is going on here. I just wanted to open up to those who may own SE-5, SE Plus, SE-5 1000, they pretty much work the same way.

Laughing Laughing
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Scare C

Joined: 15 Oct 2017
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:55 am    Post subject: Chakra's Reply with quote

I was thinking about chakra's and I read in many places of devices to charge one's chakra's. I question these theories. First, Chakra's are Non-Physical thus one has to use Non-Physical means to strengthen them. One of the Non-physical ways is using radionics. Not all radionics are all the same, some businesses tell you this, but when I purchased my SE-5 1000 a few years ago, Don Paris was correct, the SE-5 is not a radionics machine, even though it can work in similar ways. Probability Analyzer takes an event that is strongly probable to come to pass; so the SE-5 pushes it over the edge and the manifestation is pretty easy from there!

It is also and Possibility Analyzer, what I wanted to do was go to Area 51 and wrote down the specifics, the odds of this happening were more against me than for me. But we know "All things are possible" but not all things are "Probable"! What I discovered was, when a probability came to pass and many did, then subconsciously I am able to dip into the lake of possibilities and try just one to see if it will work. This is where the patience of a saint begins. Once a possibility becomes probable then we now know it will manifest and it is only a matter of time!

Chakra's are non-physical and the SE-5 should be ran on the 10,000 scale measurement and balance on such. Not too many radionic boxes have this built in function to measure in tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand scale. When I measured a quartz crystal at first it showed 100%, then I decided to check it on the "one thousand" scale and it maxed out. Later on, I tried to measure it on the 10,000 scale and it maxed out 3 revolutions until I finally got a stick reaction. It read 30,000%!

No error! I also discovered when carrying the crystal that energies were actually being depleted and I followed this depletion for 4 weeks. I went back and re-measured the quartz I was carrying and it now measured at 15,000% the question is where did the 15,000% go! Our bodies need lots of energy both physically and psychically. I carried this crystal for about 9 weeks and had it down to 100%! In some cases, this is what you want but it doesn't work that way with quartz crystals they carry a much higher charge.

I would have never guess that unless one could measure the higher %'s that exist in the etheric realms. Don Paris told me when I am balancing chakra's always use the 10,000% scale. Anything physical I can use the tens, and hundreds scale. I used the pre-construct chakra program in the SE-5 I ran it on myself and it was on the 19th hour and my chakra's were only at 50,000% out of 100,000%. By the time it was over I had 48 hours broadcast on my chakra's and each one were around 89,000-98,000%!

My dreams were very vivid during that time frame! Magnets, frequencies, light, sounds anything physical done to the chakra's are not going to work! You must use a "Worded" program using a bullet statements if you have to to balance each chakra. If you have any other way of doing it that relies on all 5 senses or anyone of them it is not going to work.You can't take a physical approach to an non-physical energy center! Some may disagree but you will figure it out eventually.
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Martin E

Joined: 26 Mar 2020
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for giving us that belief that we don’t need to worry as this matter is the same as everyone we are not the special cases only. When we start thinking in this way then things did not seem that papers owl negative.
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