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Energy and Thoughtform Project 101 exercises (long)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:43 pm    Post subject: Energy and Thoughtform Project 101 exercises (long) Reply with quote

This is people who want to build a foundation in psychic development , particularly in telekinesis and pyrokinesis . And sometimes other special abilities can be tapped into like aura reading and psychic seduction . For those women reading this interested in psychic seduction , I do have some informal ideas for something I call The Venus Project . But will need to have plenty of practice time with some of the exercises listed below . I will also attempt to develop modules and exercises for things like telepathy .

This info is free , and I believe it has enough value for a private subforum or possibly donated fee for advanced specific instruction . Smile So if someone requests help on psychic development , refer them to this thread for safe practical exercises .

The first exercise is stating 1 to 10 results you want to manifest . For example I want to move objects with tk and do martial art energy projection counterattacks like heating an opponent's hair or tk pressure on certain spots . Also down the road , fear projection could come in handy . And yes healing my self and other would be great .

The next exercise is designing a framework of implementation . This would be like a mage , psion , shaman , etc . As an example my framework started out as a jedi , and eventually became a martial arts monk who manifested effects thru thoughtforms . After that describe how and why your desires listed above should manifest . It is ok if you dont know at this stage.

As a foundation , you must develop mental endurance and focus . Also you want to improve your mind body connection . As a positive side effect of practice , you will develop self confidence . Think of this as mind body spirit training .

For a waking or mid day practice , do an exercise I call Bushido Rice . This will develop your mental endurance and focus , which can come in handy for a spellcaster . This exercise builds a more overt delivery mechanism between your waking mind , your subconscious and superconscious . Have you noticed when the waking mind is knocked off track during highly emotional times , special abilities momentarily appear ??? So we need to build that bridge indirectly . Its like when you try to remember something , but your recall is stuck . Then later on , the memory pops into your head when you are doing something totally different .

Fill a bowl with a half cup of brown rice and a half cup of white rice . Mix the colored grains together . With your fingers , seperate the brown rice into a second bowl and the white rice into a third bowl . Do this for 15 minutes . You can play some relaxing music in the background or set a timer .

The next exercise , Horseman Serves Tea , is for inner power cultivation .
I believe it is better than the pretending to hug tree , so at least you have an alternative . Before you begin , you will need a saucer and a cup filled 1/2 to 2/3 with water . But until you are used to this exercise , it is suggested you practice with an empty cup or no cup or even no saucer . Also you want an unbreakable cup and saucer to remove the fear of dropping and breaking the cup and saucer .

Put your index finger and middle finger on the bottom of the saucer , and your thumb on top of the saucer . Face the 10 30 pm / northwest direction like you are shooting a bow and arrow . Your free hand will pretend to hold onto the back of the arrow . You will hold this position for a countdown by threes . Some people will countdown from 101 , others 500 , and some 50 . Then switch to the 1 30 northeast direction for another countdown by threes . Do this exercise 3 times .

Another foundation exercise is to do a countdown by threes . For this exercise I like 200 . Then you recall an activity you are good at , and focus on that memory for a minute or two . Then visualize or imagine one of your desired results occuring in your regular environment .

The next set of exercises is called Mind 's Eye Theater . Choose from one of the theme's below or create your own theme . Do this upto 15 minutes .

Theme One : Imagine a lab accident or magical amulet gave you special abilities . And if you have a mental roadblock about developing psi powers . Visualize or Imagine yourself ending up in Luke Skywalker's body ... Its not you , but it is you ...

Theme two : Visualize or imagine a rose in your hand . Focus on the color of the petals , the aroma of the rose , the long stem the thorns etc . With your tk power , pluck off a petal and guide it to the ground . When all the petals are on the floor , levitate the petals back on the stem . And if you are interested in plant control , have flowers bloom at your whim .

Theme three : Imagine or visualize yourself before a giant chalkboard . Starting at the bottom of the chalkboard , with your tk power directing the chalk , write out an affirmation in big bold letters . While the chalk is writing , have your inner voice say the affirmation . And as a reminder use "my" and "I" in your affirmations . Next write / repeat an affirmation above the bottom one in bigger and bolder letters . Your inner voice will also say this second affirmation .

Theme four : Visualize or imagine a white cube , a white pyramid , a white sphere going thru three holes in a sheet of ice . And the holes are cube shaped , pyramid shaped , and circle shaped .

Another foundation exercise is called White Dragon , which I described in the tk predisposition experiment thread . This is where the energy ball enters the left foot , left ankle bone, left knee , left thigh bone etc

Before bedtime , write down 1 to 3 desired effects with a timeframe . For example I want to roll a pen with tk by November , which gives you a 30 day target window . This is about setting yourself up for success and goal setting .

Now its time to move onto thoughtforms ...

Imagine or visualize you are staring at back of someone's neck , and they sense your gaze and turn around . Now guide that psychic gaze energy in between your palms held chest high , elbows low , arms comfortable . With each passing moment become more and more aware of this psi ball . After that play with giving the psi ball each color of the rainbow . Then guide the psi ball around the room at a desired speed and direction .

The next phase is to make the psi ball a field of mist . And if you feel up to it pump more pis energy into the field . Then concentrate the mist back into a ball . Then make it a filed again and back into a ball .

After that toss the psi ball at an object , put it on a chair or in a doorway .
As you are dealing with subtle energies , you want to have a subtle toss or subtle placement .

The next thing to is inserts . Start off with thinking about a favorite food and insert that into a psi ball or mist . Then move onto favorite song , favorite object , favorite pet , favorite special touch . As a special bonus practice , you can insert something physically intense . But only do this until you have a good amount of practice with the favorite inserts .

The next insert to work on is a celebrity or friend insert .

And for practices at the library or a mall , you could insert a whisper
" Move left " or " Look at that plant " or " Whats that smell ? " or
" Itchy Itchy feet "

Another exercise is tossing a psi ball in a cat or dog's area and have them play with the psi ball .

Well that wraps up this set of exercises . Thanks for reading this far , and PRACTICE , PRACTICE , PRACTICE
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:18 am    Post subject: Even though your idea Reply with quote

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