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HCR Meditation: A Good Servant Versus Becoming A Co-Creator

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:20 pm    Post subject: HCR Meditation: A Good Servant Versus Becoming A Co-Creator Reply with quote

A limiting belief within Judaism, Islam, and Christianity is that at best one can only become a good servant to a supposed space god, never to evolve into becoming a co-creator. Which is why no one from any of those religions ever managed to achieve god realization.

This limiting belief is not only untrue but also unfair!

For we all contain within us the 'god spark of divinity' that potentially enables us to evolve into becoming a pre-ascended lesser god. This is the evolutionary goal of all our incarnations; to have those god powers actualized in The Light after we return to the primary reality of Spirit. Then and only then can there be a Heaven On Earth from a major improvement upon the basic human condition.

Recently, I debated in-person a Christian man in his 60's from India about religion and spirituality. We eventually agreed upon this spiritual principle:

Radiating compassion eliminates sin.

He subsequently revised that phrasing to:

Radiated compassion eliminates sin.

His focus being to look upon the prophet Isa/Jesus/Yuz Asaf to have already done this for us.

Therein lies the problem in focus:

To seek divinity from without instead of cultivating it from within!

As near-death experience research and past-life regression research confirms...

Neither the prophet Isa or anyone else can manifest vicarious atonement and make us god realized.

It is up to each of us to put in the effort to willfully and conscientiously EVOLVE through years of Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga. To reject lust and ego, to cultivate purity and humility, to strive to live by The Golden Rule (without submission to evil), to serve others, all of which eventually leads to becoming a god realized soul, a pre-ascended spiritual master.

The prophet Isa, who never evolved into god realization - which is why he isn't here today, in the flesh, on international television, healing, teaching, protecting and inspiring - cannot make you, me, or anyone else god realized.


By the way, as a result of my ministry of decades: hundreds of people internationally are currently pre-ascended lesser gods.

I leave you with this important and poignant spiritual adage:

There is no higher spiritual path than radiating purified love from the heart or heart chakra on a daily basis. For that is the only route to becoming a lesser god in The Light after bodily death.

Keep Up The Daily Radiance!
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